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    Calming the Storm Within

    Huddled in her long black coat, Bette stood at the rail at the top of her ship, on the Captain’s deck. Alone, for now. The wind blew and tugged at her clothes, tangling her curls and pulling on her sleeves… not yet able to penetrate the thick wool of her coat. It was a cool wind… a howling, grouchy wind… perfect for a silent siege or killing knife in the dark.

    Perfect for betrayal.

    It was a wind that matched how she felt inside. Howling, she felt like screaming… like she was at a pivotal point in her life. Decision time. Her hair blew furiously, obscuring her eyes from time to time but still she stood, motionless, overlooking the sea, her thoughts a jumble.

    It was a black night, an ominous night, a night that offered only a sliver of the moon to see by. Black as midnight, black as a shadow in the night, a thief, an intruder. Sleep eluded her, this the second night in a row. Not even the warmth of her wife’s body could lull her to sleep, not this night, nor the night before. Earlier, they set anchor to stop all progress, Bette not wanting to be blown off course. They would reach the port of Edge City on the morrow, the last stop before they set sail for her mother. For Gigi. For battle. Come what may.

    Whirls and swirls of thoughts occupied her brain as she turned the battle plan over in her head again and again, looking for gaps, for something she might have missed. Over and over ad nauseam. Inside out and upside down. Alice would be in port to meet them and there Bette would punish the Rascal for betraying her, something she should have done long before now. But something stayed her hand. It scared her… this lack of … drive… this lack of interest, why did she wait? Punishment for betrayal normally meant The Rascal would be a gruesome spectacle. So why does he sit in her barge singing endless songs of fair maidens and gold? Fucking why indeed.

    It scared her because she felt so… tired. Weary even. Exhaustion hunted her like a predator in the night. Was she tired of the fighting? Or was it the pain from her recent injuries, the frantic running from one escapade to another? Maybe it was the injury to her ribs, maybe it was having a family now… and maybe it was a combination of all that weighed on her.

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    1. Ahhh oh my gosh an update I’m so happy you’re honestly one of my favourite authors and I’ve read so many of your fics over and over always meaning to start the new ones but then get lost in rereading honestly you’re incredible and I know you’ve made an ao3 which we are all grateful for but I truly love your writing I can’t wait for more you truly get us through the hiatus

        • You’re welcome and it’s always so fun rereading even when you know the outcome. I keep reading remember who you are and the beginning. I was reading remember who you are until 3am and woke up from a dream that it had a sequel of their life with their girls. I truly hope you never lose the inspiration to write for them because you’re amazing.

    2. Well, this was a chapter full of suspense…. where is the the King and the King’s ships and guards. Is it possible that he is lost or the victim of inept ship’s captains? Or maybe he has been captured by Gigi and her ships? Might be a good move for Gigi… get rid of the King and take over his kingdom… Since the King has betrayed Bette and Tina in going after Bette’s mom, Bette should have no qualms in deciding not to fight Gigi but allow her to defeat the King and go about their buisness. After all, its a big world. This is the King’s fight… not Bette’s. This would be such sweet revenge for Bette and Tina… and Gigi would achieve the glory she seeks…

      So, let’s hope that this is where Bette’s mom is and that she is ready and willing to reunite with Bette. It would be terrible to come this far and for Maxine not want to have this to happen at all. I look forward to the seeing what happens next. I am nervous with the separation from the children and I am nervous with not knowing where the King is nor what is going on with Gigi.

      Thank you for this chapter. Love how much Bette and Tina care for each other and for their children. They are amazing parents. Write and publish as soon as you can….

      • Thank you Martha. I love reading your thoughts after each post! Seperating them from the children makes me nervous too, I can’t even watch my children drive away without tracking them!! HAHA
        Stay tuned for more…

    3. I literally shouted when I saw you updated!! You are my favorite writer on here! Love this story. And all of your stories really.
      I’m currently re reading “Remember who you are”.
      Totally agree with you about genq. Tibette fans deserved better.

      • Thank you Brittany! I actually did a re-read of RWYA over the holidays as well. That was my first story and holds a special place in my heart. Don’t tell anyone but there may be a follow up chapter to that story in the works LOL
        And YES we deserved better. At least we have fanfic!

    4. Well this has really made my day. I am so excited. It’s been so long since I have been here. Let me settle in and read and enjoy. Then I will post. Of course you must know I read the last page: “It was a black night, an ominous night, a night that offered only a sliver of the moon to see by. Black as midnight, black as a shadow in the night, a thief, an intruder.” You are sooooooooo talented. I cannot wait.

    5. BK,

      What a writer you are! I read this chapter twice already, and was just as thrilled and full of anticipation reading it the second time as the first. I loved the suspense, and the “beautiful intimacy” of Bette & Tina. and how all your characters are much more than one-dimensional. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

      Peter continues to be irresistible to me, and Gracie “with all the superiority that a small girl possesses” – how adorable.

      My favorite lines, that are so perfectly Bette & Tina –

      “She looked beautiful. Tortured and complicated but so lovely it took Tina’s breath away”

      “Because very soon you are going to find out what happened to your mother. And if you think for one fucking second that I would be anywhere else but at your side, then you don’t know me very well.”
      “I know you. I. Know. You.” Bette smiled, feisty Tina her favorite.”

      I love this story, it’s an all-time favorite like all of yours are.

    6. Hey BK, so good to see an update. I really need enough time to give my full attention and i hope to have that Sunday. My life is a rollercoaster since my father passed away 5 weeks ago and with a dear friend in the hospital since four weeks. Between work and visiting him and my sister and stepmother, my free time is very little.

    7. A chapter well worth the wait BK, the rogue got less than he deserved. I have a feeling that the boy king will soon regret his treachery. He owes his very life to Bette and the healer Lady Christina. He will never get the loyalty he craves from our beloved captain by kidnapping and holding hostage those she loves dearly. Now the children are safely away, Bette will do all in her power including lay down her life to get Tina back to them. Let’s just hope it doesn’t come to that. I can’t wait for the epic battle to come.

    8. So glad to see an update. I’ve missed your stories.

      I think this one is my favorite ! Don’t get me wrong, ALL your stories are terrific but this one has an atmosphere I love, I love how you describe the duality of the characters , both hard, strong and the softness and tenderness.

      Can’t wait for more.

    9. Oh how I love your writing BK. Your writing is so beautiful. The emotions you are able to capture in these two characters always brings tears to my eyes. Beautiful and exciting story and I will be patiently waiting for the next chapter. Now I must read your new sequel Returning to the River.

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