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    Beyond My Knowing, chapter 6

    Kes and Tresit were quiet at first as they walked towards the rocks.

    ”I like your daggers.” Tresit said as they climbed over some stones in their way.

    ”Oh, um, thank you.” Kes replied.

    ”I have one too. It was my father’s …Would you like to see it?” He asked.

    Kes paused and sat on one of the rocks. ”If you want to show me, alright.” She smiled a little. She supposed some things were common between Kazon and Ocampa boys after all. Not that she could say exactly what that thing that they had in common was, but she could remember Farran saying something to her in almost the exact same way when she was a young girl, about a new toy his father had given him. A spinning top that made noise when it whirled around. She’d never heard a girl sound quite the same way.

    He took it out and held it out to her, handle first. ”The handle has our family’s symbol on it. He told me once, he got it from his father, and his father got it from his. All the way back to when we were slaves, maybe even before, he didn’t know.”

    ”It’s very well taken care of, for something so old.” Kes told him, wondering about what he’d said about his people having been slaves, but deciding not to ask just now.

    ”I know. My mother told me, father used to clean it once a week, in a certain way. That she used to like to watch him do that. Because he looked… at peace.” He told her. ”I don’t remember him very well. I think I can remember his face sometimes. But, I clean this once a week, like he did. Mother showed me how to.” He explained.

    ”I… I’m sure your father would be very proud of you.” Kes told him, handing the knife back.

    Tresit was silent at that, looking down at the knife.

    ”You don’t think so?” Kes asked.

    He shook his head. ”I failed.” He said. ”I wasn’t strong enough.”

    ”Wasn’t strong enough for what?” Kes asked.

    He looked up at her, a little bit of anger in his eyes. ”Isn’t it obvious?” He asked. ”Come on. We should go.” He said.

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