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    Chapter 40 – Margaret Miller (final chapter)

    Ten Years After – Volume 2 – The Move

    Chapter 40 – Margaret Miller (final chapter)

     The week began early on Monday morning.  Bette, Tina and Daniel decided to swim before breakfast to get their week started. Tina prepared the breakfast while Daniel and Bette were upstairs getting ready for school. Having more time to get to their destinations put everyone in a state of euphoria. Bette chose to take Angie’s car as she was afraid that it had not been driven enough. Tina was more than anxious to get back to her paintings.

    The week seemed calm and relaxing compared to prior weeks. Bette and Tina decided to work in the small study and get their financial records together in preparation for their Friday meeting and Daniel was using the desk in his room to keep up with his homework. Their routines were truly falling into place.

    On Wednesday, Bette had gone to the staff dining hall to have lunch. She was just finishing up when get got a call from Daniel.

    Daniel: Mom, can you come to the school. It’s Mrs. Miller. She is in some kind of trouble or something. A couple of policemen came and took her to her office. They then left and I can hear Mrs. Miller crying.  Can you come see if you can help? Oh mom, her crying is just terrible.

    Bette: I’ll be there in ten minutes. Are you at the administrative offices?

    Daniel:  Yeah, outside in the hall.

    Bette then got up and picked her stuff up and hurried out to the parking lot. On the way, she phoned Tina:

    Tina:  Hey Babe, what’s up.

    Bette: How soon can you get to Daniel’s school.  He just called rather upset. Something about Mrs. Miller and the police and she is now crying in her office. I have a class at 1:00 and I’m not sure I can get Dan calmed down before I have to leave. And if he needs to go home, well, I won’t be available until after 3.

    Tina: Well, sure I be there in about 45 minutes. Where will I meet you?

    Bette:  Administrative offices at Whittington. I need to hang up now. See you shortly.

    By the time Bette arrived, she too was somewhat distressed. She could not guess what on earth was going on.  All she knew was that Daniel was emotionally upset about the situation.

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    1. I am so excited that there will be more!!!!!
      I love the way you have presented this life of Tibette et al. I dont always need the drama and your presentation of their lives was perfect for me. Life is life and isn’t always about deep drama.
      I loved your version because you went into depth about relationships and what makes them successful. You also went into successful parenting.
      I’m so grateful for your writing and creativity with this Tibette story.
      Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

      I do look forward to part three!! Yay!

      • bumsue, I agree with your comment 100 percent. It is spot on. Martha, I apologize for not being able to give your story the attention it deserves. I am still dealing with major health issues. But know that I hope to get back in the swing of things soon and plan to post the rest of my story and read each and every word of your writing. Bumsue is right. I am really proud of you Martha. You did it girl! Billy

        • Billy,
          I do hope that you get your health issues under control and can get back to reading the stories and finish your story…. I appreciate your support and encouragement. Thank you…

          And when you do read the story, I hope you will give me a little feedback… Whether positive or not so positive… it is encouraging to know some people are actually reading this…

          Thank you for everything…

      • Bumsue – Thank you for your comments… When I started this story, it was because Gen Q completely upset me right off the bat by breaking up Bette and Tina and giving them a divorce… That is not who I saw Bette and Tina to be…. I saw that after TLW, they would go on and live out their life with some dignity and happiness and a devotion to their family. I was convinced that they would add another child to their family… so I added Daniel. They would pursue their careers for a period of time but at some point, they would see that careers are not the important thing in their lives – their relationships are. And as you will see, in the fall, they expand their relationships and their family. Daniel is going into adolescence and is the first boy in the family for a couple of generations. And this will present its own set of issues and problems. But the goal is still the same… to produce happy, well adjusted, adults from the children they have been entrusted to raise. Bette and Tina for me are two amazing people and it is not because of the way they were raised but what they have learned about life on the way to being the people they are. They haven’t dismissed their prior errors as meaningless… and they certainly have not forgotten those days where they screwed up with their choices… but they have found a way to learn from those days and to make the adjustments to live a happy and joyful life… and be the spouse, the parent, and the friend we all desire in our lives…

        Thank you for reading…. it means a lot…

    2. Your story was different – which in & of itself is not good nor bad. Like a family/movement biography, the ordinary who, what where, when, why of the creation of this group of friends/families resulted in a heartfelt creation of LOVE.


      • Annie

        If you will notice, I classified my story as “Slice of Life” and not drama, or romance or a comedy or whatever the other choices were. Yes, this is a slice of the life of Bette and Tina as I see them. You see life is full of choices, decision, challenges and hopefully good times. And we all do it one moment at a time. I wanted to present a Bette and Tina whose most important part of their life is their relationships – their relationships with their partner, their children, their family and their friends. I hope that I have shown two mature ladies who know what they want and work every day to achieve the happiness and the life they want to live. I wanted to show a Bette and Tina who are able to draw wisdom from the mistakes of the past and use that to make something more than suspicion, resentment, and doubt about their relationships. I wanted to show two women who could establish strong and a loving relationship without sacrificing themselves to be who they want to be. I’m not sure that I have achieved that… but I have tried. Thanks for reading and commenting….

    3. What a journey you have taken us on in this story!

      I so enjoyed the everyday life you’ve explored & how you presented Tibette as they matured & grew as a couple & enriched their lives & family.

      Brava to you!!

      Follow your dream & write what you believe & desire to have as part of your Tibette legacy.
      Thank you for your effort & all the time you devoted to this story.

      Best regards & looking forward to your next story that you share with us.

    4. Collins,

      Thank you for commenting… I know my story and style is not like most who are brave enough to present their work on this website. As I once told a friend, our writing very much represents who we are as people… it displays our values, our hopes, our dreams and sometimes our fears… For my Bette and Tina need to represent the best of life… the ability to solve their problems, to learn from their mistakes, not to get hung up on past misdeeds but to use those as springboards to something better and more worthwhile. I have so enjoyed writing this story… now that Volume 1 and Volume 2 have been published… there is another waiting. Bette has resolved that period of Mary’s absence from her life… she now will tackle her relationship with her father Melvin Porter. That will be addressed in Volume 3.

      At some point, I would love for you to read and comment on my one shot story The Conversion. It is an entirely different Bette and Tina. And as a prolific writer yourself, I welcome your thoughts….

      Thank you for reading and for commenting….

    5. SassyGran: I hope you are well… Thank you for commenting on my story. I appreciate it more than you know. I’ll start Volume 3 soon…. but I need a few days to get some other things done. I promise to post before the end of the month. Take care of yourself….

      Thanks for reading….

    6. Martha I apologize for not commenting sooner on your story. It takes a lot of courage to put a story out there, not knowing if it will be read or appreciated. Especially given the time it takes to write one. You clearly know this couple very well and are well versed on the complexities of their relationship and what drives them. You also read everything written on any site, commenting often. You are one of the most frequent commentators on my own stories so I feel bad I fell short of lettting you know how proud I am of you for this work. I am behind several chapters and have been traveling but plan on finding the time to sit with your story and give it the attention it deserves. Until I comment again, please know I am reading and clapping for you! all the best,

      • Thank for reading BK. Yes… it does take time to write these stories. But unlike most, I litterally write the entire story before publishing… That is why I took a long hiatus between publishing Volume 1 and Volume 2. I was writing Volume 2 and 3 during that time. Also have another story waiting in the wings to be published once I finish publishing Volume 3. I know my chapters are long and detailed… but I move my characters through their life and toward the next project, the next fun time quickly. I’m introducing new people into Bette and Tina’s life – Bette’s mom Mary and her sister Paris. Daniel now has a best friend and a female friend at school. Nothing in the way of a romantic attraction as Daniel is not even near that stage yet. The volume begins to show some of the problems parents face with children going through puberty… what to do and what information to give their child and trying to figure out when the right time is. Bette and Tina are preparing for this and they will be up to the task. Its a part of being a parent. They now have a house guest in Margaret Miller and Mary (Bette’s mom) is planning on moving in at least temporarily as early as November. Bette is once again a Professor in Arts Appreciation while Tina is finding that there are simply not enough hours in the day for her painting. Life is full for the Kennard Porter household. I particularly enjoy writing conversations between Bette and Tina. I want to show how important and valuable they each are to the other. They have been on this journey together for almost twenty five years. They have learned a few things about life on the way and now they are living the life they have chosen to have; complete with family, friends and love and each other.

        I do want to say that I enjoy your stories and I know you have publish more chapters than any of the writers currently publishing. And I know that it is difficult to keep publishing when you do not know if people are reading it or not. But in the end I write to please myself. And it does boost the writers ego if they know there are others enjoying it. But if not, well, what can I say. I admire your style and your efforts. And know, that as long as I am able I will always read what is published on this site. And I will certainly try to comment. Thanks for all you do for this site BK… I am applauding you as well.

        • Very kind, Martha. Thank you. I write my stories one chapter at a time before putting online so they don’t always take the direction I intended. RWYA is a perfect example. There was never a plan for the river to become part of the story. That just evolved as I wrote. I agree with you about writing to please oneself. That is huge! Keep writing Martha, the world needs every story!

    7. Hey Martha, have been mia for a few months and not enough time to read your chapters with my full attention. When i have more time i will certainly start to reread the first chapters again and then all the new ones.

    8. Bibi28 – Thank for commenting… I knew you read the first couple of chapters…. I hope this is something you will enjoy. Let me know what you think when you complete it.. Take care of yourself…

    9. I’m all in every story does not have to be full of angst and drama. I came to this fic late, but quickly caught up. I liked all the details of their lives but will continue to read however you choose to write this delightful fic. Iwas a little disappointed that it ended so abruptly, but now knowing you will continue this family’s life I am looking forward to reading more. PPS, one of many loyal leaders.

    10. OneStorm1 – Thankyou for your kind words.. I guess I do have a habit of ending a story rather abruptly. I have not figured out how to do a proper ending, or my stories would just go on and on forever. Sort of like real life.. there is always tomorrow and the day after, so what next? Yes, my story does continue for another volume. This will take us into the fall into the holiday celebrations and through the first of year. The emphasis is on those who live in the house. I have some ideas for future volumes, but they have not quite jelled yet. Thanks for reading… and I appreciate your comment… and I will post soon…

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