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    B.I.T.C.H. Chapter 6: THE PROJECT

    Brooklyn – Bushwick Friday evening – Brenda’s apartment


    As she entered the restroom, Bette was mesmerized seen the almost naked body of the beautiful blonde, she was aware that the door was unlocked, she heard voices behind her, so, she decided to lock the door; for some reason, she didn’t want others to see the exposed body of the blonde.

    Tina: (turning to the door) “okay, Kate, I told you, I don’t do relationships…”

    Bette: (smiling) “neither I do…”

    Tina was astonished seeing Dr. Porter smiling facing her, how this girl got in the restroom with her?

    Tina: (trying to cover herself with her clothes) “what are you doing here?”

    Bette: (confidant with her arms crossed) “hi…, I asked Brenda for the restroom, to wash my hands, the door was unlocked and I entered…, sorry if you were expecting someone else”

    Tina: (blushing) “eh…, I wasn’t expecting anybody”

    Bette: (raising her brow) “hmm…, what are you doing here almost naked with the door unlocked?

    Tina: “oh shit, I forgot to lock the door, I just came to clean my blouse and my pants, Kate was drunk and spilled a cocktail on me…, I don’t like that smell in my clothes”

    Bette walked passing her, to reach the little cabinet in the corner, she opened it looking for something.

    Tina: “what are you looking for?”

    Bette, who was crouched in front of the cabinet, stood up carrying an iron in her hands.

    Bette: “this…, now, where is the ironing board?”

    Tina was amazed, what this brunette is trying to prove?

    Bette: (moving the board held by a hinge from the wall) “here it is”

    The blonde was perplexed, she knew what was coming and she wanted to tease this girl.

    Tina: “I can’t iron my clothes, they are too wet”

    Bette: (smiling sarcastically to her, and taking some clean towels from a drawer) “you cover them with these and they’ll absorber the moisture”

    Tina: “hmm, thank you”

    Bette approached to where the blonde was, making her recoil.

    Bette: (raising her hands) “whoa, I only want to wash my hands, have you done with the faucet?”

    Tina: “eh…, yes, I’m gonna iron these”

    Bette was washing her hands while Tina was using the iron, feeling, in silence, Bette’s eyes on her.

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    1. Hi proteonomics,

      Sorry to hear about your troubles with the chapter and the picture. This picture looks great.

      There are and will be a lot of hurt feelings between Bette and Tina and they will feel betrayed by Maxine when they discover she kept things secret and did everything to keep them apart. But Maxine had her reasons, but still there will be a lot of anger and hurt.

      Both Tina and Bette are in difficult positions and Tina feels abonded and not being cared about by Bette, it is a mess. Isn’t there a way Bette can explain to Tina why she ” choose” Aaron’s side? Tina could be on board to catch those bastards. Maybe Bette can give hints via there chats?

      Fantastic chapter and i am looking forward to the next one!!!!

      • Hi Bibi:

        Yes, my friend, I was shocked when my documents were missing, but now everything is set for future chapters.

        Respect to the feelings of Tina and Bette about Maxine, they will find out much later, and maybe it will be for good, in the meantime, the feelings between them are the ones driving the story and only when they are at peace (😍😍😍) they could go over other issues.

        The reaction of Tina is not only about Bette, but it’s also mainly about herself, and the next chapter you’ll realize Bette’s plan.

        Yes, Bette could give Tina some clues, but Tina doesn’t want to hear anything from Bette this is becoming a power struggle between them, hope they’ll behave (hahaha).

        Don’t worry about the current mess; a roller coaster is just started 😂😂😂.

        Thank you very much, my friend, for reading and commenting.


    2. Thanks for posting sorry you had problems.

      Wish Bette could join in with Tina on sorting this out they work so much better together.

      Looking forwarded to more and not even mentioning the word ‘cliffhanger’!


      • Hi SG:

        Yes, I will like them to work together but they have to struggle with their feelings first, and find each other again, it has been 10 years and they are not even sure they were Alex and Randy (OMG, I’m not really talking about the new show, lol, just kidding 😂😂😂), just give’em time.

        Oh, and the cliffhanger thing, wasn’t about you, I had a couple of PM warning me.

        Thanks again, for following this story


    3. proteonomics:

      Sorry to hear about your trouble, it’s also happened to me once. And after that I changed my way, that’s why I always wrote online, at least it wouldn’t disappear when my computer was broken.

      Back to the story…what a chapter, 24 pages, lots of details and explanations. My mine is fighting whether to blame Maxine or not. It’s bad to keep such a secret from the girls, but she had her reason. she might just try to protect the girls but I still think it”s not her place to do so. In fact, its none of her business to interfere. I knew as a mother, she will be worried about her daughter, but what if Tina and Bette never met? They would be so sad and wouldn’t she carried the guilt for the rest of her life?

      As for Aaron…Again, being such an asshole in the story, he’s sexism and should be punished. I could understand why Bette tried to be fair to both of her colleagues, but the things he’s done were nothing but evil, regardless of men or women. Bibi was right, it was indeed such a mess, please fix it soon.

      What a great story, my friend, though Bette was still not my favorite, probably also because of the new show. I have fate that you will fix it and let them be happy together! Thanks for a great chapter!


      • Hi CJ:

        Don’t blame Maxine, if she did something, it was for a good reason, and don’t blame for what Dawn Dembo did, that was just Dawn’s mischief, some people can’t understand how bad they hurt others just by playing tricks to them.

        On the other hand, Maxine has to protect Bette and Tina, they were underage, minors and in a country in internal war, a place where human trafficking is every day’s business, moreover, Maxine had to protect especially Tina, well it’s a little complicated for now, you’ll find out later in the story.

        And even though Maxine tried to avoid them to meet each other, destiny is unrelenting; but they would know each other sooner or later, they are in the same circle of friends and family, even if they didn’t meet 10 years ago, they would find each other, as they are doing now in current time.

        Now, Bette has her own plan, just wait less than 1 week and you’ll read about it, but Tina is very stubborn.

        And about the end of the story, forget about that, as people say, ‘there is much bread to be sliced and a war to be continued’…. 🤣🤣🤣, we are not even in the middle of the story.

        Thanks for your kind words, my friend.


    4. Wow…. Tina is hurt that things did not go her way. But they did not go against her either. The mediation committee found that the projects submitted by Aaron and Tina were nothing alike, therefore no thief has occurred. Tina still owns her work. And Aaron owns whatever he’s got which looks like perhaps some ideas and nothing more. Aaron has lost big time here. And it was all done without calling Aaron a thief. Tina needs to think this through. If Bette really did not care, she could have ruled that yes, they were the same and Tina could have had to share her project with Aaron. No, Aaron has not been punished, but now everyone is on notice that he is the thief of intellectual property. Patience Tina, patience. The wheels of justice sometimes turn slowly, but eventually results in fairness.

      Really good chapter….Tina is going to figure out that Alex is not dead. And hopefully, we (your reading audience) are going to find out why Tina and her mother are in danger. Wait – her mother? Is Tina’s mother alive? Or is this a reference to Maxine Kennard? And why did Maxine need to keep Tina and Bette from knowing about each other while they were growing up?

      Keep ’em comming….Love this story.

      • Hi Martha:

        Yes, things weren’t as good as Tina was planning, regards to her work and her new feelings for Dr. Porter, but that will pass.

        Yes, Bette tries to protect Tina and has her own plans, just wait a few days.

        Now, indeed Aaron has stolen Tina’s files, but just the first ones, let’s say the pre-project, and that is what Bette has in her hands, Tina’s submitted project included the pre-project (modified of course) and all the technical development, obviously, Bette will see that Aaron’s is a cheap copy of Tina’s document and that he is the thief, but that will be seeing later, Bette was to play her cards carefully until she could destroy the document with the fake signature of her mother.

        Yes, Tina’s biological mother is alive, and now is not far from her, but she hasn’t seen her yet. A clue, Maxine promised Tina’s mom that she will rescue her baby daughter and will take care of her.

        Maxine, wanted to keep Tina hidden from Bette, because Bette could tell the rest of family and friends about Tina, and her evil father (Melvin) would perhaps, find about that baby; but Maxine isn’t opposed to Tina and Bette as a couple, on the contrary(😉😉😉); wow, too many things are coming in the future chapters, I know.

        Thank you, Martha, for liking this story, and for your kind words.


    5. Every time I read a new chapter, I dislike Melvin more and more. It is no wonder that he is friends with Aaron, They are sleazy and immoral. I hope they are not part of a pedophile ring. They give me the creeps.

      Bette and Tina are still dancing around each other. I wonder what big reveal you will have for Tina that Alex is not dead and she is actually Bette. They are going to be mad at Maxine when they find out.

      • Hi JS:

        Yes, Melvin, Aaron and the other two creepy men, are very bad news. Aaron is on a different level than the others, but still, he is a bad man. But you already mentioned something that is written for the next chapter, Bette’s plan against Aaron.

        The dance of Tina and Bette has just started, it will be a spinous dance with ups and downs, sweets and bitters, and big surprises for both of them.

        Thanks for following this story, and I hope you like it.


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