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    Who’s that girl…


    Chapter one

    Who’s this Girl



    I’m at the airport again, no matter how many times I go to the airport for work it always nerves me, flying is definitely not my thing.


    I must fly ten or more times a year with my job and I never get used to it, the take off the hassle and bustle of it all.


    So I stand in the queue waiting to be booked in, looking around there are so many people. One girl catches my eye, such a stunner. She’s around my age, she is alone or seems alone, she has a suit case and a guitar case with her.


    I can’t stop but stare at her, it’s like she is encaptivating me, drawing me in.  She is in the opposite queue which is moving faster than mine, as she turns I see she has short black hair, she has beautiful blue eyes, like the ocean.


    I stand and fantasies about this beauty who is moving faster and faster away from me. My stare is collided by a look from her to me, she can see me staring at her, she gives me the cutest smile I have ever seen.  But then she turns around and continues forward.


    There sadness inside me right now, I can’t understand why, this girl I have seen for like five seconds and already she has my heart pounding, and she has gone.




    So I have booked in, I am waiting to board, coffee in hand, and book in other, I love reading, I love getting taken away in a story, these days that’s all I seem to be able to have is my own imagination..


    I look around, and as I turn, there she is, standing in front of me, the beauty at the line..  My heart pounds at the sight of her, distracted, she speaks, I can’t hear her.. she asks if I am ok, and after an embarrassing mumbled response, she says…”Is this space taken”.


    ”No, no, not at all” I say, blushing as I respond and moving my mess that I seem to have accumulated.





    To be continued…….


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