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    Were on the Plane

    Chapter 3


    We’re on the plane….


    Once I’m shown to my seat, I feel lonely, plan full of people and I’m so alone. This isn’t anything that’s unusual and again you would think I’m used to it.  But this time it’s different, I miss can you believe it,  I miss Ashley.


    I place my hand luggage in the overhead and as I do so I look around for her. Where is she, she was on the same plane.  I can’t find her anywhere.  I hear a hum hum next to me, the gentleman wants to sit and I’m holding him up. I take my seat at the window. Still wanting to look for her I ask the gentleman if he would like the window seat. He is so pleased, I Think I have redeemed myself for holding him up earlier. It selfish really, I just want to be able to get up and look for her, her, her face makes my heart feel like this. Feeling all dramatic I know but I feel like love is worth the wait.


    Seat belt sign comes on, and we all get ready to take off.  My head is a shed, its full of everything and anything, possibilities, even can you believe settle ‘I guess’ down.  Why does my heart do this to me? Make me have feelings that are just unreal.


    Seat belt sign is off, we are well on our way, gentleman at the side of me is asleep, he didn’t mess about. If only I could, it would surely make this trip so much quicker.


    A hostess come up to me, I’m thinking great drinks time, something anything to get her, this out of my head.


    ”Excuse me” she says.


    ”Yes” I reply, ” could I hav—”, I don’t get a chance to finish.


    ”Hello, erm I have had a request, that the lady with the beautiful brown eyes and the ripped shirt could come with me”.  ”Which I believe is you” as she points to my shirt.


    ”What”, is this hostess flirting with me, I so don’t need this, and my…. shit, omg my shirt is ripped.  When did that happen.


    ”Come with me please” she says.

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