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    Chapter 9

    I slip out of bed, trying not to wake Bette, I’ve looked at the clock and know it’s only 2.34am and I can’t be waking her. I go and check on Noah before I go downstairs and open the doors onto the roof top garden. I need air. I walk out and lean on the wall, looking at the city that surrounds me. The noise of it even this time of night. I touch my head the wounds inflicted on me by Logan. I thought that was all in my past but seeing him standing in Bette’s gallery four months ago had shaken me to the core. i decide to sit down and just enjoy the air. I sit looking up at the night sky. I never thought I’d be here. Not New York. Not in a relationship with a highly successful, well respected woman in the art world. I never thought I could be happy. Not truly happy.

    Let me explain Noah makes me happy. I’m proud of him. I love him deeply. He is my boy. But something has always been missing. I never really knew what that missing piece was until I meet Bette. I needed to be loved by someone.

    I need that warmth in my life. It had been missing and it wasn’t until I was in Bette’s arms that I found it.

    I love her, she’s changed my world. I’m managing to get more work done daily because of her help with Noah, even the little things she does make a difference. I’m one lucky woman. even being punched in a court room lobby.

    I close my eyes and feel myself slowly drifting off.

    “Ti,” I hear Bette’s sleep filled voice a while later. I open my eyes and the sun is starting to rise over the city.

    “Bette,” I turn my head and realise I’ve been sleep outside.

    “What are you doing out here?”

    “I woke and needed air I must have fallen asleep out here,”

    “You’ll catch your death babe,” Bette says as she sits next to me and takes my hand. I feel the warmth of her body.

    “I’m sorry,”

    “You don’t have to be sorry,” I see a look in her eyes. It’s a heart break that I think I’ve done something wrong. “I wish you’d wake me when you’re having bad moments,”

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    1. Great chapter!

      It’s true that people who has a trauma like Tina to have a safe place where they can go to. Bette is so in touch with Tina, knowing what she needs.

      Noah, seeing Bette as his mother too and they are going to make it happen so it’s legal too.

      Helena Peabody, can’t get rid of her, hope she backs of.

      I love this story!

    2. I just re-read this from page 1 of chapter 1. I wasn’t giving Tina’s trauma and lasting impact to her mental stability enough validation.

      Thanks for writing this story. I look forward to the processes of Tina’s and Bette’s growth!

    3. Wonderful chapter, I’m glad Bette is getting information to help Tina through the traumatic situation she is going through. I hope Helena is not the bitch she usually is in these fics. Post more soon please.

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