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    Chapter 17

    The following week, Tina is in her office at the studio and places a call.

    (Tina) Hey Al

    (Alice) Hey Tee, how are things?

    (Tina) Not too bad, how are things with you?

    (Alice) Yes, fine. You’ve been busy?

    (Tina) Ah, yes. Just work and Angie really, I haven’t been up to much else

    Alice nods. Tina’s assistant leans in the doorway and gestures to their wrist and Tina nods and holds up her index finger.

    (Tina) I only have a minute I’m sorry Al, but I was wondering if you might be free Thursday to have Angie? I have a work dinner and I’m a bit stuck. Kit was going to have her but she’s busy with rehearsals

    (Alice nods) Yeah, of course. I’ll round up the others too, we love having her

    (Tina smiles) Thanks Al

    (Alice) What’s Bette doing though? I mean despite everything you two have always been good at covering for each other with things like this, right? She can’t do it?

    (Tina frowns) Ah, no, she has something on. Work as well I think

    Alice nods.

    (Alice) You two have been working non-stop recently

    Tina raises her eyebrows and nods.

    (Tina) I guess

    (Alice) Well let’s catch up soon anyway, once things are less crazy for you

    (Tina smiles) That sounds great. I better run but thank you for Thursday, I’ll give you a call later to work out details

    (Alice nods) Sure, no problem

    Later, Tina is walking down a hallway making her way back to her office and answers her cell.

    (Bette) Hey Tee

    Tina smiles and glances around the busy hallway.

    (Tina) Hey, give me a second. I’m almost back at my desk

    Bette smiles and nods.

    (Bette) OK

    Tina reaches her office and steps inside, closing the door behind her and leaning her back against it.

    (Tina) Hey baby

    Bette smiles.

    (Bette) How’s your day going?

    Tina sighs as she places her jacket on the coststand.

    (Tina) Hectic, but manageable. What about you?

    (Bette) Not so hectic actually. I’ve given James more responsibility than usual for our next show, and so far it’s going very well. It’s freeing up my time not being so tied up in every detail

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    1. So so good! It’s fun and sweet and…everything. So funny that Alice nearly found out about T&B. Still guessing – hoping? – that Angie might already know it all and just keeps quiet about it. Just waiting and hoping that her moms will find their way back to each other for good.
      Thanks for another lovely chapter :)

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