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    Mrs. Officer – (Chapter: Magnum)

    “Spencer, you’ve been a very naughty girl.” The sexy brunette purred in my ear. “You know what I do to naughty people?” She added, nipping at the lobe of my ear.

    “I don’t know, maybe you should tell me.” I replied, placing my hands on Ashley’s legs that were straddling my waist.

    “I can show you better than I can tell you.” She said seductively then leaned in to capture my lips in her own.

    “Officer is that your gun I feel or are you just happy to see me?” I questioned the hard lump pressed against my leg.

    “ Baby, I think it’s time I introduce you to my magnum.” She wiggled her eyebrows then pulled down the waist band of her shorts, revealing a large silver dildo.

    Somewhere along the way I think I may have stopped breathing, because just the thought of Ashley’s strong body tensing and relaxing as she thrust every inch of the dildo into me got me extremely hot and bothered.

    In one swift motion Ashley yanked my shorts down my legs then settled in between my thighs. I stared intently into the dark orbs of my lover as she placed the head of the dildo at the entrance of my hole.

    “Are you ready?” She asked, her voice just dripping with arousal.

    I nodded eagerly and she forced the head of the dildo in slightly, causing a loud moan to escape my lips. I squeezed my eyes closed and grit my teeth as a wave of pain flushed over me from the large intrusion. Ashley noticed my discomfort, but still continued to fill me completely with the oversized strap on.

    “Believe me Spence, I’ll have you shuddering with pleasure soon enough.” Ashley husked in my ear.

    And she was right. The pain quickly turned to pleasure as Ashley picked up her pace of plunging the dildo deep inside me.

    “That’s… not all… my magnum… can do baby.” Ashley panted out in between thrusts.

    The turned on brunette then slid her hand down to the shaft of the dildo, fiddling with it for a moment.

    “Ash don’t stoppp!” I begged only to be cut off by a rousing vibrating sensation.

    The vibration sparked throughout my entire body, causing me to tremble from the exhilarating feeling. In an attempt to drive the pleasurable sensation deeper, I clutched my hands around Ashley’s firm ass and pulled her into me then began to rock my hips to meet her movements.

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    1. blakrose13 says

      I absolutely hate when you have a really hot dream about the girl sleeping next to you but can’t do anything about it for whatever reason. That happens to me all the time with this one girl in particular. And I’m kind of sure she wouldn’t mind I’m just not bold enough to go for it.

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