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    Chapter 52 – My Proverbial Lesbian Cherry

    The Neighbors’ House

    It was about 11 o’clock when the female Stouts finally tired of Rock Band. Alice got to sing a few songs from her chair with the help of the mic stand.

    As the girls locked up the house, ready to turn in for the evening, Tayo noticed that the silver BMW was still parked at Bette’s house. She smiled to herself before releasing Alice’s legs from their bound position. Shane reluctantly uncuffed her and handed them back to a smirking Carmen who knew that they would soon be re-cuffed to her own wrists.

    “Do not leave this house.” Shane said with a finger pointed in Alice’s direction.

    “Whatever, Shane. I always sleep in the studio with Tayo.”

    “Not tonight you aren’t.” the drummer retorted sternly.

    Carmen reached over and slipped her arm around Shane’s waist. “Baby, I think we can trust Alice not to disturb them tonight.” Shane’s incredulous look made Carmen lift up the cuffs with her index finger and swing them as if she was attempting to hypnotize the stalwart musician. “Besides, why should she be the only one who gets to have all the fun with these today?”

    “Relax your sphincter, Shaney. I’m not gonna harsh Porter’s game.” Alice said, wriggling both wrists and ankles. “I want those two to hook up just as much as you do. They have undeniable chemistry. Plus, it could be really good for the band.”

    “You really need to get it out of your head that we’re going to sign with Tina’s label, Alice. Bette and Tina should be together because it’s good for them, not because it’s good for us. Besides, it’s not happenin’. She’s never going to offer us a deal and Bette would never sign us with her anyway.”

    “You don’t know that, Shane.” Alice shot back.

    “Yes I do! If Tina comes to us with a contract, Bette will think that’s all she’s been after this whole time and won’t think twice about dropping her like a bad fucking habit! I told her if she wanted a real shot with Bette she needed to steer clear of any professional link to us.”

    Alice’s jaw dropped at Shane’s revelation while Tayo and Carmen sharply turned to look at the black haired woman.

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    1. Humm i feel like they had at least one more in them before sleeping. Perhaps they can get one in before Bette has to be at work… lol great chapter thank you.. and im sure Alice will spill the beans on what Shane just told them.

    2. Great writing. I am so glad that Alice was bound and gagged to keep her nosey assed self away from Bette’s house. I would never give her a spare key. Shane is smarter than anyone gives her credit for. I just hope Bette doesn’t get insecure about Tina as they both have great chemistry.

    3. Great scene for the gang. You really get Alice’s character! Not so easy for her to be generous or noble to a friend when she feels she’s sacrificing the next big step of her career.

      Tina can teach Bette a thing or two when it comes to teasing. Bad Tina pretending to only want a one night stand 😎

      Thanks for this week’s posting, MeLL. Always a pleasure to read this story.

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