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    Chapter 4 – You Already Got a Plan B? [Repost]

    Kroll Design Group Offices

    Armed with a cup holder of the Planet’s finest specialty drinks and a winning smile, Bette swaggered her way into the creativity assembly that had yet to begin. Phyllis and Leonard were engaged in a conversation at the head of the table while the rest of their employees were still settling in their chairs in the conference room.

    Phyllis caught a whiff of Bette’s perfume and turned her head in search of her top executive.

    Setting down the cup holder in front of Leonard, she greeted her superiors.

    “Good afternoon, you two. I come bearing gifts.”

    Leonard eyed the neatly packaged beverage as a crooked smile graced his lips. “Bette, so nice of you to return to work,” Leonard said pleasantly, masking his annoyance at her tardiness. Taking a couple of sniffs in the air he looked up at Bette. “Is that a Pomegranate Blueberry special?”

    “Only the best for the best, Leonard.” Bette replied with a wink. She too spoke in a pleasant tone attempting to mask her contempt for the older man in a suit.

    Sensing the tension, Phyllis jumped in. “Why thank you so much, Bette, you really are too kind.”

    “Of course, Phyllis, you know how hard I’ve been working to get Marina to start advertising her business through us. It certainly helps our cause that we are faithful patrons.”

    “And how has all that coffee and tea drinking panned out for us so far, Bette?” Leonard inquired.

    “Commence the meeting Leonard and I’m sure you will be happy with what I have to report.”

    Wasting no time, Leonard looked around the room. “Okay people, let’s get this show on the road! Chop, chop now.”

    Bette took her seat next to Max, the company’s top graphic designer, and handed him a coffee and a scone.

    “Hey, thanks, Porter. Listen, the DigiPrint rep called on those flyers we ordered for the show. He said he emailed you a proof to review and approve.” Max whispered.

    “Oh good, so they haven’t printed any right?”

    “Not yet, why?”

    “We’re going to need them to make a few changes.”

    “Like what?”

    Just as Bette was about to explain to Max about the band losing the Roxy gig to another group, Leonard interrupted.

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