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    One Day At A Time – (Chapter: You Can't Break A Broken Heart)

    She stirs beside me and I instinctively pull her closer, I cling to these fleeting moments because I know it’s all I have. Her breathing changes slightly and I know she’s awake. She slowly and very carefully removes my arm from around her waist. I know what she’s doing, she’s making her escape and I’m watching her do it. She sits up and runs a shaky hand through her tousled hair, she sighs and proceeds to get off the bed, getting dressed while making the least amount of noise possible. She pulls the last garment, her shirt, over her head. When she finally turns to look my way, she’s surprised to see me staring at her, I know she wasn’t expecting to find me awake. She stands there quietly, glancing between me and the floor. I send her a strained smile because it’s all I can force myself to do, I know that these next few minutes will make or break us.

    “Don’t go.” The words are soft as they leave my lips, they’re fragile and desperate, my eyes pleading with just a hint of pathetic mixed in. She just looks at me, guilt taking her over completely. She doesn’t say a word but she doesn’t make a move to leave either, which I take as a good sign. “Please don’t go.” I quickly get off the bed and pull her into a hug, holding on a little tightly.

    “Ash…” She whispers against my chest as she slowly removes herself from my grip. She begins playing with her fingers as her eyes land on anything that isn’t me.

    I move my hand just under her chin and bring her eyes up to meet mine as I take a step closer to her. “Just stay…please?”

    “I can’t, okay. Stacey‘s probably worried and I-” I cut her off by bringing our lips together. The kiss starts off slow but grows desperate and needy as she deepens it. My hands are on her waist as hers tangle themselves up in my hair. I don’t know how long we’ve been kissing, but when we part we’re panting. My eyes are still closed as I lean my forehead to rest against hers. I hear her take a deep breath “I should go.” She takes a step away from me.

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    1. Wow, just wow. After now knowing what happened, I don’t blame Spencer one bit for being hesitant getting back with Ashley. What a fucked up thing to do to someone. At least Ashley should have had the decency to cheat out of the watchful eyes of her girlfriend. And to do it at her sister’s rehearsal dinner. My god, what the hell?!! Presently, however, Spencer is now a cheater because she is still with Stacey. It was wrong for her to sleep with Ashley in the first place but I can understand why she did. However, I don’t like the fact that she was going to leave without talking to Ashley, even it was to say they need to stop seeing each other and completely go their separate ways. This was a very good update! Boy, Ashley really fucked up and there is no excuse for what she did. PMS!!!

    2. I find this update ironic, along with the last one. Ashley cheated on Spencer, thus ending the relationship. Or, it may have been other factors coupled with it. Anyhow, Spencer it seems turned into the very thing she hated as for. A cheater. I don’t like neither Spencer or Ashley at the moment. For someone who loved Spencer so much, how the hell could she cheat on her. I don’t even care about the circumstances or reasons. Nothing justifies cheating. Spencer, is playing Ashley, which some might find ok. Seeking revenge. I don’t. I hate people who play with other people’s feeling and emotions. At this point, they are both messed up. Stacy is, well, idk. At this point, I feel Spencer should break up with her. BUT not to be with Ashley. It’s unfair to Stacy, to have Spencer string her along. Obviously, Spencer doesn’t care about her. Let her go, allow her the chance to be with somebody who will want her, and not be stuck on their ex. I think this is the most I ever commented. LOL…PMS

    3. Ugh, I cannot believe ashley! Totally not cool, cheating on spencer. And I can’t believe spence did the same thing. I agree, spence should break up with stacey and not go out with ash. They need to talk before anything else happens. Communication is key. Awesome update! I don’t know how many times I say it, but I love the story! :-) Pms please

    4. so i understand why spencer’s hesitant to be with ashley and all but for her to sleep with her then just peace like that… ouch! hopefully they’ll make some amends soon. great update =)

    5. ok so obviously the first thing I’m thinking is why the hell ash was messing around with someone else while she was with spence and I’m hoping we will be getting her explanation, however stupid it may seem. the other thing I’m thinking is that I’m actually a bit mad at spence for sleeping with ash and then leaving and not even attempting to talk about their problems. communication people! fantastic update though, pms!

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