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    Chapter 13

    Chapter 13

    Two weeks later, the Planet. Alice, Shane and Dana are sitting at their usual table and Bette enters and walks towards them.

    (Bette) Hi, sorry I’m late

    They all greet her and Shane slides Bette’s coffee over in front of her.

    (Bette) Thank you

    Alice turns to Bette.

    (Alice) So, what’s been happening?

    (Bette sighs) The usual, work is hectic, not much else

    Bette shrugs and Alice considers her for a moment.

    (Alice) You’ve seen our feature on Andrew and Tina I assume?

    Bette sighs.

    (Bette) I’m aware of it Al, but I haven’t seen it

    (Shane) What’s this?

    Alice leans across to a pile of newspapers on the next table and picks up a copy of the LA Times, handing it to Shane.

    (Alice) It’s a profile on the two of them. He’s officially launching his campaign for Governor

    Shane raises her eyebrows as she takes in the front page picture of Andrew and Tina, before glancing towards Bette.

    Bette meets her gaze and sighs again.

    (Bette) This isn’t news to me, I’ll be attending the campaign launch this weekend

    They all look at her for a moment.

    (Dana) Do you need to do that?

    (Bette) Yes, I do. I’m tied up with the Rhys-Bakers now, it would look very strange if I didn’t attend

    Shane opens the paper to the article and scans her eyes over the text as they all sip their coffees.

    (Alice) Were you aware of how impressive her resume is?

    (Bette) Well I don’t know what is covered in the article but yes, what I’ve heard is very impressive

    Alice turns to Shane and Dana.

    (Alice) Harvard grad, law professor. She’s an expert in international law, an advisor to the European Commission…

    Shane hands the paper to Dana who also examines it.

    (Alice) She’s from a political family too. Half of them are in politics in North Carolina, and her sister is running for the US Senate

    Alice looks to Bette.

    (Alice) Did you know all that?

    (Bette) Some, Al. She’d mentioned her family but I didn’t know about her sister. Anyway, can we please stop this pop quiz on how brilliant Tina is?

    (Alice) Sorry, I just didn’t know. Imagine what she could have achieved without the burden of always following Andrew around

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    1. So Alice and Helena believe that Bette has a chance with Tina? Well, unless Tina is ready to leave the life she has and take the risk to experience true happiness, then Bette stands no chance at all. Everything is up to Tina and it always has been. What is she willing to forgo to live the life she truly desires?

      Intriguing story….

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