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    Balance and Boundaries

    West Hollywood Academy High School


    Michelle is still seething when she walks into her classroom. She puts her things away and starts her prep work for the day.

    As she’s writing the day’s lesson on the whiteboard, Olivia walks in and leans against the door with her arms folded. ”I never thought I’d see the day when Michelle Adams Porter is at work this early….”

    Michelle rolls her eyes as she keeps writing. ”Well, I was tweaking my lesson plan and enjoying a perfect cup of coffee at The Planet until you-know-who walked in and ruined my fucking vibe….”

    Olivia smiles. ”Uh oh. What did the fire-breathing ex do now?”


    Olivia laughs as she walks into the room. ”Care to elaborate?”

    Michelle shakes her head. ”It just still fucking irks me that she’s walking around and laughing and shit like nothing’s happened. I mean, everybody’s just fawning all over here… it’s maddening…”

    Olivia smirks as she sits down. ”And does everybody include Bette?”

    Michelle pouts as she walks over and sits down behind her desk. ”She’s not as bad as the rest of them, but she’s still far too friendly with her for my liking…”

    Olivia smiles sheepishly. ”Well, she sorta has to be. For her daughter’s sake.”

    ”Cordial is one thing…but laughing and shit with her is another thing……” Michelle leans back in her chair and shakes her head. ”I don’t know…. like I told you before, something just feels different with us. There’s this subtle difference in Bette, but I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I can feel it…”

    ”Well…. she just unexpectedly connected with her daughter; that would change anybody, Chelly…”

    Michelle drops her head. ”I know…” Michelle then smiles. ”She’s so happy, and seeing her like that makes me happy……” Michelle then looks up and shrugs. ”I just wish she could get to know Angelica without Tina being involved….”

    ”I’m pretty sure that’s all spouses wish when it comes to their significant other’s exes, honey….do you think Tina’s like out to get Bette back or something?”

    Michelle sighs. ”I don’t know. Maybe? She has a girlfriend….”

    ”Well, that’s great. That means she probably isn’t after your hot ass wife….”

    ”What have I told you about that, Liv?”

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    1. Michelle has messed up… she is acting very childish. She saying that she doesn’t like Tina so no one should like Tina. And any amicable relationship Bette has with Tina is an insult to her. Sorry Michelle, the world just does not work that way. People always choose the path which is best for themselves… that is way it works. So, if you, Michelle, think that telling Tina off is best for your life? Well, you have some kind of drama in store for your future…

      Bette was some kind of angry to interrupt her day to go see Michelle at school. I do not think this bodes well for Bette and Michelle’s relationship… Now, let’s see what kind of relationship Tina and Dani have…

      Thanks for the chapter..

      Thanks for

      • Michelle is just feeling the weight of her own insecurities. She’s wondering how can she keep all the women away from Bette.

        A N D she can feel the soul connection btwn Bette & Tina.

        To boot, Tina i is now a woman who can deal w/aggresive, threatening, obstreperous peeps. Her job has trained her to navigate in hostile and petty environments. She’s a skilled ninja!!!

        So anyway, both Michelle & Dani have stuff to experience when it comes to Tibette. We’ll see how they deal. “IF” they can deal

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