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    Chapter 1

    Tina looked around the Planet as she waited for her cup of tea. She saw the gang siting at their usual table in the courtyard. She knew this conversation was going to be difficult.

    She collected her tea, and walked over to her friends, sitting down. she studied her friends. Alice was learning to knit for some article she was writing. Shane was sat back, relaxed. talking to Dana and her new girlfriend Tanya.

    Tina didn’t like Tanya, there was just something about her that put her off her. It could have been the way she had attached herself to Dana when they had been at Dinah Shore. She was just suddenly there.

    Tina looked at Dana, who looked like she had just been training or a long run, knowing Dana it would have been both.

    She was sat beside Shane, were she felt the safest. She listened to the conversation that was happening around her. she wanted to wait for a pause in the conversations that were going on.

    The pause happened.

    “Erm,” Everyone looked at Tina, she smiled softly. she loved these people. She now had their attention. “I went to erm, see Bette last night.”

    The look of shock on her friend’s faces said it all, they really didn’t expect Tina to be the first to give in, they all knew that Bette hadn’t called her in the time they had been apart.

    “Oh my God Tina, What? Why would you do that?” Alice questioned. Alice had known Bette a lot longer than anyone else and was upset by Bette’s actions. She’d known that Tina had gone out the night before. She couldn’t believe that Tina had done that.

    “I can’t really explain it but I had to see her,” Tina said, lowing her head. she felt like she was being told off. she was ashamed that she still had feelings for Bette.

    None of the gang knew, yet that she was expecting their child. she hadn’t brought herself to tell me. Bette had to be the first to know as he child’s other parent.

    “I had to tell her something,” Tina’s voice as barely a whisper.

    “That she’s a lying, cheated whore. Who needs to get off her ass and sort herself out because her domestic partner who was cheated on shouldn’t be the one dragging her ass t her” Tanya said, making the whole gang look at her. She was the one person around the table who didn’t know Bette at all.

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    1. Thank you!

      I’m still think that Tina in this case needs to take thing even more slowly -maybe they need only prepare to the baby now together, but other then that – have more time apart

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