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    Betrayal and Injury

    To her right slouched Shane, First Mate, enforcer of rules and order. She spoke with the Captain’s voice and was never questioned. Bette trusted Shane above all others, giving her full rein to command her ships and order her men and women. Shane was devoted, many and more had tried to find the weak link in their relationship, to bribe, to blackmail, to threaten Shane into treachery. All had died, most publicly. A few so horribly Candace shuttered to think about it.

    To her left sat Alice, The Whisperer, collector of gossip and rumors and hearsay. More people died from the news Alice collected than from battle as they sailed from port to port, everyone eager to earn good favor by murmuring in that vixen’s ear. She had an uncanny nose to sniff out the truth, lying to her was as costly as betraying Bette.

    Alice never forgot a face and rewarded handsomely those whose information yielded good results. She was the one whose information opened castles without bloodshed, negotiated trades with mongrels and tyrants, ignored royal bloodlines to produce a bastard heir at the last moment. She did it all to build wealth, lift Bette’s group higher, stir up trouble.

    Carmen was there too, her back to the wall and her eyes watching every newcomer that walked through the door, every person that came close to Bette was scrutinized and assessed. She sat with her foot up on her chair, her thigh high boots made of soft leather and her eyes like ice. She wore large hoop earrings, her blouse scandalously low cut and she preferred red lipstick and dark eyeshadow. Carmen was a stone cold killer, they all were, but Carmen used poison, death by a thousand cuts.

    She was fucking Shane, Candace knew, the only woman brave enough to let Carmen touch her. Carmen’s touch could mean one’s quick demise. Most of her victims never knew it was coming until she was long gone but she could also act quickly, a piercing of the skin when she shook hands could result in death seconds later.

    Then there was Dana, with a quiver of arrows slung casually over her back, her bow within reach. The Archer. She was easy going, smiley, friendly… until battle was called. Candace had seen Dana pierce the throats of three men in line for battle with a single arrow across the bow of two ships. All were dead before they knew the life had been taken from them. She was deadly with her arrow, skilled at thievery and dangerously unafraid. And she did it all with a smile.


    1. Hi BK,

      We have to thank a boring conference for this new story, so thank you boring conference!!!!

      I am so hooked already, so different from your other stories!

      Bette as a badass captain, owner of the sea at night, no one messes with her! Surrounded by the gang with their own specialty and absolutely devotion to her. Each with their own specific qualities and which I find so appropriate.

      And of course Candace and Jodie will be there. Candace so stupid as to literally screw up her life by getting stirred up by Jodie, a jealous bitch who thinks she can keep Bette as a friend. I have a feeling that we haven’t gotten rid of Jodie for a while.

      And then of course Lady Christina and the greatest jerk there is in the world, Lord Eric Bates. I am very curious what Bette has in store for him. Lady Christina is not one to be taken over by and she immediately made an impression on her first meeting with Bette. Bette is impressed, already felt the first spark and will fall in love with her, although she will fight against it. After all, she’s a badass and used to hiding her emotions.

      There is one thing I want to highlight and that is this one when Bette asked what was in the mug she drank and Tina’s answer: “I was all out of crushed souls, so I used dashed dreams instead…”

      “Ah, that’s what the aftertaste is….” Bette looked into the bottom of her now empty mug and glanced up to catch the amused expression on the blonde’s face and she laughed then snorted, making them both chuckle.

      That was so hilarious, it shows that in addition to being caring, Tina also has a sense of humor despite her position.

      This really is a great start to what I suspect is a heck of a story!

      Thank you, take care of yourself and have a nice weekend!

      • BiBi
        Yes Jodie will be around for awhile, I have plans for her :))
        I wanted this to be different from the other stories and I did not have access to the ones I had started BUT I did have my ipad so I wrote the first part of this and then kept going.
        Glad you like it and appreciate all your input and dedication to my writings.

    2. I read this story riding in a car on the turnpike in Maine with my mouth hanging open. How is it possible to have created this tale while attending a boring conference? Like others have commented – we need to thank whoever bored you into deciding to write this. I love how all of our favorite and not do favorite characters are effortlessly woven into your story. Shane as First Mate. Dana as the Archer and Alice as the Whisperer. Excellent! And of course you included Candace and mouthy Eric. Hahahahahah. Oh Eric you will pay dearly for having harmed Christina! Once again your dialogue is so rich. I am copying Bibi here but this is my favorite as well:

      “Christina smiled despite herself. “I was all out of crushed souls, so I used dashed dreams instead…”“Ah, that’s what the aftertaste is….” Bette looked into the bottom of her now empty mug and glanced up to catch the amused expression on the blonde’s face and she laughed then snorted, making them both chuckle.“

      Tina is so witty and clever and Bette is already very smitten. As is Tina. Tina meticulously tends to Bettes wounds and cares for her as no one ever has before. Their connection is timeless even on a ship at sea. It is only a matter of time. Jodie will undoubtedly cause trouble and attempt to harm Tina. But to that I say time to walk that plank Jodie. Join Candace. Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me. More please.

      • Billy
        It was a conference on quality for services (yawn) and I was able to get CEUs but they basically ready from a power point which we all had copies of and I didn’t know anyone there so instead of networking and making new connections like a good professional I dove into the seven seas. LOL.
        You are so right – it is only a matter of time for our two ladies to finally realize what everyone else will see around them. Walking the plank may be too tame for Jodie… thanks for taking time to comment!

    3. Hey BK,

      Like Bibi said – the next time you get bored – think of us!!!

      So Bad Ass Captain Bette – awesome my friend.

      Great characterizations – they come alive on the page

      I wouldn’t want to mess with any of them

      Your visualizations are just terrific – thank you

      I can feel the wind in my hair & the smell of the sea & the also the smell of fear!!

      Can see Bette spitting orders & the red rage on her face with Candy Ass & her betrayal

      Not to be gross – BUT – I would have liked Candy Ass to have gotten gutted!!!! She died waaaaaaay to quickly & without much pain!!!!!!!

      Could you gut Jodi instead????? Or walk the plank with sharks all around????????????? PLEASE???????

      Naturally the old joke about Eric & his name – how very appropriate!!!

      Ah, and Bette is going to make Eric SUFFER!!!!!!!!!! YES

      “I have a tongue, Captain. And I know how to use it…” from Lady Christina – WOW!!!!!!!! What an indication of things to COME!!!!!!

      Bette doesn’t know it yet, but this Lady Tina is her equal & she’s gonna HOOK that CAPTAIN of hers!! Natch, they’ll fall in love – both fighting it in the beginning, but finding a way to make it work

      And Tina just being so gentle with B when she was stitching up her hand wound – very special

      Just terrific my friend. Honestly can’t wait for the next chapter!
      Do you have another conference this week so you can write?????

      Stay well & get goin’ – you’ve got chapters tp write!!!!

      Love it!!!


      • Collins,
        U need help girl!! I had to hollah when you asked BK

        Could you gut Jodi instead????? Or walk the plank with sharks all around????????????? PLEASE???????

        I think Lady Tee’s inner thoughts spilled out b4 she could hold ‘em in when she was asked by Captain B after first laying eyes on her if she could speak and replies, “I have a tongue, Captain. And I know how to use it…” Geeze, Louise!!! Cap is gonna get one surprise with this “innocent” (???) flower.

        I’m gonna try to reach Jacky, The WebMaster to see if emojis can be restored after the transfer to the new Server. So much of our commentary could be simplified, knowing that we all will obviously have much to say as this tug boat drifts along

      • Collins
        I like your play on words with hooking the Captain, I see what you did there!
        I actually have a four day Autism conference starting tomorrow AND it’s on zoom so I will have my personal and my work computer on hand ….. but I do need to pay attention to some of the lectures since they will help me in my career.
        I do have chapters to write but so do you Miss Cliff Hanger…. get busy!

      • Nothing better than falling in love on the water…. minus the arrogant Lord and the scheming girlfriend and all the swords and knives and poison that is! Thanks for commenting!

    4. Oh I love Pirate stories! Not just since “Pirate Movie”, one of the first movies I was allowed to go to without my parents, only with my bff. A matinée with Kristy McNichol and Christopher Atkins.

      Anyway I’m already hooked (pun intended) to your new story, BK. Now you’re writing comedy as well? Creativity seems to flow in abundance with you! Amazing.
      Love the setting of this story. Somewhere on the sea, some fantasy land but a lot of familiar characters. Dana, the Archer, loyal First Mate Shane and blue eyed virgin Lady Christina. I’d like to see that she gets a chance to kick Lord Eric’s butt for all the things he did to her and her family.

      I’d say if you happen to go to more boring conferences or meetings next week, I would love to read more of the adventures of Black Bette and the fair Lady Christina. But only after reading more on Tina and the inherited land or Tina and Bette being able to adopt Rosie and their journey to New Orleans in search of Boo.

      Thank you for some alt-universe of Tibette. Just what my doctor would prescibe in times of a looming second (part)lockdown.

      Stay safe, stay healthy and happy.

        • Of course, she’s all Kennard wants for his child. A successful, good looking partner who will cherish his daughter, have more than enough means to support her and their children and thereby be a worthy heir to the Kennard castle and family land.
          The King – as I understand – is still a boy and was manipulated by Eric and false counselors to dictate Lady Christina’s marriage. I’m sure it will be revoked. Pirate stories need a happy ending ;-)

      • Kiwi
        You went old school with the Christopher Atkins and Kristy McNichol reference! Curly hair for days! I had forgotten all about that movie! I was reading George RR Martin’s GOT series and loved the description of the iron borne in the fourth (or the fifth book), so I pulled from what I could remember of that and went with it. I always loved medieval stories… castles and lands and betrayals behind heavy doors.
        I laughed at your gentle reminder to return the river and to the inherited land… don’t worry…. The Beginning should be ready wednesday and I just wrote about James’s adventures fishing so those are plodding along.
        Please stay safe in your second lockdown, if the US was smart we would be doing that here too as a nation rather than relying on people to self manage. I am grateful for your comments!


    5. I absolutely love it!
      24 pages of shear enjoyment , thank goodness for boring Conferences
      Please, please post more of this delightful, and so different, story as soon as possible.

      Meantime stay safe and well

    6. What a story….. if I had to say, I would think this is a story set in the the late 1700s. I think this is the time about the Pirate hay day. Of course there have been pirates as long as there has been ships.

      Bette is really a rough character as is the whole crew. I wonder what Miss Christina Kennard was up to before she was turned over to Eric to be transported to their wedding in Kingston. Would that be Kingston Jamaica? Bette seems to be a successful Captain – actually more like an Admiral with 20 or more ships under her command and control. She is really a good business woman to keep that many crew members to be loyal and remain in her employ. I just hate that she is obsessed with pleasing her father with all these conquest. But maybe now that Tina has entered her life, she will rethink her relationship with dear ole Dad. Maybe she will start to think about settling down somewhere with someone special? Convert her pirating operation into a legitimate shipping business maybe?

      This story has a great deal of possibilities…. cannot wait to see where you take us..

      I think that the Whisper will help Bette find out the truth about Jodi. If its a secret, leave it to Alice to find out the facts….. Alice is a much needed asset for Bette in this operation. I’m sure Jodi is going to pay for her misdeeds.. let’s just wait and see what happens.

      Thanks for the story…. keep it going… But please do not forget your other stories… too many on this website has great beginnings and yet they never are concluded…. We love your writing and your imagination BK…

      • Thank you Martha! No specific time in history or in the world and I will probably mix up pirate and viking and crusader and overall medieval lore with each chapter but research has never been my thing! A legitimate shipping business sounds very intriguing indeed, Bette certainly has the ships and the knowledge to make that work provided she can get rid of Lord Bates, lose Jodie, come to closure with her father and be responsible. I totally think she can, with Tina by her side that is.
        I won’t forget about my other stories I promise. These are keeping me sane in a crazy world and helping make the time go by when I am stuck inside. Thank you for following all three stories and for always letting me know how much you have enjoyed them….

    7. BK!

      wow, talk about escapist, this takes the cake for bette & tina fan fic! sure it’s pirate-y (pirates! yeah!) but it think of it more along the lines of a period piece bette & tina. and…YOU GOT ME. I want to read more. you paint such a vivid picture that I am instantly taken away to gritty seas, taverns, hooligans, and bette in the midst of it all, large and in charge and just a bit jaded by it all underneath it all. and then she meets tina…a healer of sorts. perfect.

      can I say…I love how you handled Candace…and Jodi (although im ok if she walks the plank for her betrayal)…very satisfying.

      argh ‍☠️….im ready for more of this story.

      [Insert house of stir fry approval here]

    8. Stirfry
      I sucked you in to another story! Glad you liked it! It is absolutely a period piece, that is a great description. More to come, stay tuned
      (love the seal of approval)

    9. Absolutely loved this! I am a sucker for a pirate story; this one seems to have it all. I love how you introduced all our favorite characters. I got a kick out of Alice. Badass Bette with that vulnerability is always my favorite Bette. I am a Tibette lover, and love how you showed the chemistry and a connection already between Bette & Tina. Best line of dialogue was “I have a tongue, Captain. And I know how to use it” Atta girl, Tina. Looking forward to the next chapters…
      BTW, BK, you are one of my favorite authors. I regularly read your stories over and over. I can tell this will be one of those I come back to as well.

      • Westy
        Thank you so much! LOVE a good medieval story, right? I love a vulnerable tough Bette too. Thank you for your kind comments too about my stories, so nice to hear that you enjoy reading and re-reading them. Stay Safe! More to come…

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