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    Not The Type – (Chapter: Who Hasn't Had A Bad Day?)



    “Hello?” Spencer’s voice booms through my speaker phone.

    “Babe…we’re outside.”

    Jordan and I are sitting on a side street waiting on Spencer to get out of her last class of the day. Spencer whined about not waiting to drive this morning and made me take her to school.

    “I’ll be out in about five minutes.” Spencer says and I can hear her classmates making noise in the background.

    “Five minutes!” Jordan and I yell.

    “You’re early…I got to go…”

    “Five minutes Spencer. Bye.” I hang up.

    “We should make her sit in the back.” Jordan says while stuffing her face with fries.

    “Yeah.” I roll my eyes and snatch the fast food bag out of her hands. “How did your lunch go with Michael?”

    Spencer told me that Jordan and she have had some conversations regarding her relationship with Michael.  Jordan and I have only talked a little about the breakup that took place about a month ago. But yesterday she rushed out of the house to have lunch with him.

    “It was nice.”

    “What’s nice?”

    “We didn’t argue…” She sighs. “It was a little awkward.” She smiles at me.

    “Do you miss him?” I ask turning in my seat to face her.

    “Of course I miss him, but…” she shakes her head. “I think I need to be on my own until I figure out what I want.”

    “Get in the back Jordan.” Spencer opens the passenger side door to my car.

    “We should have made you walk home.” Jordan mumbles while getting out of the car.

    “Ashley’s not stupid.” Spencer says slapping Jordan on the ass as she moves past her. “Are you?” Spencer says smiling at me when she’s sitting in the passenger seat.

    “Course not.” I say and Jordan rolls her eyes when I lean in for a kiss.

    “Okay…break it up.” Jordan whines from the back seat. “Drop me off bitches.”



    “You can’t be serious?” I ask my mom while following her through my childhood home.

    “Ashley…I really need you to do this for me.” She says putting my little brother folded shirts in the dresser.

    “Where’s Brooke?” I whine. “Mom, I have plans. I can’t babysit tonight.”

    “Really Ashley…” She sighs. “You can invite Spencer over.” Oh…she’s trying to be funny. Like I only have plans with Spencer.

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