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    Alex has Bette’s back

    Bette was introduced to Alex Corbin by a mutual friend Coleman Alt when she needed a lawyer to negotiate the purchase of her first art gallery. Bette and Cole dated briefly when they were freshmen at Yale before they both admitted their same sex attractions. Bette was crushing on her art history professor Danica Palmer and Coleman was more turned on by the pictures in Bette’s art books depicting the male form than his girlfriend. They broke up as lovers and came out but remained best friends for years after they finished school. Coleman went on to Yale law school and became a medical malpractice attorney. Bette completed her master’s in art and art history at Yale, and of course Danica was her first lesbian lover.

    Alex came highly recommended, as she specialized in both transactional and litigation business law which was exactly the legal expertise that Bette was seeking. Alex aptly negotiated the purchase of the real estate which became the Bette Porter Gallery in West Hollywood, California. Over the next eight years Alex’s legal team was retained to write employment agreements, art consignment agreements, buyer’s agreements and was called upon by Bette on a few occasions to handle lawsuits against artists or their agents for violations of the terms of contracts.


    Before owning the gallery, Bette earned her reputation as a highly regarded and sought-after art consultant. Her client list of wealthy art aficionados and eccentric collectors was impressive and grew by word of mouth. She procured rare and exceptional paintings, drawings, photographs, and sculptures; each unique and carefully selected to decorate homes, businesses or to enhance a client’s private collection.

    Bette traveled extensively to find prolific emerging artists. She had a keen sense of aesthetics that contributed to earning icon status in the artworld, but her gift was matching the art to the right buyer. The excitement of making discoveries developing relationships and helping young artist to grow their careers fueled Bette’s drive. She visited local and national art fairs and exhibits and networked with art gallery owners, curators, and artsy types from all over the country and abroad. What separated Bette from the rest in her field was her open-minded approach to art, her willingness to challenge the status quo and her avoidance of following trends.

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    1. Hi BAT 2012,

      Wow, another chapter! You spoil us.

      I loved reading about Bette’s background, how she got to know Alex and how important she is to Bette, both professionally and personally. It doesn’t look good for Jenny and a very good idea that she is also undergoing psychological testing. She is a conniving woman with a lot of nasty traits and manipulating people. I’m glad Shane broke the invisible chain. How angry and disappointed she must be after meeting Molly and hearing that she returned the coat and that Jenny read her letter. I really hope for Shane that she can build a new relationship with Molly.

      One thing I don’t believe is that Bette has said all those negative things about Shane to Phyllis, that just can’t be right, I don’t see Bette committing character assassination of one of her best friends.

      Weird things happen and I’m sure you’ll explain all this to us in great detail and tie the knots together, Jenny, Jodi, Kelly and maybe Phyllis too, all for one purpose and that is to screw up Bette’s life and her relationship. with Tina.

      I’m already looking forward to the next chapter!

      • Bibi I am with you 100 percent. Bette Porter is nothing if not a completely loyal friend. Especially to Shane. Bette would never ever turn on Shane. Never! This can’t possibly be true: “The conversation with Phyllis was all it took for Shane’s insecurities to resurface, especially when Phyllis told her that it was Bette who discouraged the relationship. It was Bette that told Phyllis all about Shane’s past indiscretions and commitment phobia. If that were true, then Shane felt that if one of her best friends couldn’t vouch for her character no matter how much she tried and did change since the disaster with Carmen, then she was incapable of being seen. Instead of talking it out with Molly, she self-sabotaged the relationship and shut Molly out.” No way Bette talked to Phyllis about Shane’s past. Maybe Alice shared too much over pillow talk but never Bette. Jenny didn’t want Shane with Molly. Maybe she said something. But Shane never talked to Bette? Too many secrets! Time to give Bette some justice and some peace. Too much desire to hurt. Time to let Bette and Tina get on with living their lives. Time for Shane to know the truth. Add Phyllis to the list. And then there were four!!!

          • Even if Bette was drunk she would never betray Shane and talk about her like that. It’s simpel not believable!!! I think just like Billy it could have been Alice who spilled the beans to Phyllis.

            • So true, Bibi. You could torture Bette and she would never betray family or a friend. And Shane is family! Plus Bette was not drinking heavily during this time. Something is amiss. Jodi?

          • Dumplin – once I re-watch the scenes I will put this to right. I can tell you it was Alice that told Phyllis about Carmen but I’m pretty sure Bette said something too. Not maliciously or being disloyal but just telling the truth. Shane had a lot of growing up to do before she would be in a steady, healthy relationship with someone like Molly. I’m working on getting her there in this story so perhaps they have second chance.

            Thank you for reading and commenting. Take care. .

        • Hi Billy,

          No doubt Bette is a loyal friend to Shane, but she also knows who Shane is and I as I mentioned to Bibi28, I’m going to go back and view the scenes in the OG when Molly was introduced and Shane took an interest because I am sure some type of conversation took place between Phyllis, Bette and Jodi. Granted Bette did not say anything about leaving Carmen at the altar – Phyllis said it was Alice that told her, but she said that Bette said something along the lines that she’d have issue with Shane dating her daughter – in today’s GQ world could you imagine that Bette would be OK with Angie dating someone as promiscuous as ‘Shane’ was back in the OG? Even now in season 1 she couldn’t control herself – she hooked up with Tess in season 2 so I suppose that’s as steady as she’s been but if they have a season 3 and Tess is in Vegas and Shane is in LA, how long before she cheats?

          I’m going to take care of Bette, even though I’m mad at her in season 2 GenQ :-)

          Thanks for reading and commenting. I appreciate it. Take Care..

      • Hi Bibi28

        Thank you. Yes I do hope to tie everything up with Jenny, Jodi and Kelly.

        I took a bit of liberty in how I wrote what Phyllis said that Bette said about Shane. There was a conversation between them I just need to find the scenes in the OG to replay it.

        If you recall when Phyllis came out and started dating Alice, Bette was very concerned about how it would impact her relationship with Phyllis (her new job at Cu) if things didn’t work out so I think she expressed similar concerns when Shane took an interest in Molly. Bette wouldn’t assassinate Shane’s character but she knows Shane well enough to warn against her. I think she actually said something like she wouldn’t let Shane date her daughter. It was Alice that told Phyllis about Shane leaving Carmen at the altar.

        Not sure if you remember that Phyllis asked Bette and Jodi to spend time in Molly I think it was to show her what Phyllis considered a great lesbian couple to model after, even as Bette was moving away from Jodi and having the affair with Tina.

        There was also a scene with Bette and Shane talking about what Phyllis said, and Bette commented that Phyllis was an asshole and how proud she was of Shane that she didn’t cheat on Molly while they were together and Tina made the comment ‘how hard is it to be faithful to someone you’re in love with. Lots of double standards but I don’t think they ever cut each other down maliciously. They are loyal friends but you have to be honest, everyone knows what Shane was in the OG and unfortunately ten years later still is in GQ. She has really good intentions but she can’t keep it in her pants for one woman no matter how hard she tries.

        I’m working on the next chapter. Might take a bit longer to post because I’m changing things up from when I originally thought about writing this story but it’s coming. Thanks as always for reading and commenting. Take Care. .

    2. Good chapter…. Bette never had a conversation with Phyllis on a personal level except the one when she and Jodi were trying to give her some pointers about being heart broken from the break up with Alice. But that was way before Shane and Molly ever started seeing one another. Phyllis if she talked to Jodi, may have found that out. Jodi was a member of the gang while she was dating Bette. Since Jodi and Bette were over, it would appear to me that Jodi would have spilled the beans to Phyllis after Bette resigned her position. After all, Jodi was on a vindictive tear with “Core Values” and every thing else she could do. Jodi would have wanted Bette to lose Shane as a friend…. so why not go to Phyllis and tell her about Shane to protect Mollie? I do not think that it was Alice either… Alice is famous for one liners in her disclosures and it would always be in public for the best effect….. she would go into a whole saga with Phyllis… besides they were broken up before Shane started seeing Mollie.

      Thanks for chapter…. keep it going….

      • Hi Martha,

        Thank you for reading and commenting on this. I’m going to set the record straight once I review the scenes in the OG. Perhaps Phyllis and Bette didn’t have an onscreen conversation and it’s possible Alice and Phyllis didn’t either but Phyllis did say it was Alice that told her about Carmen being left at the altar. As mentioned in my comments to Bibi28, Billy and DumplinT – I don’t believe Alice or Bette meant anything malicious but they were being honest about who Shane was and the truth is she wasn’t in a place where she could have been faithful to Molly. If you recall after she broke up with Molly she had sex with Jenny’s girlfriend (Nikki) and I think she had sex with Nikki again when she was with Jenny! Ten years later in GQ she had sex with Tess’ girlfriend and a flight attendant before she’s even signed her divorce papers.

        My hope however is to show some growth with Shane. After being betrayed by Jenny perhaps she and Molly have a chance in this story.

        Thank you as always for reading and commenting. Take Care.

        • In the series… Mollie appeared to be very much aware of Shane’s history. She knew the risk and decided she wanted to take a chance. Mollie was and is an adult and can make her own choices as to partner and career choices. Phyllis is interfering by going to Shane and hitting her weakness to influence the situation was in my opinion wrong. Phyllis’s opinion no matter where it originated from and her actions against Shane personally is totally disrespectful of both Molly and of Shane. If Shane was going to be unfaithful, well that is who she is and Molly is on notice that could happen. Molly can then make her choices accordingly. There comes a time when a parent must allow their child to make their own decisions without interference. As long as Molly was totally aware of who Shane is, then her dating and falling in love with Shane is no one else’s buisness. Things like that have a way of working out…. and Shane and Molly’s relationship more than likely would have ended by the fall semester without Phyllis, Jenny or anyone else influencing the situation. This was something between Shane and Molly… no one else.

    3. Lots of details & info in this update. Thanks for reworking it.

      As I mentioned before, the 3 amigos can all go to jail for a very long time. Jenny is just plain crazy & I hope Bette & Tina are very careful around her.

      Seems Jenny won’t even have Shane on her side anymore – as it should be for what Jenny did to her about Molly.

      I have always wondered how Jodi got all that video. etc about Bette for that horrible Core Values BS she tried to sell as art.

      But it is great to see Bette as the best mom she can be & Tina being the alpha breadwinner for a change. Go Tina!!!

      Keep it coming lady. I am here cheering you on!!!!!

      • Collins,

        Thank you for cheering me on!

        I feel good about where the story is going. I sort of regret adding the Jenny, Jodi, Kelly drama because now I need to figure out how to tie it all together and get justice for Bette but once we get past that I just want to write the family experiencing the good life in New York for a while, Tina and Bette thriving in their careers and being the best Moms and partners.

        Take care.

        • Hey BAT,

          I find myself wanting the same thing – a happy couple, thriving & enjoy their lives together. Dealing with the daily problems, ups & downs of a normal life & not have the uber drama of being apart & fighting or estranged from one another.
          We’ve experienced enough of that already.

          Wishing you luck in tying this all up and moving our couple to NYC & the rest of their lives.

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