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    Day 12 and… two letters…

    I never knew you bought the turkey frozen. It’s defrosting in the sink, a whooping fifteen pounds that I have no idea what to do with. It’s really heavy. I realize now how blissfully unaware I was of what exactly went into a Thanksgiving meal. You always made it look so easy, food appeared right on schedule, hot and delicious. Just like you. Everyone is coming and it is a little overwhelming honestly. There will be a seat for you. When I told Kit this she gave me That Look. That Time to Move On Look. I don’t like that look. And can we talk about the group texts? I cannot. That was always your forte. I put my phone down for ten minutes and when I pick it back up there are 63 messages in one thread! Why? I don’t care what time people come, they can bring what they want, no I don’t need anything. Except you. I need you. Come home, Tee. It’s time.


    Bette groaned, sitting up to put her head in her hands, running her hands through her unruly hair. Tina sat up next to her, rubbed her back.

    “What was in that eggnog, Babe?” Bette asked quietly, squinting at the sunlight coming through the blinds.

    “The usual, Honey. You were right there when I made it. Add more rum, you said… drink some water. I’ll get you some coffee and more aspirin.”

    “It’s not too bad, it’s more my stomach… come here…” Bette laid back down, pulling Tina with her to lay with her head on Tina’s chest, her hand going under the skimpy t-shirt to roam over the flat belly then higher to cup a breast. “You feel good, Tee. I think I’ll be better once I eat and shower.”

    “It’s Christmas Eve, Sweet Stuff. Just you and me…”

    Bette lifted her head for a second, dazzling Tina with a smile, then rested it on Tina’s shoulder, giving her hand more room to move around under Tina’s shirt. Tina kissed her forehead.

    “I think we should go for a walk. Then watch some cheesy Lifetime movie where the city girl goes to Vermont to settle her grandmother’s estate and then meets the carpenter and falls in love…”

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    1. Marry me, Tina. Marry me tomorrow or in three months or in a year. But marry me. Be my wife. You already are my best friend, my lover, my world. Now be my wife. I love you with everything I am.”

      The best Christmas present ever!!! Will write more later but please know that your 12 days of Christmas story is such a blessing at a time when we all need to be uplifted. We all need that hope and love and simple caring. For fans of Bette and Tina this story is sure to be brought out and read yearly, a true Christmas TiBette classic. A Valentine’s Day check in would be the icing on the cake.

      My favorite passage: “It was a slow burner kiss, a kiss that promised more, a kiss that said I see you, I love you, I need you. A kiss that simmered and dawdled, like a slow walk through a rainy forest. Her eyes opened to look at Tina, to study her as her hands moved over her back, then her mouth resumed it’s exploration of the waiting mouth, soft and sweet.” Perfection.

      I also love that they talk about the letters. And Bette’s final letter regarding the frozen turkey – essentially her gaining an appreciation for the seemingly effortless way Tina has always made their house a home. I will miss the letters. So very real and authentic. And so glad they both knew in their hearts that they wanted to make it work – to fight for each other. And they are putting in the work now by talking and talking and talking. My heart is full. Thank you, BK.

    2. Sigh! Thank you so much, BK. A proposal for the finale! Couldn’t get any better.

      There is not much I can add to Billy’s comment, can I?
      Well, I have to mention one of my favourite moments of this chapter. Tina’s letter. It was so sweet. So emotional and to the point, I was tearing up as well. To read that she wanted to return earlier than Thanksgiving because she was worried about Bette and then her anger and desperation that she couldn’t go because of work. Just great.

      I loved their day. Slowly, getting the party from the night before out of their system, tender with a lot of touching and simply being near each other – even while preparing dinner.
      I share Tina’s sentiment on their renewed relationship: “And she would take this relationship over the one they had, ten times over.” Yes, that’s how Tina and Bette should be as a couple. They shed their old-relationship skin and now shine more confident, sure in their love for each other, friends and equal partners, know about the importance to talk to each other, accept the quirks of the partner and support one another.
      Love love love love it.

      Thanks for sharing this gem, BK. Have a wonderful Christmas, enjoy some special moments with your family and stay safe and sound.

      Merry Christmas!


      • I love that line as well. They really are better. Not that it is a good thing that this happened. But wow they are connected. They shed their old relationship skin – very profound!!!

      • Kiwi,
        I like that they both seemed to have a deep revelation that they were NOT trying to pour new wine into old wineskins . . . Lest the vessels burst and the contents be spilled.

        New persons were willfully developed, and thus, they could hold this new wine of L O V E . . . Without breaking the containers

      • KIWI of all Kiwis
        I loved their day too. Lets take of the hangover then read the final letter together, then snuggle and nap. I mean… what else could they ask for? And you hit the nail on the head – the new relationship is the end goal, pure and stable and long lasting. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for being one of the loyal readers of this little tribe. ‘Merry Christmas., hope you get some time to unplug and relax

    3. I don’t think I can add anything more to this story…. a beautiful story from pain to resolution…. the bond that will not fail…. the love that will not end….. Merry Christmas

      Thank you for this story….

    4. Hi BK,

      What can i add to Billy’s, kiwipit’s and Martha’s comment?!

      This was a brilliant story with the end we wanted, a fully reconnected Bette and Tina, on every level, ready to move forward and let the past be the past.

      Thank you so much for this incredible story!

      I wish you a beautiful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    5. Tee,
      “I never knew you bought the turkey frozen.” “You always made it look so easy, food appeared right on schedule hot and delicious. Just like you”. There will be a seat for you. When I told Kit this she gave me That Look. I don’t like that look. ….. no I don’t need anything. Except you. I need you. Come home, Tee. It’s time”

      Your letters…. I will have to show you how crinkled and tear stained some of them are. I treasure them…You kept me grounded. I actually wrote you back. I did. For some reason it was important I get here for the Thanksgiving meal.

      “E would love to read your letter. Thank you for coming home, Tee. Thank you for this second chance, you won’t regret it . . . “

      Tina: Being here with you i my dream and my greatest joy. Work is work, this is life.

      Tee, do you have the letter you wrote nearby? Bette accepted the envelope and waited as Tina made herself comfortable in front of her again then opened the envelope and pulled out a long sheet of paper.

      First, I miss you. Second, I love you. I have been so grateful to you for your letters….I spent the past couple of months processing and healing. And working towards being the partner you deserve…. I failed you by shutting down, choosing hurtful silence over healing words, allowing the distance between us to fester and grow.

      This will not happen again . . . . I want to talk about the future and the kind of relationship we can have if we are both ready to embrace it… My heart beats for you and you alone. I will be home for Thanksgiving, Baby.

      She dropped it carefully on the coffee table and clung to Tina, seeing openly now, her tears hot on Tina’s neck and chest, running down her cheeks with abandon.

      “It’s a beautiful letter, Tee. It’s . . . All . . .the things . . . I wanted . . .needed to hear . . And you dit it . . .” Bette said through her hiccups and tears, “you did everything you said you would . . .”

      I like when Bette was given the History of Art in the Colonial Ages, that she hugged it to herself and went on how she had met the Author. Apparently, she had told Tina this somewhere along the way AND Tina had been paying attention and remembered. Remembered enough to get it autographed during her time in Paris.

      All along, Tina was going to deliver this gift to Bette, hopefully in person, on Thanksgiving Day, and indeed it worked out that way.

      Bette asking Tina to marry her made me wonder if she had purchased the ring during the time when she was writing to Tina and asking her to come home. Or did she wait until, in the flesh, Tina had arrived . . . perhaps to stay . . . .

    6. BK,
      Just posted (or so I thought) parts in this 12 letter, but think it might have been catapulted to cyber space. Doesn’t matter. Really thrilled to say a happy, teary-eyed Thanks Bunches for sharing your passion and gift for story telling.

      Gosh one of this mournful year’s healing balms! P R I C E L E S S. All of us getting to roll the words in our mouths before sending our “outstanding (HeHeHe) comments.

      Live Long & Prosper Mightily sweet LadyI


      • Healing Balms….thank you DT. You always intertwine the humor with the deeper layers in your comments and I appreciate that so much.
        Merry Christmas my Dumplin Friend. Thank you Thank you

    7. BK

      My friend, what an honest and pure love story for our Tibette. God, I so needed this after all the BS.

      Loved the proposal.

      Merry Christmas. Stay safe. I am seeing the light at the end of this mess of reality. And thank you for being so creative to lay the balm for us all.


      • Kelly Thank you. I know you are working on your story, I am waiting some what patiently. I am seeing the light of the tunnel too but I think it will summer before we can exhale. Wishing you the best of holidays. Hugs and Cheers –

    8. Oh BK,
      I think I was the lucky one, coming into this story on Day 10. I didn’t have to wait the 12 days like everyone else. I can’t say it any better than the rest, and like so many other have said, this story was so healing to me, I can’t even describe the warmth in my soul. I just ate up every little morsel of every single word.
      There is nothing like your Tina and Bette. Every other love story is eclipsed by your interpretation of the characters we love so much.
      And a Christmas Eve proposal!!! I was in tears. You spoil us.
      Thank you so much for this story. I shall read it all again tonight.


      • Thank you RK. I am waiting for the right moment to dive into your latest posting. Thank you for taking time to read this one. It was healing to me too. Merry Christmas my Risky friend, be safe, keep writing.

    9. what a perfect Christmas story…or any story…for Bette & Tina. you can feel the longing and love in the letters from bette. and then the unsent letter from tina to bette that wraps it all up. it’s so beautiful. they needed to realize that they have to appreciate each other and what they have. through the absence of it. a perfect ending with the big box that holds their future together. they unwrapped it together and went through so much. they deserve this happiness. thank you for this Christmas gift, BK!

      wishing you a very happy holiday!

    10. BK,

      As always the story was perfection. Really love how you tied in the letters and having Tina deliver her response in person was so much better than if Bette had received it in the mail days or weeks prior. Good thing Tina’s French isn’t so good.

      Looking forward to catching up with our favorite couple on Valentine’s Day.

      Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful and safe holiday season. All the best for the new year!

      • BAT, thank you thank you! It is good her French isn’t so good, I liked that Bette was able to hear from Tina what her thought process was as she made her decision to come home and then read her thoughts from that time too. All the best to you and your family, please be safe and enjoy each moment.

    11. Happy Holidays BK,

      This was an awesome story & tender & touching in all the right ways. So lovely to read your version of their story than the one e all wish never happened.

      Thank you for this slice of heaven & the dreamy way they reconnected & promised themselves to each other again.

      The proposal was perfect & you know I cried!!!!!

      Thanks for sharing your hopes & wishes for them with us.

      Best wishes to you & your girls this New Year!!!!


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