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    Chapter 3

    “You’ve spent the last few weekends with Bette Porter?” Michelle says to me as I pass her a mug of coffee.

    “Yes,” I reply smiling to myself

    “Did she fuck you stupid?” Michelle asks, and I’m suddenly glad my son is a pre school.

    “No,  not only was Noah here but I’m not ready for that. We talked, Noah and I shared some of our traditions with her, shes…”

    “A player and needs sex,” Michelle takes a sip of her coffee.

    I look at her shocked.

    “Michelle do you know Bette? like actually know her not just the rumours you’ve heard?” I ask, seriously.

    “Well no…”

    “Than kindly stop judging her. Bette and I are in a relationship.”

    “What?” Michelle looks at me shocked.

    “Put it this way she came here from work on Friday night and left first thing Monday. We speak daily, she’s taken time to get to know me and Noah and yes I’m in a relationship with her.”

    “You’re taming Bette fucking Porter,”

    “IF that’s what you want to call it yes,” I shake my head. My phone bleeds and I look at it, seeing a message from Bette. it asks if she can come over after work. I quickly reply to her and start deciding in my head what I’m going to make us for dinner.

    “I was in a club on Saturday and there was talk that she hadn’t been seen.”

    “She was here, we played a fishing games with Noah, bathed him, put him to bed and watched a movie together.”

    “Sounds like true domestic bliss,” Michelle says in a tone that says I should be enjoying life more.

    “She’s the first person I’ve let this close in a long time Michelle, don’t ruin this for me.”

    “I just don’t understand it,”

    “She’s a home body. She just enjoys sex,”

    “Which you’re not giving her,” Michelle throws back at me.

    I put my coffee down and look at my friend.

    “When I’m ready I will take that step.”

    “Why is it all about you?”

    “Because of Logan,”

    She looks shocked I’ve said his name. since I’ve got to know Michelle three years ago, we got drunk and I told her everything but we hadn’t spoken about it sober.

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    1. Best line – “you’re taming Bette fucking Porter”

      I loved the last scene, Tina with Noah – how true that sometimes we adults can over-think too much; and a child with simple logic can make us see the way forward.

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