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    Chapter 9 – Tinseltown Holiday – Part 3

    Chapter 9 – Tinseltown Holiday – Part 3

    Angie might have been growing up but Christmas morning still meant presents the moment the first rays of sunlight lit up her room. The morning had been a lot of fun. She had gotten Buddy to bite Shane’s toes and drag her out of bed. Daisy contributed by licking Shane’s bewildered face. Bette took care of the dogs and fixed some hot chocolate and a plate of Christmas cookies. Angie knew there would be gift exchanges throughout the day but she was more than ready to get the show on the road.

    Wanting to reinforce her daughter’s love of astrophysics, Bette and had gotten Angie a Celestron NexStar telescope. Their back yard and neighborhood offered a great celestial view and Angie would be able to study deep-sky targets including galaxies, nebulas, the craters of the moon, and planets of the solar system, or the “faint fuzzies” as she called them. Angie was thrilled. The gift had been a major success. Shane had gotten Angie a special edition Nintendo Switch, four controls, and two popular games that had been recommended by the sales clerk. Shane said it was a win-win gift for all of them. Angie and Bette and Shane were all speechless when they opened their joint gift from Maya: four tickets for the Janet Jackson and her Black Diamond Tour at the Staple Center. Shane loved the black Theory sunyata silk button up shirt from Angie that had been selected with her mother’s help. Bette had gotten Shane a one-year membership for boxing, kick boxing, and cardio classes at BoxUnion, one of the best women’s establishments in Los Angeles. Shane’s present for Bette? Apple AirPods for her daily walks and runs. Shane had gotten the same for Maya and Tina and Alice.

    Bette loved her Picasso desk calendar and the hand carved ornament stocking stuffer which she immediately added to the tree. She told Angie there was a second gift for her but that they were waiting until her Mama Tee had arrived. The group Face Timed with Maya and teased her about what they were going to do with the fourth concert ticket. Bette called James and Julie. Angie would call Sally and Kate and Sam with her Mama Tee and Aunt Helena and Aunt Dylan and Jang Yin and Wilson while she was at her Grandma Peggy’s. Soon enough Bette and Angie and Shane all headed out with plans to regroup back at the house by early afternoon.

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    1. Hey Billy,

      Sorry to hear you Omnicron paid a visit to you. I hope you and your family are recovered?

      I am glad you put a warning in your authors note. I love your story but will skip the part with Tina and Carrie in bed together. If you felt it was necessary for the story you are right to write about it.

      Have to work but will try to read it tonight or at the latest Saturday.

      • Bibi,

        We are all almost over it. Even my 18 month grandson tested positive. My second bout with COVID. Thanks for asking. Hope you are all safe.

        There is so much more to the story than that section. I hope you will consider reading the entire chapter. Thank you for the feedback.


    2. There is absolutely so much to say about this chapter. This trip for Tina to Los Angeles is a revelation for her that she has sorely needed. Life has gone on for her friends, for Bette and Angie and for her as well. Tina has a window into Christmas present into the lives of her friends and family which could have been hers if she had made different choices. She also gets a view of Christmas future and what her life with Carrie will be like unless she makes some significant decisions. The unfortunate part for Tina is that all of this is not the result of a ghost driven dream, but the reality of her life as she is living this Christmas holiday. Tina current life and future course are the result of her own decisions and choices. And as her constant mentor Peggy advises, not a path which will bring her joy and happiness.

      I do have to comment on the sex scene that was warned about in the author’s notes. This scene is written pretty much as I imagined such a scene would play out. As a well-aged adult, I can truthfully say that every sexual experience I have indulge in has not be necessarily desired, fulfilling, gratifying or satisfying. And I have been a coward in that I have indulged out of some sense of duty or guilt or obligation rather than desire even when I knew I had rather not. I think every human being has this “go along to get along part” of us. And Tina is as controversy averse as they come and so this is the result. Fortunately, it gives Tina some backbone to consider and make some choices. This is not the life she wants. All I can say is that I have the deepest respect for the author to have the courage to put this into this story. This is Tina’s future unless she makes some changes in her life, and nothing can make that more evident than going through an evening like this with Carrie.

      Spoiler alert – In the end of the chapter, Tina and Carrie break up. It is a good a break up as could be devised for these two. Tina is doing this without any advice, counsel or even knowledge from Bette. She is making this move for her own well-being even though we all know that she deeply desires to be back with Bette. Bette has done nothing one way or another to influence Tina’s decision or her relationship with Carrie whatsoever. And for that matter, nor has any other character in the story. No one has had any disparaging remarks about Carrie except to say that she was quirky. Okay, so who isn’t quirky? All of Tina’s friends and chosen family have done what they could to be supportive of Tina in her choice of Carrie. Carrie has been received by the group with respect and maybe with a little curiosity. But Carrie is absolutely right. The question of the day will always be why Carrie? And now, as the chapter ends, no it’s not going to be a Carrie.

      In the section which Tina goes back to the old house and sees the garden she planted, the loving things that Bette provided her to have the life she desired brought on strong emotions. How did Tina simply put those thoughts out of her mind and simply walk away from this woman? I was shattered from this visit with the Petersons and the Fitzgeralds. This is not a Bette who is self-centered or self-indulgent, but one who gives of her time, her talents and her resources to those she loves and cares about. And Tina knows this.

      The talk that Bette has with Angie in which she tries to convey to Angie that her and Tina’s relationship is going to be different with Tina’s marriage is heart breaking. But not one place does Bette say to Angie a disparaging word about Tina or Carrie. I particularly like that Bette says that you don’t have to love Carrie or even like Carrie, but you have to respect that Carrie is Tina’s choice.

      I really do like this story. Its’ very three dimensional for me. The characters are multidimensional and are complex. And like most humans, their decisions and their processing of life takes time and is not instantaneous. Tina like most of us is taking a journey here. She is still the super producer of an award-winning series. She still lives 2000 miles away from Bette and Angie for most of the year. She and Bette are still very much ex-wives and co-parents of Angie and their relationship has not changed. They have seen each other more since Thanksgiving than they have in almost three years. Tina has a lot of soul searching to do. I do not see this as an easy journey for Tina. Whatever drove Tina out the door still exist. The conditions all remain the same except for now, Carrie is no longer a factor. Angie has about 18 months left of high school and then she is off to college. And Bette is moving on with her career and her life. I look forward to see what happens now. I love this story…. Look forward to future installments.

      Thank you for this chapter….

    3. Martha,

      Thank you so very much for this comment. You totally do understand where I am coming from. You have hit on so many of the points I was trying to get across. Although Tina and Carrie are broken up it changes nothing. Peggy’s advice is huge. Tina needs to figure out who she is. And she will. I definitely wanted Carrie to be treated well by the group and for the breakup to be about incompatibility. Including their sex life was essential in showing that this extended into the bedroom. And Tina’s inability to keep Bette out of her thoughts. I would love to talk to you about this chapter. Message me and maybe we can arrange that.

      A storm was brewing between the two in more ways than one. In my original draft Tina and Carrie remained together until June. Tina put off the breakup as long as possible. I needed to end it. Tina’s eyes are opened in many ways and it was definitely time. So what happens now is an ongoing question asked by Tina. What’s next? Making her way back to Bette will be a process she cannot rush. But Bette is not going anywhere!!

      I read an excellent fanfiction called “A Choice Is Made.” In that story Tina had sex with Josh Becker. Not pleasant reading. But the author was trying to show just how confused Tina had gotten. I’ve always remembered that. Saying – Tina is unhappy is not the same as allowing the readers to experience Tina’s unhappiness for themselves – as uncomfortable as that might be.

      It means a lot to have your support. I thought about not posting this chapter or doing a major revision. But I went with my gut. There is so much more in those 50 pages that a brief and somewhat pathetic and sad sexual encounter.,I agree that no one wants to picture it but that’s all the more reason why it needed to be addressed. It’s yucky! So create a visceral reaction. And as you so bravely point out, not all sexual experiences are satisfying. Not by a long shot.

      I am so so so happy that you reacted the way you did to Tina going back to WeHo. That was written 13 months ago and remains a favorite section. I hope the poker scene and Peggy and some other sections do not get lost in the length of the chapter. Probably the most important point is one you picked up on. Tina is 2,000 mikes away. Bette is going to be traveling. How can they work on anything when they are not in the same continent? Again – so what happens now? Message me and we can discuss.


    4. B

      Having Tina go back to the old house/neighborhood is so significant. She is in full regret mode for many reasons and going back to a place where things were working between she and Bette is poignant. Everything is speaking to her, the flowers the house and the neighbors. Tina is lost and going back to where she was grounded is a good place to start looking at what happened with herself. She truly needs to figure out what is going on with herself before she can even take a small step towards Bette.

      Bravo my friend. Can’t wait for the next installment.


      • Hey SK,

        I loved writing that section. This story was written entirely out of order. That should come as no surprise. If fact that was the first section I wrote. I based going forward with the story on this section and have waited a long time to bring it to fruition. Tina is beyond lost. And she essentially lives 2000 miles away. It’s going to take a lot of time and work to find her way back to Bette.

        Thank you so much for your continued support. It means more than you know. Be safe my friend! B

      • SuperK,
        Oh how I love your observation that everything is speaking to Tina!!! What’s more, I love that Mary and her children were so sweet.

        The Fitzgeralds may have done more to heal Tina w/ their unconditional love & joy at seeing T once again. Found it interesting that they didnt ask why she wasn’t with Bette. They only revealed how selflessly Bette was in helping others.

    5. I’m so proud of you for overcoming your disappointment about a certain comment !

      For me each of your chapters is so realistic and very sought, you must be exhausted after writing it, it’s so good and your ideas are so clear and so precise! WOW…

      I really admire the way you presented the scene of Tina and Carrie in bed. Nobody obviously wants to think about it but hey it’s a relationship and as toxic as it is, it remains one and so it would have been abnormal not to refer to it (but it was still hard to read).

      The fact that Carrie was well received by everyone in LA was a surprise but a good surprise, maturity in all its glory (and even from Alice !)

      The visit to the WeHo’s old home was so sad and nostalgic but somehow necessary for Tina to find the courage for what awaited her in Toronto.

      Everyone can say what they want about Carrie, but she handled the breakup like a boss. Hats off …

      Already looking forward to next chapter.

      • Hi izzie,

        Thank you for bringing a smile to this tired face. I imagine all authors feel the same. You post a chapter and then you wait. And you wait. Like waiting for the birth of a baby. You pace and fret and worry. It is exhausting and with this chapter in particular I second guessed a lot including the Carrie Tina sex scene. And moving up the breakup several chapters which meant some major rewriting. I needed to show without a shadow of a doubt the level of dysfunction. There could be no doubt they were a mistake. Tina needed to make that break cleanly and definitively and she needed to do it much sooner than I originally planned. And still she dragged her feet a bit.

        When I set out to try to deal with season one my first fixed point of reference was how much Bette loved Tina. That reality never ever fluctuates in any way. The tricky part is Tina needs to work on Tina, understand herself and why she left, before she can even begin to outwardly voice to Bette any of what is taking place in her head. It’s just not fair to put that on Bette right now. But… Bette also believes she must attempt to formulate a life and future that does not include Tina. And she is. Still, even though they have already been apart quite a while, any finality with Tina still seems like a complete impossibility to her. Only Peggy and now Angie know that. Another absolute is that Bette, while hurt and confused and scared out of her mind, never ever walks away from Tina.

        My Carrie is based on there being a character named Carrie and ROD playing her. That’s all that was known. Keeping those images of season 2 obnoxious Carrie out of my head was really hard. Especially when I decided to move up the breakup. I did not want Carrie to be disliked which was hard to do. I just wanted her to be not right for Tina. That everyone was so welcoming made the breakup easier as Tina was being stubborn and prideful in her attitude that she would not leave Carrie just to please her friends. Seeing Peggy and Shane and Maya and others welcome Carrie was a total surprise to Tina. I never expected season 2 Carrie to be presented as such an unlikeable character. That surprised me.

        I try to write each chapter as a self contained story of sorts with a clear beginning middle and end. Tina carries the question what happens now with her as a common thread through upcoming chapters for a very long time.

        I really appreciate your support and comment more than you can know. Thank you my friend. Stay safe and warm. B

    6. Hi Billy,

      It took me a few hours but wow you have blown me away with this chapter!!!

      There was so much happening, icluding the scene i most dreaded to read but i have read it, all of it. It made me feel so sad and made me smile a bit reading that scène between them. Now that I’ve read the story, I realize that this really belonged in it. It shows how Tina’s and Carrie’s relationship is a total mismatch and for Tina this is the final eye opener. Carrie tried so hard to please Tina physically and knew they were not connected in that area but tried everything. The green dildo with a bow around it and the two types of lube and Tina’s reaction, that’s what made me laugh although it was actually sad too.

      I especially liked that you wrote most of this chapter from Tina’s perspective, her emotions, her feelings of regret, her pain and most importantly why she closed the door without considering Bette’s feelings but is busy not hurting Carrie’s feelings, but that’s probably also why she was so indecisive to end her relationship, a misguided feeling that she couldn’t do it to Carrie. In the end, it was Carrie herself who gave Tina the intent to free them both from a relationship that didn’t fulfill them. Carrie, it’s so hard not to like her sometimes, she’s so different from the others but her heart is in the right place.

      Peggy, I am such a big fan of hers, a wonderful woman with a big heart who loves her family unconditionally and so full of valuable advice for both Bette and Tina. The way she appealed to Shane, Alice and Helena not to interfere with Tina and Carrie’s relationship, well done! And of course the wise words she spoke to Tina.

      Tina and her journey back to where it all began, their home in LA, the best times and the hard times they’ve had but the best memories remain in the end. So beautifully written and how you show Tina that Bette is so much more than what she thought or remembered, a fantastic warm, loving woman with her heart in the right place.

      Tina will now have to find herself, dig deep into why she’s doing what she’s done so many times, running away from the love of her life Bette. What is it that makes her unhappy and how she can find happiness again. She has a lot to do and figure out and work on herself but we know she will come out stronger and that Bette is always there for her, ready to hold the love of her life in her arms.
      Distance between the two of them is probably the best thing for Tina right now, to work on herself. I’m curious when she will let Angie, Bette and her friends know that the relationship between her and Carrie has ended.

      The relationship between Bette and Angie, mother and daughter is so strong, they have an unbreakable bond. Bette treats Angie as the almost grown-up she is and what the responsibilities that come with it. They may both disagree with Tina’s relationship, but Bette asks Angie to treat Carrie with respect. A very well written conversation.!!!

      I truly enjoyed reading this chapter, i hope you are able to post soon again!

      Take care of yourself and your family!

      • Bibi,

        Your comment has blown me away. I am thrilled that you read the entire chapter. Thank you for that. Can I just say that your faith in me and this story means the world to me. You really hit the nail on the head: who will Tina tell and when will she do it? How will Angie react? How will Bette react? Will Tina even tell Bette? Tina definitely needs time to process. And time to work on herself. Bette will wait. Bette will always wait.

        Peggy is probably my favorite character to write. She is integral to the story. Never passes judgement. But offers her PP sage wisdom. Regarding Carrie, I never wanted her to come off as completely unlikeable. Just not for Tina. Not for Tina in any way. I am stunned at how badly Gen Q depicted her. The “scene” was essential in showing just how incompatible they were and how fixated Tina remains on Bette. And how desperate Carrie had become. Time and distance. That’s what is needed right now.

        As always, I appreciate your continued support and candid feedback. And yes, the chapter definitely needed a lot of Tina’s perspective. So many unanswered questions. Take care and be safe. B

          • Bibi,
            Well, I suspect you had faith when I didn’t. Your opinion matters a great deal. As does that of the other readers. You think you know…but then you don’t. And then…if you’re lucky…you do. Thanks again!!!

        • Iz,
          I guess the C-T “love” scene didnt rub me the wrong way bc it really showed the emptiness in “going thru the motions”. And from what we’ve been told, Tina’s heart & passion was not released in a sexual way with Carrie.

          Seems like forcing this relationship really messed up what really could have been a fun friendship.

        • Billy,
          Was thinking about the stark contrast btwn Bette-Maya vs Tina-Carrie and the fact that Bette was honest from the jump in letting Maya know that she was grateful for her caring/intense friendship but it needed to remain as such.

          While Tina let what could be an energetic/humorous sisterhood disintegrate into heartbreak.

            • I just think Bette is more “practiced” at recognizing what she wants in life. From day 1 she recognized Tina as her soulmate and committed her heart TO Tina.

              Bette has learned that being “in control of EVERY outcome” is NOT reality. Other people make choices that affects life-outcomes.

              • Excellent insight into both Bette and Tina. For Bette part of her continued heartbreak is that Tina broke their marriage vow: until death do they part. It was an absolute to Bette. Tina owned her heart. Forever. Still does. And she never thought Tina would leave her. She never saw that coming. For Bette it was out of the realm of possibility. As you say… She could not control that outcome.

    7. So I had to take a minute or three as they say down here for this was quite a chapter. You already have some readers do an excellent job on the analysis above so I won’t retell the story here.

      We all know what Tina needs to do. We all see the proverbial writing on the wall, the sign in the sky, the very direction her heart beats. But like any good story she will have to find her way. And she is. Plodding, careful, scared shitless, hesitant… Tina is finding her way. It may not be the most direct route but where’s the fun in that?
      You ever open one of those 500 piece puzzles, dump it on the coffee table next to your glass of wine and go… well damn now what?
      I think that is Tina Kennard at this junction.
      She has to see that Bette, Angie and their friends have moved on.
      She has to see that the old house has now embraced new life, new stories.
      She has to see that her lover is not compatible, not even in the same zip code, ball park, spreadsheet.
      And perhaps, most importantly… she has to see that Bette has – or is trying to – move on.

      And yet…
      is that enough?
      Her heart knows what it wants, her body too. But I think she also needs to know that Bette will never walk away, not fully. That Peggy still loves her, that Shane and Alice and the rest of the crew will still be there. Angie too.

      I imagine it took a lot for Tina to walk away. A helluva lot. And you don’t get better in the place that made you sick. So she made some decisions, hard ones, and she walked away and then things got away from her. And now she needs to see that she will be welcomed back. The love is there. There is no question about that. And the courage she will need to come back….the insight, the fortitude… but she can and I believe she will.
      Tina is a complex, conflicting character. Everyone talks about how strong Bette is, how complicated. But I always thought it was Tina who had the layers, the onion so to speak. And you are taking the time to show us each layer as it is peeled off, how each will become what the other needed. They will have to earn this relationship, no doubt about that.
      Hope to see more soon. Adios Carrie. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

      • The 500 piece puzzle is a very apt analogy. And unfortunately, Gen Q Season One threw away the box. Without a cover picture to attempt to formulate any kind of understanding or motivation on Tina’s part, we are left with a few oddly shaped pieces: Tina needed to find herself. She was young when she met Bette. She felt half a person. That’s it. And Bette? Bette knows nothing. Angie knows nothing. How to assemble anything coherent with that? With nothing else to the contrary, as far as everyone in the story knows, including Bette, Tina was happy in New York City. Everything I have written so far reinforces that they were all quite settled in New York City. So why did Tina run? Why did she she divorce Bette? Leave Angie? Why did she get involved with Carrie? All questions that need to be answered.

        As of right now there is no Bette and Tina – the couple. They are amicable co parents. Bette is preparing for a major project with lots of travel involved. Tina lives and works in Toronto. Tina needs time to do exactly what Peggy advised – get to know Tina. Try to figure out why. And Bette? For her part? Bette may be trying to move on but part of her will always be drawn to Tina. Ironically in part because Tina has never told her word one as to why she left her. Other than Gen Q Tina who lectured that Bette was able to give Angie space and could not do the same for her. Which Bette took exception to. So what do we do with that?

        Putting this puzzle together will take a lot of time. Without the box, what is it supposed to look like? What will it look like? Other than Bette and Tina finding their way back together, there is next to nothing to work with. And Tina as onion is very appropriate. Yes, there are quite a few layers to get through. Tina may know what she wants but does she even know why? Why does she still love Bette? And if she has so many good memories why did she ever leave? And now? Tina is going to be going through a very low time. She is at a loss. Humiliated. Embarrassed. Defensive. Confused. She needs to face the truth. And if she cannot be honest with herself she cannot be honest with others….and that is going to take a lot of reflection. Like you wrote, lots of layers to peel away. And what does Bette do with all of this? She is in a very good and positive place. How to ever reconcile all of these pieces?

        Thanks so much for the two analogies. Both provide excellent illustrations of Tina in this story. As always, I appreciate your thoughtful feedback and support. Be safe. Looking forward to BB and RWYA. B

    8. Billy,
      This story flows like sweet, melted chocolate! Oh I love the way your writing flows. It makes sense. The characters have personality. I love how U’ve brought nw characters into the family. There’s truthfulness free of condemnation.

      For example, Carrie K N O W I N G that she could not break up with Tina and she was courageous in INSISTING that Tina would have to say the words: “I can’t marry you, Carrie . . . I’m not in love with you . . . I’m in love with Bette”.

      Now Tina needs to TELL Bette that she has broken up with Carrie. See if Bette will give her time to seek professional help and bare her soul to find out why she is who she is.

      Truly looking forward to our trip to the unknown with your masterpiece. What say you dear Billy?

      • Thank you thank you thank you thank you. I needed to read this today. Oh, did I thank you? You do have an incredible understanding of her story. It’s important to me that there are no villains in this story. Life is complicated. Telling Bette? That’s exactly what Tina wants to do. Really appreciate your reply.

        • I too like there are no Deplorables in the story. Just peeps with every sort of personality.

          Although U might be able to scare the shytt out of Tina with the reminder of the 6wks Maya & Bette will be collaborating on a pre-planned project. Tina may have to stew in her “man I F’d up soup” at least until she discovers that Bette has set boundaries and she and Maya are just dear friends.


    9. Please forgive as my comments seem to be coming in spurts with this story and the comments by readers AND the Author.

      I’m not sure I have proof, but as I think about Tina, I wonder if she is one of “the beautiful people” (Carrie’s words) that has always struggled with her beauty, whether it be outward beauty or internal. More than once I beliveitwas mentioned that Tina’s ego was stroked when people hit on her right?

      • Of course this is just my opinion but I suspect that although Bette sees all of Tina, sees into her very soul, those eyes looking at Tina do totally feed her ego. In the original series you can see the look on Tina’s face. She loves the way Bette looks at her. And yes, Carrie most definitely would consider her one of the beautiful people. So I can tap into all of that. I was talking with a friend last night about the next chapter and how hard it is to keep focused and remember that I know nothing about season 2. No one has met Carrie. But yes, the Carrie in my story absolutely fed Tina’s ego which is the primary reason they were together. This is one of the lessons Tina needs to learn. When Bette looks at her she sees so much more than external beauty. And Bette has also always been very proud of Tina’s accomplishments. For certain, Tina’s ego is at the root of a lot of her issues.

        • Agree that Bette has been able to see into Tina’s soul and I believe it is bc she STUDIES Tina with laser focus.

          There’s NO “faking” orgasms when they join bc Bette KNOWS Tina’s physical & emotional responses to her words & touch. And she’s willing to be vulnerable to the same from Tina.

          Tina has “forgotten” that Bette is NOT High Maintenance like Carrie, THO I DO believe she wants to hear & feel that she is wanted . . . . Needed by Tina, whatever her faults & insecurities.

          Tina has taken too many liberties in deflating Bette’s spirit NOT realizing how truly Bette has CHOSEN her and is like the swan that mates for life.

          I like the fact that in your story Tina will now have to pursue Bette in ways that speak her (Bette’s) love language. It will be fun to see the ways she will surprise Bette with the little intimacies that reveal (eventually) a growth that puts her partner priorities as ESSENTIAL.

    10. Hi Billy

      I feel embarrassed to be catching up on my reading so late in the day, but here we are…

      Cherry cola and juices??? Did you HAVE to do that?! I (used to) love cherry cola! Off the menu from now on, lol

      I love that you ended with an allusion to Tina as a lesbian 21st century Scarlett O’Hara, thinking about it tomorrow. Scarlett was another woman who never knew a good thing when it was staring her in the face, grass always greener etc.

      I echo Martha’s respect for the sex scene – kudos to you for that. And it revealed so much to Tina. Really served the story and the character. Not an easy read but well done! A true scene from a writer’s writer.

      Agree with all the comments that it was important to make Tina come to her senses by herself, to realise that she has to make changes in her thinking as well as her circs. True change comes no other way than from inside a person who knows they can’t go on as they are.

      A 500-piece puzzle with no box…. IS PERFECT. Thank you to you and BK for that analogy. *chef’s kiss*

      Last of all, I really love you pondering why does Tina still love Bette. This is such a good question for any ff writer. I will think about this too.

      I hope you will post again, my friend. I enjoy your writing so much – as do so many here, as you can see from the comments. Meanwhile, stay well.


    11. Billy,
      Oh my gosh… your story is one of the best I’ve read in a while. I agree with what has been said so far by the other readers.
      You are so insightful with all of the characters and their ways of being in the world. I’ve always lived the relationship between Bette and Tina for the incredible energies that flow between them.
      The way you presented each character in your stories, to me was perfet in how you created and developed them upto the current chapter. What I’ve enjoyed most was the psychological aspect of each characters way of looking at their world and dealing with it.
      To me Bette was and is always an amazing woman with such a generous heart and compassionate for others. She’s not perfect but yet she is in how she works to improve herself.
      Her priorities in her life have come to that wonderful place where her relationships are most vital, her work is still important but in second place. Her parenting skills are incredible in that you see what an amazing young woman Angie is becoming.
      As hard as it was to share space with Tina, Bette was cordial, loving and respectful even though she was dying inside emotionally.
      You wrote Tina so well. For her way of being, ( using Helen’s phrase) what begins in chaos end in chaos. That’s Tina’s life. She has trauma from her early life that she’s never dealt with that we know of. It’s an anchor to her past that now holds her back from her true happiness. That’s my take on it.
      Working in the industry that she does has afforded her avoidance and escape from looking at her truth, her authentic self. The anchor to something in her past has won and Tina can’t avoid it any longer.
      How you wrote Carrie was how i also saw her. Your story was the best interpretation I’ve read of Tina and Carrie’s relationship and the why and wherefores.

      Kudos to you!!!+

      That’s just my take. You are a brilliant writer and i hope we can have another chapter soon. I have stayed up to the wee hours in the mobecause i couldn’t put your story down. I enjoyed the discussion above from the other readers who are aldo very insightful.

      • That you so very much. I have had major health issues for the past year but hope to be able to post again soon. I do plan to continue. Fingers crossed. Thanks again for the support. Billy

    12. For anyone who may see this I have had serious health problems this past year. The story was essentially written after Carrie was introduced and my plan remains to post very soon. The comments have literally blown me away. I appreciate the kind feedback. Hang in there with me and I hope to begin posting again soon. Billy

      • So sorry to hear that you have serious health problem last year.. hope you are getting better this year…

        I really enjoy your story.. and frankly, your story is the only story that I would love to see Bette ending with other than Tina, cos in my opinion Maya is way better for Bette… don’t get it wrong… I love Tina.. but this Tina is too confusing, too contradictive, too ignorance, etc

        I think… Tina always knows Bette will never stop loving her, that’s why she always takes Bette for granted. she knows anytime she felt tired of her adventurous journey she could always come back to Bette, and Bette will always take her back with an open hands…I want to see for once, Bette has her dignity and say to Tina ” Sorry the ship has sail” (I Know… mean me……hahahahaha…. it’s just I feel the hurt for Bette for being treated so unfair by the love of her life) , I don’t know.. perhaps you could make me feel pity for Tina and bless them to be together again…hehehehehe….

        anyway….I wish you well and healthy.. and don’t forget to update again after you gain your health back.. ^_^

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