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    I ran up the stairs as she gave me a playful smack on the behind.

    I love this flirty side of hers.

    I swiftly take my sweater off as she locked our door. I pressed my body behind her pinning her against the wooden door. I reached around as I slowly unbuttoned her shirt. Hearing her breath hitch the way it did prompted my center to get even wetter.

    My hand made its way to the top of her pants, but before I could unbuckle her belt, she had turned to face me. Our eyes locked, and I saw something in those gorgeous eyes I haven’t seen in a long time: pure lust. I found myself playing with the newly shorn hair again, as she smirked ”I should’ve cut my hair sooner huh?” She winked.

    She pulled me in for a kiss before I could say anything. Her tongue entered my mouth in no time. This kiss felt like the first time; full of hunger and want. She walked us slowly towards our bed as I managed to slip her shirt off her shoulders. I felt myself get pushed down as soon as I felt the bed hit the back of my knees. My top was quickly removed before she swiftly slid my pants off, along with the soaked panties. She took a step back, paused, and just stared at my almost bare body.

    She left my bra on. Does she not want to look at my breasts? Are her insecurities coming back?

    Her facial expressions didn’t show any sign of hesitance, or anything for that matter. I couldn’t read my wife.

    I reached for the blanket to cover me, ”don’t” she muttered from the foot of the bed. Without saying another word, she worked on getting her pants off, taking her lacy underwear with it; never breaking our stare. ”Take off your bra,” she commanded. ”Stef, are you sure? we don’t have to…” Before I could finish my sentence, with no fear, her padded bra came undone.

    ”This is me, all of me. I’ve never felt so vulnerable and fearless at the same time.” She said

    ”I’m so happy to see your confidence back; well, so happy to see you…all of you,” I smiled

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