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    2nd Date, part 1 (of 2) – Stef

    Tuesday, June 11th, 2002
    Anchor Beach Community Charter School

    The waves were a soft, steady soundtrack as Stef Foster looked out over the ocean. There were the obligatory sounds of civilization in the background as well, indistinct and long familiar. Her eyes were on the far horizon where the sky met the ocean.

    ”What am I doing?” She asked herself so softly no one would have been able to hear unless they’d been standing next to her. No one was occupying that particular position at the moment… but, somewhat presumably, someone would again, soon.

    It was still a little surreal to her, not that she wanted to admit that to anyone in particular besides herself. It wasn’t a bad surreal… a remembered flash of Lena Adams’s smile crossed the landscape of her memory and she couldn’t help a small, completely genuine smile coming to her own lips in response.

    No, not bad at all. Really… really wonderful, actually. But also… scary as hell sometimes, when she really thought about it. Another thing she wasn’t about to say out loud… to anyone.

    Behind her was a school, the one she’d just recently enrolled her five year old son in. The one where Lena worked as the vice-principal… they’d met in the parking lot where her car was right now. They’d met, Lena had smiled to her, and… whether she’d realized it fully at that moment or not, everything had changed… or, it felt like that now anyway, even though she knew, objectively, much of her life was the same now as it had been before that day, before that smile. But it still felt changed.

    Less than a week after that smile, she’d told her husband Mike that they were done and that they had to get a divorce. The very next day, she’d asked Lena Adams out on a formal date. Her heart had been racing a mile a minute, and the second the words had left her lips she’d instantly wished she could take them back, certain somehow that she’d made a fool of herself.

    Lena had smiled and said yes though, and that ’yes’ had made her feel better about everything, about life as a whole, than she’d felt in… she didn’t know how long.

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    1. dunnthat says

      Feel sorry for the husband but STEF has to do what her heart is telling her and LENA is the way to go.Hope they make it which if a second date is taking place then they are on their way to happiness.thanks

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