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    B.I.T.C.H. Chapter 4: THE USERNAME GAME

    Lincoln Square, West Side


    Bette: “nah, I think they’re doing well without me, I brought something for you.”

    Sadie: “oh, my, what did you bring me?”

    Seating on Sadie’s desk, Bette took from her purse a nice package wrapped in a shiny paper.

    Sadie: “oh my God, Dr. Porter, you shouldn’t have…”

    Bette: “it’s nothing, Sadie; you are always very kind, gentle and helpful.”

    Sadie opened the gift, this was a deluxe kit of toiletry for women that Bette took (a compliment gift for the guests), from the luxury private resort for small groups, with a private temperate pool in the Hamptons, where she has been with Shane, Kelly, and Candace in four days of X-rated diversions.

    Sadie: “oh… Dr. Porter, these are very fine and expensive, just the ones I always wanted and never could afford… (standing up and coming very close to the executive) these are unique… (kissing the brunette) thank you for thinking of me…”

    Bette: “you deserve it, Alice doesn’t appreciate you properly.”

    Sadie: “uh…? Oh…, she does…, she is very… nice…, she makes me… ahem…, she cares for me…”

    Bette: “yeah… we all care for you; you always help us in any way.”

    Sadie: “oh, Dr. Porter, this is what I do…, my job… I’m here always for you.”

    Bette: “thanks, Sadie…, by the way…”

    Sadie: “yes…? Please just tell me what you need and I will do it.”

    Bette: “as a matter of fact, I need some personal private files…, could you get them for me?”

    Sadie: “everything for you Dr. Porter.”

    Bette: (smiling) “I need you to give me a copy of the personal private files of Candace Jewells, Kelly Freeman and Brenda Jenkins, in this flash drive, could you do it discretely …”

    Sadie: “of course …, just give me a minute, do you want something to drink or eat while I’ll get you the information?”

    Bette: “don’t worry; I’ll help myself with some coffee.”

    It has passed already half an hour since Bette arrived and she is still waiting for the files.

    Meanwhile, in Alice’s office, the interview of Tina was ending, she has answered all the questions satisfactorily and at this moment neither James nor Alice has any other question for her.

    Alice: “hmm…, very good, everything looks fine, I rather say excellent; do you have any question, James?”

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      • Hola Escorpion:

        Realmente lo siento mucho, yo se que este es un indeseado cliffhanger para los lectores, pero la verdad, es que yo había planeado el encuentro entre Bette y Tina en el capítulo 5, pero la ‘presión’ de los lectores, me hizo estirar los capítulos a mas de 2o páginas para hacer que el encuentro se produzca en este capítulo 4.

        Pero, las cosas ahora se pondrán ‘buenas’, pues el drama (y más de uno en realidad) va a empezar y ahora vamos a ver como ambas chicas van a enfrentar una a la otra.

        Recuerda, ellas ya no son las niñas de hace diez años atrás, estamos empezando un viaje de aventuras y romance, vamos a ver cómo han cambiado las cosas y si todavía el profundo amor entre ellas sobrevive.

        Escorpion, espero contar contigo para ese viaje en los siguientes capítulos, por favor, deja cuando puedas tu comentario.



    1. Noooooo, don’t end the chapter here! Are they actually going to be reunited? Looks like they are going to have a pile of crap to get through to actually resolve all the misinformation they have about one another. Knowing only their fake names – Randy and Alex. The misinformation from 10 years ago like where did Bette go after their weekend together? Why did Alex think Randy had fallen for a boy? Why did Randy think Alex was dead? And will Tina believe the opinion of Maura on Bette? Then the real drama will begins = why has Tina been recruited to work for the Bureau? What is Tina’s true relationship with Maxine and why doesn’t she know about Bette? Will this affect Bette and Tina’s future together? And what is going on at the Bureau and what can Bette and company do to straighten things out? I see many chapters in this story for Super-girl and The Green Lantern!

      P, I love the way you have structured this story with all its twist and turns. Nothing in life ever turns out the way we hope, so why should it in fictional writing? I like the scene where Bette is staring at the naked backside of Tina in the shower. She sees something familiar and something that is drawing her to this woman. But being a woman of character, Bette does not go charging into the private space of this woman but allows Alice to pull her away. However, the experience would be permanently engraved on my brain and I would think so for Bette as well. This meeting is going to be mind blowing for both of them when they both realize that they are not having visions or a mental breakdown but experiencing reality. Then it will be a matter of reconciling who they were 10 years ago to who they are now. And my bets are, that will not be easy. Way too many moving pieces for it to be easy. I just hope they come to trust one another fairly quickly even if they have many unanswered questions. Since their relationship started under a false identity, its going to be difficult to get there. If they had just had more time 10 years ago, much of this could have been resolved. But that is simply not this story.

      Really good chapter. Please do not worry about the chapter lengths. The more you put out, the more of the story you tell, the happier the readers will be. Love this story so far. I want to see Bette and Tina mature into women, build a family, and share a life with all its problems and joys. Hell, I want to see them having wheelchair races with Alice, Shane, Helena and the others in their group at the old folks home when they are in their seventies! A little over the top? Sorry, I know this is your story and where ever you take it, I’m right here waiting to ride along!


      • Hi Martha:

        Thank you very much for your kind words, and I’m so sorry for the cliffhanger; now you may realize why these last two chapters have been longer. My idea was to make them meet in chapter 5, but, I felt the pressure of making them meet before; well here they are.

        You’re, totally right, there will be a very big pile of crap, and Tina and Bette are not like the teenagers they were 10 years ago, they are now very beautiful grown-up women, and here they’ll deal with their emotions and maturity (or immaturity sometimes) and of course, drama(s) are about to start.

        About the questions of their past, those will be revealed in the flashbacks in the next chapters, as soon as Bette and Tina have the strength on go back through was their past and their first and perhaps true love, they will tie up the loose ends (I don’t want to make the story complicated, that’s why I use flashbacks).

        Yes, they both have the ability “to sense” each other, even when they can’t believe the other is alive or close, don’t ask me how, but those things could happen in real life 😱
        And you’re correct, the perception about the other will increase as they interact in a negative or positive way.

        As Tina sensed Alex (Bette) in the subway; Bette sensed Randy (Tina) on the naked back of the blonde woman in the showers of the locker’s room, and she didn’t push Alice (as you pointed) to go after that girl, because, overall she has integrity and respect, and additionally she felt that her beloved Randy was there. And, wow, (how did you know?) I did that on purpose, the impression of the naked blonde will be engraved in Bette’s mind, as we’ll see in chapter 7.

        Bette will fight the corruption in the company with the help of her family, friends and a handful of good people, but she will need something else.

        I also hope that even with all the crap they are about to face in the next two or three chapters, Super-Girl and Green-Lantern will keep them going.

        I have also all my hopes that they all grow old together, that’s what we always expect about love, family and friends.

        Just one more thing, Martha, I’m about to begin a journey of romance and adventure in the next chapters, and I wish I could count on your comments and feedback then.

        I’ll be posting again in two weeks, around Friday 25th, +/- 2 days.

        Thank you so much for reading and commenting, Martha.


        • P,
          You can count on me commenting. You are free to disagree and disregard any comments I make, after all this is your story. As to romance and adventure, I’m ready when you are….bring it on. You write very well and you are good at weaving various story line arcs and bringing them to a nice closure. You have a mind and somewhat a style like J K Rowlings. Fortunately, you are writing for adults and bring in an adult realities and experiences. I have read another long book of yours. I thought it was really good with several original characters and scenarios all in a science fiction setting, however maintaining Bette and Tina character close to the original. I notice you are using some of those characters and scenarios in this story but with a different twist. It’s working great so far. Maybe its your previous experience with the other book, but this one is starting off with a really good start. This story although fiction is closer to the real world we know than worlds with worm holes which transport you to galaxies far away. Your imagination is wonderful and I love the “backstory” of the last book. I look forward to reading every word you present.

          • Hi Martha:

            Thanks for your kind words, I usually don agree or disagree with the readers’ comments, I learn from them, comments (at least for me) are what keep the writers alive, good or bad they are very important for us.

            The feedback could help us to make the story simpler or complex, clearer or full of mysteries, and many more things, but overall, they keep us writing, trying to make the stories better.

            Sometimes, the comments give us ideas for new stories too, and that is amazing how this works like a weave, that keeps growing.

            Yes, for some reason that I can’t understand, I keep using Louise in all my stories, is like a joker in a deck of cards 😂😂😂.

            Thanks, Martha for your comment.


      • Wow Martha!!!

        I enjoy reading your comment as much as the chapter (story)!!!

        You pointed out everything i want to say, want to know and thought, but i could never put it out the way you did!!! So thank you!!!

    2. I love the flashbacks and we see how in love Tina is with Alex. You are very good at teasing us with the near misses with them nearly meeting. I hope Tina does not believe Maura. She is lying about Bette because she was a spurned lover.

      • Hi Jordan Springs:

        Thanks for your words. You’re right about Maura, she is one spiteful Bette’s ex. But Bette has her followers, and perhaps someone close to Tina will come out on her defense.

        I love flashbacks too, and I try to use them in my stories, I hope I could keep them interesting for you, the readers.

        Sorry, for teasing, it’s a temptation to which I succumb easily 😅😅😅

        Thank you so much for reading and commenting.


    3. proteonomics

      Wow, what a chapter, again, you didn’t disappoint us, this story would definitely keep going until these two realize others.

      First of all, Bette is no doubt an asshole in this chapter. She’s wealthy and cheeky, not respecting her friends and employees at all. It was clear she still has a very deep connection with Randy, when she saw the image when she passed by, she felt it. The pain, I must say, was still hanging in her heart.. I’m not sure if it’s the reason cause her such a pain in the ass, but she need to deal with the demons inside her.

      Love the flash backs but also a torture. How come Alex never tried to confront Randy when she thought she was with a boy? Well, I think and hope that the answer will be in the next chapter. There’re so many questions need to be answer and please don’t hesitate for the long chapter again.

      I do think this is an amazing story, up and down drama and the characters emotions are well built, for me reading this story is like riding a roller coasters. You will never expect what will happen next, and with that, it’s proved that it was a very great story.

      Thank you for the chapter, my friend, and please don’t take it too long to post another one.


      • You’re right, CJ.

        Bette is in a certain way like a spoiled brat, she isn’t a bad person, on the contrary, but she grew up in a wealthy situation, with her family full of resources and power and I’m not talking just about Melvin, but the other part of Bette’s family, her mother has 20% of the shares of the company, though she is out of the country.

        Bette also is related to Peggy, and of course to Helena, and apparently very close to the Harts, so she lived in a prominent circle of power, but apparently (and we’ll see in next chapters) a circle of kindness, and fairness.

        Bette had and has many one-night-stands, though we’ll see how those diminish as she senses the proximity of Randy, the only one she loved and still loves.

        Tina, on the other hand, is kind of a loner, as we found in former chapters, no family around, but a line of girls after her (and she will have her share in this new job), but nothing serious because only Alex has her heart.

        Alex never could confront Randy, we’ll read that in the next chapters, and Randy… well I prefer you to read how Bette got the idea of Randy with a boy.

        Yes, there will be more flashbacks, and perhaps one or two flashforwards 😨😱😨. Sorry, I’m teasing you again here.

        Thanks for your nice comment, my friend.


    4. P,

      In this story line, I really see Bette and Tina really have similar backgrounds. Tina’s god mother provides her with private schools in a foreign country, world travel and other experiences which reflect someone of wealth. Bette and Tina both are into non-relationship sex or one night stands. I suspect that Tina is more upfront in declaring that the relationship will have no longevity. Bette has been experimenting with something more than one night stands with the likes of Jodi. She has also talked to louise about the possibility of something more than a one night stand which was rejected by Louise. We simply do not know as much about Tina as we do Bette.

      I get the feeling that Tina keeps herself guarded as far as any type of relationships she forms. I think she keeps her shield up even with potential friends. She is friendly enough but she does not automatically accept anyone who comes along as a potential friend. She is a “proceed with caution” type person.

      Bette on the other hand appears to be more friendly in appearance but feels that most want to be her friend because of her position or her money. Therefore, she keeps people at arms length in a self protective mechanism. Bette has certainly been in her environment longer than most of her acquaintances and her peers are that of management, not the rank and file employees. And there is a difference in the way she relates to those who work for her versus her peers like Louise and Kit.

      I do not think Bette is purposely disrespecting Kit, Alice and James by avoiding the meetings she normally has attended. She is just focused on gathering information on the corrupt practices of Melvin, William and Franklin. She is in the Hamptons for the specific purpose of gathering information. But she is using the holiday house to appear to be one of her sexual escapades so that her behavior appears to be normal to those who inquire. At the moment, the latest crop of trainees have a lesser priority than getting the information on the corrupt board members. It just appears to Alice that Bette is more interested in sex than doing her job. Bette is more interested in the company’s well being than in sex at the moment and its not something she can disclose to Alice or to James at moment, therefore, she knows she will appear to be an asshole to them. Remember Bette has no clue that her beloved Randy is among the new trainees. She is at the moment motivated by one goal in her job – find out what the corrupt board members are up to and stop it. And she has limited time and resources to make this happen.

      I find Bette’s behavior in her position at a large firm in a position of management and her relationship to her job responsibilities normal. When managers have a project in front of them that they perceive to be of a higher priority, they shuffle their normal responsibilities to their staffs. And it may be with or without explanation as to why they are behaving as they are. This is a temporary glitch in Bette’s relationship with her staff. It happens from time to time in any work environment, but Bette will smooth things over when the time is right.

      So far in this story, I have seen nothing that Bette has done to purposely hurt or abuse someone. As with everyone alive, she likes some people more than others. She may have a bit of tunnel vision or not as sensitive as we would like, but that does not make her unlikable. It is just who she is.

      • Hi Martha:

        Wow, how have you done to read my next chapters (lol 😂😂😂)? Yes, neither Tina nor Bette are bad persons, Bette (as usual in many of her representations here and even in the show) is focused on her work, whether because it is an escape of her broken heart or because she wants to make the difference.

        She is hurt, she thinks the only girl she loved betrayed her, but she can’t take her out of her heart, and mind; she has been looking for a ‘replacement’ and a good friend as Louise made her understand that; Jodi, of course, was clueless, but Bette can’t find the way to remove Randy from inside her.

        Tina, on the other hand, is very cloistered, she learned to be in that way, because of her experience in a country at internal war, and the activities of her godmother, she also deeply believes that Alex is dead and has no incentive for a real relationship.

        Yes, Tina comes from a wealthy childhood and also she has some money (we’ll see it in the next chapters) but (and I’m telling you by my own experience) coming to the USA, even though, she is legally American, made her a little suspicious of her surrounding.

        In her affections, Tina is no more than one-night-stand with her flings, and if she gets really involved with someone else, it will be like in the case of Bette’s experience with Jodi.

        But Tina’s resolution to keep idolizing Alex will be tested soon.

        The same, Bette’s hatred for the “betrayal” she suffered ten years ago, and all that is going to be added in the next chapters are going to be tested pretty soon too.

        Bette, however, is a little conceited (full of herself) but that is natural, she is smart successful and gorgeous; but as she says, she is a negotiator.

        Tina, on the other hand, is romantic, loyal to her friends, and a warrior.

        Martha, after you read the next chapter I hope you and the other readers won’t get disappointed, we’ll start the drama, and it may be a little hard, but both of our ladies are stubborn and hard to lose, so, please, bear the journey with them and their struggles.

        Thank you for your vision of what is going on, and if you have any other thoughts you may always comment on them.

        Thank you.


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