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    HeartLake – (Chapter: Four: Snap the Trap)

    Carmen opens the door to the prop closet. “Estas aquí?” She calls. “I’m over here babe.” Comes the reply. A pair of slender arms wrap around Carmen’s waist. In the dark she can make out the slightly taller figure of her lover. Soft, luscious lips kiss her neck. “You taste so good.” Says her lover. Carmen grabs her by the waist and pins her to the door. “You do too.” She takes hold of her lover’s lips, kissing her passionately. “So, what happened at lunch?” She is asked between kisses. “That new sophomore, Ashley, just about put Madison in a coma. But her freshman sister, Kyla, stopped her just in time.” Carmen moves to her neck. “She auditioned for the play earlier. She’s good but like you said, a freshie.” Lover-girl whispers. “Hey, about that… do you think some strings could be pulled or something? I talked to her and I think she’d be good.” Carmen unbuttons the girl’s shirt. “If you want a favor, you have to earn it.” Lover whispers. Carmen’s hands slide down to her ass and then starts kissing her chest. “Ah, damn…” Lover gets loud.

    “Shhh, if anyone hears you we’re so busted.” Carmen unhooks her bra and moves down to her breast. She traces the nipple with her tongue; sucks and gently bites making her lover moan and grind heat on her leg. Lover’s hand slides under Carmen’s skirt and cups her center. She pushes against it knowing she shouldn’t even be here. She can’t help it; this is second nature to her. She craves this girl’s body and starts to drop to her knees. Lover stops her, flipping them so she can take off Carmen’s shirt and bra. “Why’d you stop me?” Lover gets on her knees, “I want you.”.

    Meanwhile, Ashley makes her way to the guidance office. When she was storming away from Kyla Umbridge’s voice came over the intercom telling her to kindly go to the guidance office immediately. She opens the door and sits in a curved armchair. A woman in a skirt-suit walks in. Ashley notices straight away how young she is; twenty-threeish. She’s tall and slim with medium length auburn locks and green eyes. “Hi, I’m Temperance. You must be Ashley.” She shakes Ashley’s hand. Ashley stares blankly at her hand. She can’t believe a woman like that knows she exists. “I uh Ashley… name my is. Nice to please you, I mean meet to nice you.” Ashley cannot get her words together. “Don’t be nervous. I just want to talk to you.” Temperance can tell Ashley likes her. Ash tries to compose herself. She sets her mind on acting straight.

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    1. soo lover = spence right? and wow mads just up and what got another room? ohhhh sensing maybe something going on with ash and temperance? that’d be interesting as hell =) great update and best of luck with the GSA!

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