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    Chapter 1 – Relief measure

    Bette collapsed on the sofa immediately after her speech to the media. She leaned her head back on the sofa and closed her eyes. I could see that she was tired, that the day had drained all the juice out of her.


    ”It was a great speech.”

    ”Thank you,” she said curtly, lifting her head

    ”How do you handle it? I mean, it’s such a strain every day»

    «Falls. I prefer to think we’re doing a good job. It’s worth being tired for this ” – she tried to put on a light smile that didn’t touch her eyes.

    «Of course. You’re doing a great job. Angie is very proud of you»

    ”Sometimes I think I disappoint her more often than I give her something to be proud of»

    ”You know, she’s at an age where words come out faster than she can think. Don’t take it personally, she loves you and is proud of you»

    ”Well, I hope,” Bette leaned her head back on the sofa and yawned, covering her mouth with her hand.

    I looked at the time and realized that I should go to the hotel. It was late enough that Bette must have wanted to get to bed as quickly as possible.

    ”I have to go, it’s late…” I got up from the chair and picked up my bag, which was lying next to me.

    ”Tina, you can stay in the guest bedroom if you want. It’s really late»

    ”No, it’s fine. I have a reservation at the Four Seasons. I’ll be in town for a couple more days”

    Bette looked at me in silence for a few seconds, her head slightly tilted to the side… ” Tina, thank you for being here today. Our daughter is a very smart girl, she knew that I would need your support today and this is true. To be honest, I was very surprised when I saw you this morning. It was a pleasant surprise”

    ”Anytime, Bette. I’m happy to be here»

    ”Me too. Okay, I’ll walk you out»

    I took the suitcase I had brought with me and we left the house.

    ”If you need anything, I’m here,” I said, turning to face Bette, who was standing by the door.

    ” Thank you, ” Bette said with a small smile

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    1. Hi! Welcome!

      Don’t worry about your English, from what i read – everything fine.

      So, about the chapter – way, they already doing something that we hope they would do in s2 GQ :)
      Intereresting what they will do next.

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