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    Can we get it back – Chapter 35

    Chapter 35

    The next two days goes by so slow for Bette. She was out walking when her cell phone rings.

    The last month, Bette had started taking walks up in the hills and woods. She brought her earphones and just walked, listening to music. That is how she’s getting stronger day by day. Tina had seen another positive change in Bette. The huge drive to always perform, always be on top of everything. That’s gone, replaced with a calmness and gentleness that Tina loved. She knew Bette still had it in her, but this illness had made Bette reevaluate her life and she came to the conclusion to just stop, listen and to breathe. She would take her time with getting her strength back and to decide what she wanted to do regarding work. She was in no hurry. She would find her new purpose when the time was right.

    Tina had a meeting she couldn’t get out of today, so she had to go in to work. She would be back in time for dinner. Bette had told her this morning before she left that she would make dinner tonight. Angie would be spending the night at Jordi’s again, so it would be only them.

    “Bette Porter.” She answers her ringing cellphone.

    “Hi, Bette, it is Dr. Stenton.” The other end replies.

    “Oh, hi Doctor.” Bette says, suddenly scared of the results he might reveal to her.

    “Where are you Bette?” The Dr. Asks.

    “I’m out walking in the woods.” Bette replies carefully. “Alone, with my earphones and music.” She adds.

    “Okay.” The doctor says but is interrupted by Bette.

    “Dr. Stenton, is it bad news?” She softly asks.

    “No Bette. It is the opposite. The cancer is gone Bette. You’re in full remission. No sign of any cancer cells. The bloodwork came back perfect. It’s like the cancer never visited. I am so happy about this result.” Dr. Stenton says.

    Bette had to sit down, her legs got weak, so she just sat down on the ground. Silence filled the air.

    “Bette? You still there?” Dr. Stenton asks after a few silent moments.

    “Yeah.” Bette gets out. She starts to cry, tears are streaming down her face.

    “Are you okay?” Dr. Stenton asks.

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    1. The words they have been both been waiting to hear. Now they can get on with the business of living. Yes there will be more testing and potentially more hurdles but today is a very good day!!! Celebrate!!!! Breathe Bette!!!

    2. Great little chapter.

      So relieved that Bette is cancer free – its a relief on so many levels. As a 20 year cancer survivor, I am thankful everyday for another chance at life!!

      Hopefully, this great news will allow Bette & Tina to embark on plans for their future together & a long life for both women.

      Thanks for your update.

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