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    Another Left Turn – Chapter 5

    Waking up on Sunday morning, Tina realised that this was the first time in a very long time that she didn’t feel burdened. Or rather, she was aware that she finally felt her burden clearly. And she knew what she had to do to try to free herself from it.

    She picked her phone up and saw that she had a missed call and a text from Bette.

    Yes. A trillion times, yes. x

    She put her hand over her mouth. ‘Oh God,’ she whispered. ‘Oh, thank God.’ Trying to steady her trembling, she sat back on the bed. She closed her eyes. This is it. This is my chance at fixing it. She stayed still for a long moment, focusing on her breathing to try and stem the jumble of thoughts, ideas, feelings, hopes, dreads, everything that rushed in. Then she looked at the message again. Screencapped it, as she often did with messages she treasured, and texted back: I love you so much. Speak soon. x

    Aware that it was almost eight-thirty and she’d have to be on the road by ten, she showered and dressed casually in a sky-blue summer dress with sandals before going downstairs to Helena’s private kitchen for breakfast.




    In Oregon, Dani Nunez could not believe her ears: Bette Porter, hot ex-boss and all-round general alpha goddess, was snoring. Admittedly, it was quite light, and sort of vaguely musical, but really what was irritating Dan most about this situation was that Bette was asleep at all.

    She turned over in her bed for about the hundredth time and pulled the fluffy duvet tight around her ears. It was broad daylight. They’d arrived around four a.m., in darkness, and what Dani had thought was silence, but since then she’d come to realise that nature is a noisy bastard when it gets going. Owls, a deer, something that scratches, more birds, a clicking thing. And Bette sleeping and snoring through the lot.

    Of course, the real problem was Sophie. Dani’s brain would not switch off the perpetual showreel of their entire relationship. In particular, it wouldn’t switch off the look on Sophie’s face when she’d finally let Dani persuade her to just go get married in Hawaii. But how . . .? How could she not have noticed that this Sophie-person saying yes was not the Sophie she knew? That something was really badly wrong?

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    1. Hi Largo,

      I wanted to let you know that i am reading your story in secret, not anymore ☺️, after reading the comments on the previous chapters.

      I am still depressed and devastated about GenQ and episode 7 , that is why i have a hard time to read anything that is related and i stopped reading this story, i think i commented that on your first chapter. But now i am able to appreciate your story and the journey you take our couple.

      It is a great story!

      • Hi Bibi28! I’m really happy you carried on with the story. I am totally a Tibetter and I can’t stand what GenQ did to them – I realise they may well get them back together on the show in S2, but it was unnecessarily painful to watch them broken up again. So … I hear ya.

        So happy to have you on board. Thank you very much for commenting and for the encouragement x

    2. So….Bette and Dani are starting a relationship much the same as Peggy and Bette. And the fact that Bette has said it out loud is a real plus for this story. It is obvious that Bette is not the person she was 10 or 15 years ago. It is obvious that Bette has a good grasp of her age, her stage in life and her desires for her life. And her main desire is Tina. It is also understandable that she is leery of Tina’s actions and motivations. She has been hurt by Tina’s leaving and Kit’s death. And she was devastated that Tina announced she would be marrying Carrie. Now suddenly, Tina has jumped off that train and looking for a path back to Bette. Even though, it is her heart’s desire, the memory of the pain is so fresh and was so harsh, its cannot be disregarded. However, in her heart of hearts, she knows she must allow this opportunity to develop and take a chance that Tina will come back to her and this time for good.

      This trip with Dani will be very good for Bette. I think it will allow her to clam the rough waters of her mind and allow her to contemplate the future and what it is that she really wants for her life. Dani is the perfect person for this journey. No attachments and no judgments. And best of all no unwanted advice or suggestions. Hopefully, it will be good for Dani as well. Whatever decisions and clarifications of their life situations will be the result of their own making. There may not have been anyone else except maybe Shane that could have done this for Bette.

      I really like this story. Even though, the premise is the Gen Q story line which I hate, I think this is a good natural progression of what it should be. Bette and Tina are women of character and of complexity. Sometimes we don’t understand their motivations. But I for one, believe that they are totally capable of recognizing their own flaws and changing their own behavior if they individually desire to do so. I also believe that they can learn from their mistakes and not continue to repeat them when they are aware of those mistakes and make a conscience effort to do so. That is the part that TWL presents and Gen Q seems to what to dismiss.

      I like that Tina’s therapist is asking the simple yet hard questions. What are you protecting others from? She is making Tina understand that some of her own behavior has been just as controlling as the behavior she sees in Bette. This is a huge revelation for Tina. And it very well may be the key to getting her and Bette back together.

      Thank you for this story…..thank you for this chapter. I will be waiting patiently for the next one….

      • Hi Martha, I appreciate your comments and insights. You are completely correct that GenQ don’t know what they’re dealing with here – these are million-dollar characters but they give them two-bit storylines.

        I’m glad you liked Bette and Dani getting their relationship clarified. I like attractions between people, of all kinds, so it was fun to explain it. And yes – Shane is the other person who could have done it but Bette wanted to pick over the election, so chose Dani. And you are right about Bette – she is at a crossroads. She’s been reeling with grief for Kit and her marriage, but now she has to live for herself first. Losing the election will be looked back on as a blessing.

        And Tina… I think people can change if they’re motivated and they have good support. Wendy is helping her, as you say, by letting her hear herself. Tina needs to hear herself…

        Thank you again for the great comments. They are much appreciated! X

    3. I am really growing to love this story and look forward to more posts.

      Particularly like how you are taking Bette’s character forward.
      I hope you are going to be as sympathetic with Tina.
      I love both characters separately but adore them together! A real TiBetter!

      • Hi SG! I love them together too. :-) That’s where the flashbacks come in, so I can write about them ‘together’ when they’re not quite yet in the main story, haha

        I can understand why you say that about Tina. She is going through it a bit, but she kind of has to at the moment. It will get better for her. She’s such a loving person. I loved Laurel’s scene with Angie in GenQ.

        Thanks for sticking with it! I appreciate it x

      • Hi Spu – you made me laugh with this! I soooo get what you mean. And I guess that means I understand where writers who want them to move on are coming from? But I can’t let it go. Their too luminous. I am drawn to them, and to fixing them!

        Thank you for the comment. It means a lot. X

    4. This is such a fun story. And I love how you had the therapist lead Tina down the path of why she views her actions as protective when they are harmful and was able to reframe her thinking to show how she tries to control. Ironic given how Bette was always seen as controlling. Hope to see more texts between T and B as their communication becomes more effective. Looking forward to the next chapter…

      • Hi BK! Thanks for reading the chapter and for commenting. Tina’s motives are good but sometimes people, as you say, can still end up hurting others. It’s hard to see that in yourself sometimes. And she needs to protect herself too, so… difficult all round.

        There will be more B&T interaction soon! Thanks again for the feedback. I’m enjoying your writing too! X

    5. Thank you for the chapter!

      But Bette in her middle 50 – isn’t she too old even for adoption? If she not planning adopt teenager, than it was 10-15 years before this child go the the college, and Bette will be 65-70 years?

      • Hi Zhenya! Thanks for reading and commenting. I’m only getting my information from the internet but California has no upper age limit on adoption. Now, as you say, depending on the age of the child, some people might think she’s too old. But consider that if Tina had had another baby at, say, 42 or 43, then that child would only be 6 or 7 years old in the present-day of the story.

        But I haven’t decided yet about some of this. It will be in future chapters. Thank you again for the feedback. It is much appreciated x

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