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    Chapter 18 – Bette on the Brain

    Alphaville Records’ Office – Wednesday Afternoon: 2 days Until CD Release Party

    All weekend, Tina had been replaying the dance she shared with the brown-eyed stranger whose first name was all she knew. She had treated herself to a full spa treatment on Saturday and pictured the heart-stopping smile while lying in a tub of mud with cucumber slices covering her eyes.

    Sunday she cleaned her house and worked in her garden but couldn’t shake the thoughts of Bette and the comfort of her body heat. Every time she emerged from her own memories, she found that she was smiling wide and her pulse was racing. And every night since, she and BOB (battery operated boyfriend) worked together to achieve a satisfying, yet lonely, orgasm on her Egyptian Cotton 1500 thread count sheets, all the while imagining the brunette’s soft hands assisting her in reaching that peak.

    After each climax had faded into memory, she would take out the earring she kept safely tucked in a small envelope inside the pocket of her purse. Dangling it in front of her, she studied the twinkling crystals inlaid in the design that sparkled even more when it caught the full moon’s milky rays that shined through her bedroom window at night.

    Tina had been to 4 shows in the last two nights and was having no luck finding new talent for the label. Her new business cards had arrived on Monday and were very professional looking. Underneath her name in perfect little block letters were the words “Executive Vice President of Artist & Repertoire” She had yet to hand one out to the general public or an artist she found even remotely talented.

    Monday morning, Oscar and Esai had come skipping into her office with a flyer for Kit Porter and the Stouts’ show at the Planet and were shocked to learn that their boss had already gotten her hands on one. They had planned to check out the venue together this evening since none of them had ever been to the Planet for a show.

    Monday afternoon, Tina had met with the members of Third Wheel, Tonya, Tim, and Eric, and Helena had insisted on sitting in with them. The tension was palpable between Tina and Eric, but aside from Tonya, no one else noticed. When Gabby produced a list of demands, which resulted in deviations from the band’s original recording contract, Tina graciously shot all of them down, reminding them that they had consulted their own attorney before signing it.

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