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    Streams, Chapter 7

    They rolled. Luscious, silky black hair cascaded down bare shoulders. Ruffled blonde hair tangled with it as the one-legged surgeon rolled on top of her wife…

    Find the bleeder,” the doctor instructed as she donned her surgical mask and slipped her hands into the gloves that were held out to her.

    Way to remind me of my current situation,” the policewoman thought as she looked at the screen.

    I’m looking, Dr. Grey,” the panicked intern insisted, as the beeping sound echoed in the background.

    ”I don’t feel any rubbing,” the curly-haired one complained a few moments later.

    ”I’m not about to feel you up when someone’s having a bullet pulled out of their chest a few feet away,” came the reply.

    Stef’s hand was still in Lena’s underwear. Admittedly, the scene they had just watched was hot, arousing…and brief. The sudden burst from the romantic titillation into an Operating Room in the middle of a crisis was not welcome in the Adams Foster household.

    Lena wasn’t about to let anything else steal the show. After all, what were the chances they’d air another lady-loving scene on the same episode?

    She slipped Stef’s hand out of her underwear and got up. The blanket flowed to the floor: they could generate enough heat between them to light the house on fire, if they had the proper kindling.

    ”Hey!” Stef complained, ”I can’t see the-”

    Lena’s arms slowly went up her sides and her hands went behind her back when they had reached her ribs.

    Stef raised an eyebrow. ”Are you-?”

    She was.

    Her bra came unhooked. One of her caramel-colored arms popped into her t-shirt and she slid its strap off. The other arm did the same action, as soon as the other one had re-emerged.


    Lena Adams held her bra aloft, spun and cracked the material like a whip, and then made eye contact.

    ”We should probably just record the shows so we can watch them later,” the policewoman remarked, as the other one took well-measured steps towards her. Her hips swayed, and seemed to become curvier the closer she got.

    Stef made a show of pressing a few buttons on the remote.

    ”Could you move a bit, babe, I can’t see the screen.”

    Lena straddled her in reply and took her partner’s face in her hands. Their lips met hungrily, and the blonde’s back was pushed hard into the back of the couch. The curly-haired woman’s hands went round her neck and pulled her closer as their tongues wrestled for control of each other’s mouths.

    Stef dropped the remote.

    Lena took her lover’s hands and placed them on her chest. The policewoman could feel the teacher’s nipples harden under her t-shirt, as she stopped kissing to gasp for air, and the one who was astride began to maul her neck.

    ”Someone’s excited,” she smiled as her thumbs played with the erect buds.

    Lena didn’t reply: she moved her hips so that their torsos were closer together and began to grind against her partner.

    Wow,” Stef gasped as her lover’s tongue descended to her collarbone.

    Still no verbal reply. The curly-haired woman sat up, threw her lover’s hands off her chest, lifted the hem of her t-shirt…and threw it across the room. Stef got an eyeful of her goddess’ bare chest, before caramel-colored arms folded over it.

    ”Hey!” The blonde complained. ”I was looking at those!”

    Lena stood, turned around, picked up the blanket and wrapped it around herself.

    ”You dropped this,” she remarked as she handed her lover the remote.

    ”Do you seriously think I’m interested in-”

    Shhh,” the teacher hushed her, ”I want to find out what Lizzie Bear’s up to in this next episode.”

    ”But I’m…excited…”

    ”You’re also on your period,” Lena shrugged, ”do you wanna get under this blanket with me or not?”

    Stef’s nipples were rock hard when she moved to get under the warm cover.

    Fear not, girls,” she vowed, ”you shall be avenged.”


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