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    Choose Me—Chapter 3

    Bette’s POV

    The pounding in my head is all the reminder I need that I shouldn’t ever drink again.  Not to mention I have to start training soon for the new EuroLeague season and I will fly to Russia in a month.  I am such an idiot for slamming those damn shots back to back like I did but I wanted to numb my heartache and now I’m paying for it.  I rub my face with my left hand and open an my left eye and try to focus.  I see that I’m in my room.  I guess Laura got me home because I don’t remember anything after that 5th shot.

    I finally get the other eye open and blink a few times to clear the blurriness.  Sad to say I’m no longer numb.  My heart is aching again but it won’t do me any good to succumb to it.  I will have to move on.  I can’t stay here while I’m still in love with her and watch her share her life with someone else. I need to get over her somehow.  Maybe moving to Russia full time wouldn’t be a bad thing.  I do like it there and maybe my feelings will subside in time if I make a complete break from her.  I really don’t know of any other way

    I finally sit up and swing my feet on the side of the bed. I shift my gaze to my nightstand and see my purse and grab it and pull out my phone.  I see I had numerous calls and messages from Tina.  I shake my head.  I can’t deal with her right now.  I also see Laura has called me this morning.  I don’t know why she didn’t just stay here last night.  She usually does when it’s late and we have been out together…..Weird.  I shrug as I call her back to let her know I’m alive.

    She picks up on the first ring.  Damn..Was she just sitting there staring at the phone waiting.

    “Bette!..You’re alive!”

    “Barely…But yeah.  I am…..except for this pounding headache”

    “Well I’ve been worried about you since you left the bar last night” she says like she wasn’t with me all night

    I furrow my brows “What do you mean when I left?…You were with me weren’t you?”

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