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    A Sort of Calling

    snowy drive from barn

    January 20, 2017

    Inauguration Day – Early evening

    On the drive from the barn up to my house in the hills, Maria follows me in her dinged-up silver Volvo, an urban warrior, with its telltale signs of knocking metal against metal for hard to find parking spots in D.C.  Her reflection in my rearview mirror has my near constant attention.  In it she appears miniaturized and horizontal and in realtime like on TV, the venue where she’d first captivated me.

    While still in the parking lot at the stable, I’d scanned myself on the off chance an ’on call’ doctor might need me for an emergency.  Bruised a bit on the inside and sticky on the out,  I wasn’t so far gone from whiskey and smelling like sex in a barn that a hot shower, followed by two coffees with sugar and an egg salad sandwich, couldn’t straighten me out.

    But I’d need an hour.

    And I’d rather not, says the thrumming coming from between my legs that wants nothing at all to do with doctoring tonight.

    Maria had been right earlier during our horseback ride.  No one in her Washington power circles would ever know me.  I had arrived only six months ago from Stanford Medical Center, where I’d been happy until the afternoon I’d slapped Jeanne across her face.

    The longtime someone I’d thought surely would be my wife.

    Wearing the red streak blooming across her cheek, Jeanne had sent daggers through her eyes at me, which I’d taken to mean – she’d expected an apology for slapping her for cheating.

    That bit of my personal history I am hyper-secretive about, but Jeanne had followed the myth of greener pastures – taking off for her lover’s vineyard in Napa – and I’d been headhunted from coast to coast.

    Taking a research position, as far away from her as possible,  I’d quietly slipped out of state with my horse and tack and no assault charges, and the needle had dropped on a different tune in Virginia, when the clown candidate, Donald Trump, had won his primary and I’d become obsessed with proving him insane.

    I turn into my driveway and soon, Maria and I are trotting up the steps together with her overnight bag.

    Doctor Porter's home Front View

    ”I get the feeling there’s money to be made in brain surgery,” she says, following me into my spacious new home.

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    1. Hi, Command:

      Very nice chapter, I thought Maria was setting up Bette; and even though she denied it, I still don’t trust her, how are they going to retrieve the nanorobots and the information acquired, it hasn’t been specified, but maybe the information was already stored in some remote electronic device. Anyway, I’m intrigued about the aftermath of this action. Thanks for the update and pps.


    2. Hi Proteonomics,

      In the conversation in the kitchen Jane says there’s a remote imaging control that will capture the micro zap.

      It’s true, we don’t know where Maria will land, or what pressures are to come.

      More to come! Thanks always for reading and laying out interesting thoughts and questions in your comments.

      Delighted you enjoyed the chapter, it was a lot of fun to write! Stories are like puzzles, you know.

      • Hiya Skunk,
        Surely you have a story about how you chose your name. I’d love to hear it. Please put it on my wall IF you’re so inclined.

        As to your reaction, I loved it! In fact, I can seem them finishing their love making in a clap of thunder, rolling off each other and lighting up. If I do include a series of smoke rings in my next story I’ll be sure to thank you for the idea.

        Bye for now,

      • Agreed! Thanks so much for the___ *drool* – I did love Maria’s reaction after she unbuttoned Bette’s surprise, “I’ve never seen such a creature as you.”

        Maria sees a side of Bette that no one else does and gratefully let’s us in on her sensual perceptions. Truly? Who else encountering the starched white doctor persona of Dr Porter could ever imagine her as Maria has seen her?

        As I think about this other animalistic side of Dr Porter it dawns on me – Maria has only seen her in her riding attire, never at work..

        Well, we’ll just have to see what else turns her.

        Back on the road, heading home after an Easter vacation I was able to stretch a few extra days. Please check out a story I posted under Blackbird titled, Remembering Me (Part One). It’s straight out of The L Word timeline, but the way I write that Bette is to give her a few kinks along her way. She’s amusing. She’s a fucking handful for Tina sometimes, too.


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