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    Stardust & DarkAngel – (Chapter: 5A)

    I wake up to find myself with Ash in my arms. Naked. “Mmmmm,” I have a flashback, starting to drip. -You’re so gorgeous- We’re all tangled up in each other. I kiss her forehead gently. In this moment I feel complete. My eyes are closed but I can still see the light shining from me. Yes from me. It’s complicated. Only Tammy knows my secret…

    [It was her first ever sleepover. She’d been invited, also a first, by a friend not just included by the parents. The party consisted of 5 thirteen year old girls. Spencer, Tammy, Judith, Becka, and Ellie. The girls were all in the living room eating snacks and chattering.

    “Let’s play truth or dare.” Suggests Ellie.

    Judith and Becka cast excited looks at Tammy. Spencer grimaces and twirls her hair. Tammy nods and they all get into a circle. The game starts with the usual Truths about crushes, kissing, minor secrets; all bypassing Spencer somehow. Until,

    “Truth or Dare Spencer?” Spencer is startled as the flashlight hits her.

    “Um….” She looks around nervously. “I…”

    “Ok, start with Truth, it’s easier.” Tammy advises.

    “Truth then.” She shifts anxiously on her sleeping bag.

    “Is it true you’re a witch?”

    “What?” Spencer’s voice cracks.

    “Chance said that he saw you in your yard doing a spell.” Ellie accuses with a pointing finger.

    “He lied then. I’m Catholic not a witch.” Spencer looks away, to her best friend for help.

    “Spencer’s not a witch. I’ve known her forever; she would tell me.” Tammy ends the discussion.

    Later that night Spencer and Tammy are talking alone. “So, tell me the truth Spencie.”

    “Um…” Spencer starts to panic. “I’m uh gay and in love with you…” The first thing she can think of. She leans in and kisses Tammy on the lips. Tammy just blinks at her.

    “No, you’re in love with Beth from 3rd period.”

    “How did you-” Spencer hadn’t even come out to her yet.

    “Because I’m your best friend.”

    “Ellie is right. I am a witch.” Spencer looks down.

    “Are you sure?”

    “Yeah, I think so. Watch,” Spence picks up her cup and slowly wills the water to rise up into a bubble. She brings it over to her mouth and drinks.

    “Awesome. What else can you do?” Tammy stares with wide curious eyes.

    “I don’t know exactly. Whatever I can think of I guess.” Spencer shrugs.

    “Can you fly?” Tammy points to the ceiling.

    “I haven’t tried.” Spencer closes her eyes and concentrates on flying. But nothing happens.

    “It’s not working.” She opens them and doesn’t see her best friend anywhere.

    “Down here,” Spencer quickly descends two feet.

    “Uh Spencie, You’re kinda smushing me and glowing.” Tammy groans.

    “What?” Spencer looks down at the bright white light emanating from under her skin.]


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