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    During the day, the ship sailed, cresting waves and weathering storms, the crew working like a well-oiled machine. Tina’s nutrition campaign added to the overall health of the men and women on board. They trained a couple days each week and stayed alert, but it was an uneventful trip, the few ships they saw moving away when they saw the black sails.

    No one wanted to tangle with Bette this far from land and she had backup from the other ships that trailed her. They were lucky with the weather so far, this Bette knew, but as the temperatures dropped so did her heart. They were edging closer to her father’s castle, to her last visit home. She knew she would never, could never, return. Committed to forging a new, quieter life now that she saw the possibilities.

    Ironically, all Bette wanted was to be accepted there, to be a part of the governing and leading of the family lands. She would have been good at that. Leading her flotilla taught her to be a firm but kind leader, respected and feared in healthy measure. She saw where her father allowed plots of land to go to ruin, for men to shirk their duties, for distrust to breed unhealthy competition.

    Why Kit stayed was beyond her, but she suspected it had to do with a certain court singer and her love of drinking. Bette thought about the Lady Christina, never far from her thoughts and the motivation for this particular trip. She changed Bette’s life. Bette now saw different opportunities with Tina, a way to be better, kinder.

    During the night the couple soared. Nothing took away the pressures of running the ship and the looming confrontation with her father like being in Tina’s arms. It was a season of learning, of discovery. For Tina as she explored and grew more daring in her touches with Bette… and for Bette too.

    Instinctually, Bette knew to take it slow, their lovemaking a beautiful expression of the feelings she was just beginning to understand. She was learning to be intimate, to share her thoughts, to give rather than take, that it was more satisfying to enjoy each other rather than use each other.
    She learned that Tina was hopeless with any touch involving her ears.

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    1. Happy New Year, BK and welcome to 2021! :-)
      I’m delighted to see you take us back to the Black Beauty. Alas (couldn’ resist ;)) I’m beat. It’s nearing midnight and I might have had too many cocktails – had to catch up on New Yea’rs Eve when I was a bit under the weather.
      So I’m off to bed and will dream of Captain Bette and Lady Christina and what drama might evolve on your 26 pages. G’night, see you – no “read you” tomorrow.

      cheers, feel hugged – distancing conform of course –
      KiwiPit ’21

      • Happy New Year KP! Glad you were able to catch up on your new year and hope you are feeling better. Feel hugged yourself and looking forward to hearing your thoughts when you have time.

    2. Oh no!!!!!!!! Jodie. Of course. Wretched witch. The best laid plans of mice and men. What an excellent, exciting, fast paced chapter. We all knew it was coming but still. Could Bette have avoided this confrontation? Was it inevitable? If not here would Jodie have hatched another plan? Does Jodie know enough about Bette and her hubris to figure out that this move was in fact predictable: “And it was Pride and Ego who responded, and weeks later Bette would remember this moment as the one where she could have averted the pain and anguish to come, the moment when she could have turned sail for far away shores and never set foot on her father’s land. But she was not there yet, not ready to set aside her need to control, not ready to trust another completely.” Was this final battle Bette’s destiny? Could she, in fact, have truly avoided this? I am not sure. Once again, Bette reverted to some bad habits and drank too much and refused to listen to Shane. Were the stars always going to align for this showdown?

      Trust is the theme of the chapter. Could Tina have completed the mission? Kept Bette out of danger? Obviously loyalty is fleeting and allegiances shift for the right price. Bette absolutely trusts Tina. And this is a mighty big secret. She didn’t even share this with Shane. This is her escape plan. Not that she does not trust Shane. But Bette was not been lucky with trust. And this option is her only chance at freedom. And she has been betrayed so many times. She only shared it with Tina. Until she had no choice. She will need that trust now. Trust in Tina’s love. Trust in herself: My favorite passage: Trust.. Such an elusive thing, really. Built in drops and lost in bucketful’s, freely given by the Lady and so causally accepted by the Captain. Trust, the greatest teacher of restraint, of partnership, of humility. Some trust quickly, others only after considerable time. Bette not at all.” Oh Bette, you need to summon the forces within you. Carmen is lurking about and I suspect the hooded figure is James. And ultimately we have our BK, who knows she is torturing us with this chapter but we have to trust her as well. She loves these characters and everything will be alright- eventually.

      Trust also extends to their lovemaking. With Bette becoming a little more adventuresome and introducing oral sex. I love how you describe the way each one fixates on a part of the others anatomy. Driving each other crazy from a distance. The description of Bette and the earlobe is so sensual: “Sucking on an earlobe made the blonde dissolve, she would literally fold into Bette and make this sound that came from the back of her throat, a sound that was like striking a match to the lust in Bette’s veins. So good. She could do that for hours and be content.” Remember this, Bette. Remember your connection to this woman. To your love.

      One positive to come out of these events is the absolute certainly that Jodie will die a slow agonizing death and she will die by the hand of either Bette or Tina. “I find so much as a fucking mosquito bite on her and I will skin you alive, Jodie. Every bump, scratch, and bruise I will revisit on you tenfold. I will hunt you down like the fucking bitch that you are. I will find you. And then you will die. Slowly.” Both of our girls are in serious danger. True. Bette being taken to her maniacal father and Tina off with Jodie. To what end? Heed Bette’s words at your own peril! Perhaps Kit will step up just once but I am not holding my breath. I have faith in Carmen and her powders and liquids and James and his sheer desire to complete his mission – to protect our Lady Christina. You stay alive!! Bette will find you. Heavy sigh.

      Trust, Bette. Trust, Tina. Trust, Carmen and her powders and liquids. Let her eat through some bars. So cool. Trust, James. Trust, fellow readers. Trust, in BK. Until the next chapter…

      • Billy my dear reader and friend – you zeroed in on the one salvation and thorn for our dear Bette. Trust. Could this showdown have been avoided? They went through every part of the puzzle but forgot to carefully examine each member of their party – the who in the what and where and when. Twice there were opportunities for them to bring it to Bette’s attention – the first when Tina got the first twinge of worry and second when Shane heard that Jodie had been out to ride already. Neither spoke and you are right – Bette resorted to old, bad habits. UGH. So predictable. Maybe this is what needed to happen for Bette to give up control, maybe a huge event needed to shake her foundation enough to make room to trust another. The stars aligned, as you mentioned, and now the fall out plays out. Can Carmen get inside the castle and use her powders? Where does James fit in? They are on an island, so what is Jodie’s endgame?
        As usual, the comments set the stage for further discussion and have become MY favorite part of this process. Thank you!

    3. Oh, my…what a dilemma… Bette is captured on her way to a wedding with one of the Bates boys and Jodi has Tina off to do who knows what….. This is not good…. I just hope Carmen has enough poison to get them all away from there. I will bet that James will trail after Tina and do what he can to rescue her. I hope Shane is okay…. so where are Dana and Alice…. they were only day or two behind. There should be another ships crew ready to assist with getting Bette and Tina out of there and maybe Kit too. And I hope that Melvin gets some punishment for this as well.

      Thanks for the chapter…. I’m rather anxious to see the next chapter…. This is tense….and I want some resolution….

    4. Thoroughly enjoyed my first ride of 2021 on Black Beauty but distressed at the conclusion of the Chapter.
      So, dear Writer, hurry to pick up your writing implement and take us back to our Captain and Healer as soon as possible.

      Thank you BK for a chance to enter an alternative dimension in these difficult times
      Goodnight from a very snowy UK as midnight approaches

    5. AHHHH!!! BK! this chapter is amazing…the love between Captain Porter and her Healer Tina is growing and so beautiful…and hella sexy. but the sense of foreboding is laced throughout this chapter from the start and you deliver on some exciting action. I swear this could be a action/adventure movie. I was at the edge of my seat at the end there…and I felt the crushing heartbreak as bette got out numbered by Jodie and her own father’s men. nothing hurt bette more than seeing her tina taken…and not protected as she tried so hard to do. tina, the love of her life and her achilles.

      and…dude… I was HOPING you would use THAT QUOTE from ‘The Last of the Mohicans.’ I pictured it… ‘you STAY ALIVE no matter what occurs! I will find you!’ (to continue it… ‘no matter how long it takes, no matter how far…I WILL FIND YOU!’ ahhh. hopefully it won’t take too long? I cannot wait for the next chapter!!

      thank you for posting and for getting this new year started in a kick ass, beautiful, romantic fashion.

      • Oh Stir Fry, somehow I just KNEW you would be the one to join me in excitement over that quote! I love that scene and the quote fit so well I had to use it. This chapter did have crushing heartbreak and hella sexy (love that phrase too) moments but the anguish now from Bette will be immense. Stay tuned, more to come… Thanks

    6. Oh my god BK, what a fantastic chapter!

      What a easy read and now you left us with a cliff hanger?!!!!

      I love this story and the comments as well, all so good and hard to top.

      I like Cathy’s idea of Tina being the one to kill Jodie, she has that knife still in possesion?

      So many plans, A, B, C and all failed due to that bitch Jodie.

      I have faith in Carmen, Jonathan and James that they will be able to rescue Bette, Tina and the others. And where the hell are Alice and Dana?!!!

      I know you will update soon, but please i hope you will do it asap, my heart can’t take this uncertainty about Bette’s and Tina’s faith!

      • Did James follow Bette or Tina? I think James had to make a choice and went after Tina. “Listen carefully, I want you with us when we go but trailing from the side or behind in the woods. No one needs to know, no one should see you. You will be my eyes and ears and protect our back. Understood?” Hmmmmm. We shall see. And Tina no longer has her knife: “She had Tina on her knees in front of her, the dirk pressed to Tina’s neck. The very dirk Bette gave Tina for protection was now being used to threaten her and Bette felt bile rise in her throat.” I too want Tina to be the one to end Jodie. Poetic justice.

    7. 2021 is starting with a first class drama. Drama by the sea, BK! When I was counting on an attack at or near Melvin’s castle, you’ve gone with the element of surprise and started the fight at the village, center stage in plain sight of marketeers and innocent bystanders. But that is as evil and unscrupulous as I expected Jodie, the Bates and Melvin to be.

      Again there are so many wonderful comments already. I love this replying back and forth! Thanks y’all!

      Now Jodie. They all underestimated Jodie. Why doesn’t Captain Bette doesn’t listen to us readers? Didn’t we stress enough that Jodie is evil? Didn’t we give the Captain enough ideas how to handle Jodie? Didn’t we bring up walking the plank, add sharks or marooning her on a deserted island? But no, the mighty Captain Porter won’t hear our advice and pulls through her own plans.

      Seriously, though. I think it’s not so much because of Bette’s stubborness or self-confidence that her meticulously planned actions against her father failed. It’s more because of the prospect of being confronted with her father all of her trained behaviour from early on re-emerge. In her frame of mind she’s transported back to being the unloved daughter, trying to please her father or mostly fighting her father and staying unharmed. The successful leader, the cunning strategist, the intelligent fighter vanishes behind the woman who holds a lot of anger, even hate against her father. Her subconcious dictates her thoughts, her assesment of the upcoming situation is clouded by all those negative emotions and the sole purpose to get to her mother’s map, to sever all contact with her father for good
      Old habits die hard so she relies on alcohol to relieve the stress which is just counterproductive. She is not as fit, her mind probably not as sharp as she was the weeks before with less alcohol. The pressure to succeed is enormous. She hears Tina’s and Shane’s suggestions but with tunnel vision she won’t be swayed in her decisions, maybe she sees it as being weak. All together a perfect recipe for disaster.

      I just hope that after being angry at her own stupidity Bette will shake it off and start thinking clearly again. She needs to be on top of her game. She can’t reveal to anyone why she went to the castle in the first place. Melvin can’t know about Maxine’s map and this key. Just tell him Bette wanted to get Kit or make her peace with her father.
      Two days until the wedding! If I’d wrote drama, I’d have Bette’s party win this fight and the battle against Melvin and the Bates in front of the alter. And then go for Tina only to learn that she already defeated Jodie and James identified all the other henchmen who assisted Jodie.

      BK, great cliffhanger. I’ll be biting my nails waiting impatiently and constantly checking for an update of Black Beauty for sure.
      As SG posted earlier: this story is perfect to enter an alternative dimension in these difficult times. Thanks for that! Love this story.

      Be safe

      • Great post!!!! Will Melvin have to die to let his daughter live in peace? Will Kit ever show Bette some loyalty? If I was Bette’s chosen husband I’d be scared out of my ever loving mind!!!!! This is one of those just nod if you agree situations with someone pushing her head up and down. Because Bette will never say I do. We know they have to make it close to the altar, right? Tina has been strong and level headed from day one. Add in defiant and in love and with a score to settle? Watch out Lerner…your hours are numbered. And why do I keep picturing the GOT Red Wedding???

        • Agree with Billy, KP. This is a great post, very insightful and analytic. I like how you brought up Bette reverting to old habits, old ways of thinking when planning to confront her father. Tunnel vision with a capital T and V. She underestimates Jodie’s wrath (couldn’t some crew members take Jodie back to the village? OR Hell have Jodie walk? Why the escort?) and she discounts the need to put Tina and Shane and herself at risk. There were many other ways of getting the map (bribe a trusted guard, make contact with Kit, wait for the Whisperer to use her contacts to get the lay of the land first) – this would have given them the knowledge of the pending wedding and on and on….
          But as Billy said, the best laid plans of mice and men …. mixed with a strongly independent leader who has trust issues. Oy. But at the end of the day, Captain Porter will figure all this out. And watch out when she does….

          I will be reading the Red Wedding GOT chapter this week. I have read it several times but it bears a refresher. I think my jaw dropped when I read it for the first time.

          Thank you both for your attention to detail and witty commentary. Truly the best part of writing these stories are all the readers who comment….

    8. First , happy New Year BK !

      Two words : FUCKING JODIE !!!

      What can I say after the many comments …

      Bette as a bride ?!?! seriously ??

      Tina was probably the smartest, her asset is in place !

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