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    Episode S302

    ‘Ben, Nik and Sonny in the kids’ room,’ Bette said, ‘Kit, Angie and Sasha in the third room. What’s wrong with that?’

    ‘Shane,’ said Sasha and Tina in unison.

    Bette groaned. It was eight o’clock on Wednesday morning and they were in Bette and Tina’s bedroom, packing to go to the cabin and trying to solve the accommodation conundrum.

    ‘Shane can sleep in the living room,’ Bette declared.

    ‘That’s hardly fair,’ Tina said as she stood evaluating which of two cashmere sweaters to wear on the drive up to Vermont.

    ‘Well, she did it last year, so . . .’

    ‘We didn’t know she was coming last year.’

    ‘If Shane sleeps in the living room, can I sleep there too?’ Sasha asked.

    She was sitting at her mothers’ dressing table examining the various jars and bottles and hair accessories. Tina levelled a look at Bette. Sasha sleeping in the living room would mean she’d have to stay up till all the adults had gone to bed. So everyone would have an earlier bedtime or they’d have an over-tired eight-year-old still on the go at God knows what time.

    ‘No one’s sleeping in the living room,’ Bette said decisively, reading her wife’s mind.

    The two women waited a second for pushback but their youngest just let it go, absorbed now in playing with a scrunchie, wrapping it round her fingers and stretching it.

    ‘What about the pool room?’ Bette suggested.

    ‘Oh God, no,’ Tina said, pulling a face. ‘You can’t ask anyone to sleep down there, it gets so cold and damp.’

    Bette shrugged. ‘Put a heater in it.’

    ‘It’s not a nice space, the window’s—’

    Tina was cut short by a scrunchie flying across the room and hitting Bette in the head, its rough fabric clinging to her hair. Sasha burst out laughing and covered her mouth in shocked delight. There was a pause while Bette picked the scrunchie slowly out of her locks.

    ‘Have you finished your packing?’ she asked calmly.

    ‘Uh huh.’

    ‘Is that the truth?’


    Bette had to hide a smile at her daughter’s brazenness. ‘Well, go get it finished.’

    ‘I don’t want to.’

    ‘Hey,’ Tina said. ‘Try again?’

    Sasha glanced at her, then got off the stool and mumbled ‘Sorry, Mom’ to Bette, then left the room and went downstairs. Once alone, Bette and Tina exchanged a thoughtful look. They really had hoped to avoid having Sasha in their room over the holiday. Not just because they might enjoy a little something-something, but because they were taking a very firm line on co-sleeping.

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    1. Jeez Largo,

      You made their love scene a epic one???? That was more than epic that i forgot everything else you have written!

      You showed us how this Bette & Tina really love each other in mind, spirit and in body! And the way you tell us their opinion on Fake Bette and Fake Tina, the way they know they are so behind the struggles because they looked for help to strengthen their relationship and as reward they have the relationship they want. A deep love, their children, their family and cute Solly.

      The pictionary game and the talking Maribeth and Micah did in between and during the game and then Bette saying that they should know each other after they finish, hilarious. I tried to explain my wife why i was almost in tears from laughing but i couldn’t, she doesn’t watch or read Tibette and GQ.

      GQ is a fast sinking ship, especially now that Bette & Tina are only back in the last two episodes, killing of Gini and the sad news JB is making more room for other stories by taking a step back.

      Thank god, we have a lot of amazing writers like you so we can still read about our couple. Thank you my friend!

      • Hi Bibi!! *waves* Thank you for reading and commenting, as ever. And I’m so glad you like the love scene. :p I had such fun writing it. I wanted it to be so much more than just sex, I wanted to show two people connecting on very level while making love.

        Also you are so right about looking for help to strengthen their relationship. They’d done some therapy in TLW obviously but it never looked like they were on the same page then, did it? Bette didn’t respect Foxworthy and Tina obviously had no interest in the sec therapist woman. So I like that my B&T have knuckled down and, as they say, ‘showed up’. I love writing a healthy marriage! It’s so much fun.

        So glad I could make you laugh. We all need that sometimes. :-)

        Thanks for your support and for being a great reader!

    2. Ahhaha well done . Like bibi mentioned above – I cracked up when I read the line how they will know each other better through Pictionary . Also the line and, (hilariously, ignoring Tess). – that for me good – on my 2nd watch of ep I caught that she was in the car as well – if Shane and tess had a shot under ya know who’s watch they could have added like hey you two take care of each other or like tess make sure to keep an eye on Shane – she will have your back if you have hers . Or something like that … but nope that lady can’t do anything right .

      Thanks a bunch – well done

      • Hi Ashley! *waves* Thanks for reading this and for leaving me a comment. That’s so appreciated. :-)

        Agree with what you say about Tess… surely her and Shane are doomed?? I couldn’t quite believe she was so blatantly ignored. Make you wonder if something was cut.

        Glad I made you laugh! Hope ep3 isn’t too awful!

    3. Ditto to Bibi’s Comment.

      Thank you so much for writing this and enabling me to enjoy the television version.

      Now JB is leaving the Show the Stories provided on this Site are going to be vital to us TiBetters.

      Thanks again, you made me laugh out loud!

      • Hi SG! *waves* Thanks for reading this chapter and for commenting, my friend. :-)

        I so agree about the importance of the site as we move on from JB having a main role in the show. It’s going to be weird, and a lot less exciting, without Bette. :-(

        Glad I could make you laugh! Here’s to eps 9 & 10!

    4. Good chapter… looks to me that Gen Q could have stretched this story out and given it a little more detail and explanation. But not Gen Q style. I am very happy with the result, just not happy with the path that was taken. Strange the Angie coming home on the first night after breaking up with Jordi. Do you think that she has a phone and might call Bette first before just running home? And why did she find her moms kissing so “ewww”. As Alice and Shane said the next day, the getting back together of divorced parents is every affected child’s dream come true. But not Angie?

      I thought your analysis of the episode was good. I appreciate the speed at which you got this out. But there will be no more appearances for Fake Bette and Fake Tina for the next six episodes. They are suppose to be in episodes 9 and 10 which will be their grand finale or curtain call or epilogue. We will miss the anticipation of seeing them again. But, they are readily available in stories on this website. And I appreciate you providing this one.

      • Hi Martha! *waves* Thanks for reading this chapter and for commenting. :-)

        I so agree with you that the storyline could’ve been better fleshed out. This show is just so WEIRD…. I can’t believe how little thought seems to go into it? Gigi seems to be getting paid by the word or something bc she’s just having to do face-acting half the time!

        Thank you too for mentioning how fast I wrote this. I think eps 3-8 will be shorter! Not least because there’s almost no Tibette content to analyse – although my B&T don’t know that, lol

        Thanks, Martha! Have a good weekend

    5. Hey my pal,

      So, I’ve been picking through your update today as I hang Xmas decorations & house lights outside. A page here & then another page on another mini break. So, I absolutely HAVE to reread every precious word & soak it all in in its entirety before I can give a proper comment.

      I am loving it & of course I have cried once already reading it just like I’ve cried over episode 2 several times!!!!

      Check back in with you soon.


      • Hey pal! *waves* Thanks for reading this – I’ll look forward to any other comments but no worries if you don’t have time. :-)

        Glad I made you cry! Made myself cry too, so we’re even!

        Have a lovely weekend. Well done on getting the decs up. I’m nowhere near than organised, lol

    6. Largo. Thank you for a delightful ‘Real Tibette’ family Thanksgiving holiday story. As for Fake Bette and Tina nothing has changed except their ages, but I think even they realize it so there is no point. I remember a clip from the OG where Jennifer and Laurel were standing outside a trailer on the set in robes. They might have been shooting another one of their make/up or break/up scenes and they commented that Bette and Tina will be still in this cycle 50 years from now when they are both old in nursing homes or something to that effect. They couldn’t be more right. In this episode they simply switched the location, so unemployed Bette follows Tina to Canada instead of New York for her career. She likely proposes again so they remarry. They still act as if Angie doesn’t exist whenever they are together so I doubt she’ll be missed. Glad Angie at least has Alice and Shane to count on.

      Hope you continue with the ‘Real Tibette’ stories especially between now and the last two episodes where Bette and Tina supposedly come back to do their finale. I really appreciate you and all the writers and of course Jacky that have kept this site going. As someone commented on Twitter we need fanfic more now than ever to preserve the legacy of the original iconic couple that JB and LH introduced us to almost 20 years ago, and we still have so many stories to read and write.

      It’s impossible to think that professional writers and show runners that do this for a living couldn’t write a storyline for this couple that instead of celebrating their third marriage at the end of the season we could have been celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. We could see them successfully raising a well-adjusted daughter, perhaps a second child and now after all their hard work they could retire and travel the world or whatever their dream is for their next life’s journey. I’m curious to see what they do with episodes 9&10 but so far 1&2 were predictably very disappointing.

      • Hey BAT! *waves* Thank you so much for reading this chapter and for leaving me a comment. It’s always great to hear your thoughts. :-)

        I so agree with your comment that ‘nothing has changed except their ages’. This is so frustrating, isn’t it? And then Bette has this huge 180 in her personality but it happens off-screen. It’s like the writers of GQ have no grasp whatsoever of what’s interesting?? And yes, why do they act like this re Angie? It makes my head hurt! So I like to spend time with Real Tibette, bc they are lovely…..

        I will definitely do stories for all of the episodes in this season. I realised that not having Tibette in the show kind of doesn’t matter, bc my B&T don’t know they’re not coming back till 9 &10! So there’s some fun to be had with that, I think.

        I think you’re right about the possibility that existed for this to have all gone a very different – and better – route. It’s simply not true that LuH’s availability is the reason we got what we got. It makes me sad to think how much was wasted on this reboot. But yeah, we have fanfic!!!! They will live on.

        Have a good weekend, BAT, and thanks again for your support and encouragement. :-)

        • Hi Largo. Thanks for replying to my comment. My heart actually goes out to Angie and I wonder what type of upbringing she actually experienced to have such a cantankerous and disrespectful relationship with Bette especially. It’s been that way since season 1 and not all of it can be blamed on her rebellious teenage years – there are some real underlying issues going on there. They touched on it a bit in therapy last season but that was more about colorism and just checking another box as far as I am concerned because they messed up that storyline as well. Anyway just wondering if Bette’s mother is alive and she has spoken to her about Tina and Angie wouldn’t you think that she would have at least taken Angie to meet her? Angie is family with her donor’s daughter and considers her a half-sister yet they don’t think it would be relevant for Angie to meet her grandmother? Even Tina didn’t act as if it was significant – is it just me? I’ve taken a break from writing but one of these days I hope I can do an Angie focused story to give this child some joy in her life and parents that really act as if they wanted her. I was shocked also that she is attending CU? Bette made such a issue of getting her the BEST education from the time she entered daycare, and all the private school education she had to not attend an ivy league school? Maybe CU is one? Anyway maybe you can give us a bit more Angie in your ‘Real Life’ Tibette family. The next few episodes might feature her more – even though her ‘hoe phase’ is not what I would be interested in. JB did say on one of the talk shows that she and Tina would be facing some parenting challenges this season so curious where they take the Angie character being on her own. Thanks.

    7. Thank you, Largo. I knew you would come thru for us. From a sleepy Kit to a environmental conscious Sasha, I love the Real Tibette family. So what, Tina can’t draw. The OG staff has done nothing to elevate their characters and help their fanbase realize their iconic couple. Bette and Tina have always deserved better. Keep writing epic sex scenes and give us the experience we love. Thank you Jacky for continuing to nurture this site along with all the fine writers here. PPS

      • Hey majic! *waves* Thanks for reading this chapter and for commenting. It is so appreciated. :-)

        I’m really pleased you like this family. I like them so much too. I was thinking the other day about how old Kit is in this story and I think she’s maybe late 60s?? But yeah, a bit sleepy, lol

        I agree with you about B&T deserving so much more than they’ve had. My God, when I think sometimes of the dialogue I’ve written and how much I would love to see JB in particular deliver it, and then I think of the junk she’s been given – both of them, bc LuH is so underused too…. Gah, it’s makes me angry and I don’t want to be angry, so I write these stories instead!! Turn it into a positive and maybe make someone else happy too. :-)

        Jacky deserves all thanks for this site. Thanks to you for your support and encouragement, majic. Have a lovely weekend!

      • Hi Annie! *waves* Thanks for reading and commenting. :-) I agree there have been some fantastic comments on this chapter and I truly appreciate all of them, including your seconding of them. :-)

        Glad I wrote something you enjoyed! Have a lovely weekend, my friend

    8. Largo


      “All Bettes want to be with all Tinas” as it should be. And in the world of Fan Fiction, long after the mess of GQ is gone and forgotten, we will have stories like this to remind us of the love these characters have for each other. A timeless love that lends to many versions of many stories.

      Love it
      Thank You


      • Hey K, my friend! *waves* Thanks so much for reading this and for leaving me a comment. :-)

        I so agree, like you said it so well on `Twitter, that GQ will be forgotten but Tibette will live on. That’s it in a nutshell. It makes me sad that the reboot was fumbled so badly but B&T are icons and no one can ever take that away. And they are SO loved. Here on this site and elsewhere too. I look forward to reading more stories from you in due course.

        Have a lovely weekend!

    9. Largo,
      It is such a PRICELESS blessing to have the stories that U and the Others post on this site. Jacky, your vision and tenacity are withOUT comparison.

      All the comments above have succinctly described my heart, but perhaps I can boil Tibette down to something on page 9.

      “Fake Bette took her hand and led her to the bedroom, where they “stood and LOOKED at each other”.

      They LOOKED at each other . . . .

      Years of ups and downs, celebrations & heart-break had taught them the value of “looking, . . . . (SEEING) . . . . .

      “Fake Tina’s eyes were RAVENOUS as she started to undress Fake Bette,

      Who was wearing a gorgeous dress with an elaborate neck-tie that made UNDOING it like she was unwrapping a gift – which of course she was.

      And on pg 10 U continued:
      “And suddenly THEY SLOWED. . . . A PAUSE. . . .

      “It’s been a long time . . Fake Bette said, her eyes a little shy. I’m . . . Different.” Her nervousness made her all the MORE ALLURING. Fake Tina was just SMILING AT HER, her head tilted a little, and then she shook it, a gentle denial, a LOVING DISMISSAL.”

      It was erotically sweet when, FINALLY, at longgggg-last, the nurturing, accepting Tina revealed herself and affirmed the uniqueness of Bette . . . . With; “U’re so . . . So . . . . SO . . . . Beautiful.

      And oh Largo, what a gloriously humorous family this is. Damn!! Even Solly is a scream!!! We’ve all had a pet/furry family member like him! HeHeHe!!!!

      Anyway, the intimacy that you created at the end of the chapter is second-to-non bc U’ve capture the divine SPIRITUALITY of the couple. They’ve learned how to wait on one another to prolong their JOY

      • Hi Dumplin, my friend! *waves* Thank you for reading this chapter and for commenting. It is so appreciated and I look forward to your thoughts. :-)

        First, I totally agree – all thanks to Jacky for keeping this place online for us. It is such a special community and I hold it very dear to my heart.

        I agree that the pause to look at each other before sex was good. It felt authentic. And one of the things I like about this series is that I can describe on-screen moments, take them apart a bit, dive into them… I enjoy that, and especially when JB and LuH’s performances are SO GOOD.

        Thanks too for mentioning ‘spirituality’. I was definitely trying to convey a soul connection with these two in this love scene. I wanted to write sex that was playful and talkative and, well, like what happens in a long marriage. Y’know, you’ve done it a lot – you can talk in the middle of it! lol

        So thank you, Dumplin. I appreciate your support. Have a lovely weekend!

    10. Dear Largo,

      Ok, I’ve soaked it all in & then some!! :-)

      The others comments here reflect my thoughts & feelings too.

      Your portrayal of Tibette is far superior to the shit writing on GQ. I’m so engrossed in the lives of the Real Tibette family & still think this is what SHOULD have happened on our screens.

      Even though I do agree that the editing, lighting & dialogue was bad, JB/LuH delivered scenes that will reverberate in & with us for years to come. Their karmic connection transcended everything that MLR tried to ruin.

      The love you have for Tibette shows through in your words & story. Can’t wait to read thgeir next adventures!

      We’ll done & thank you for all your time & joy you put into this chapter & story.

      • Hi Collins! Thank you so much for coming back to post another comment. I always love to hear your thoughts. :-)

        I completely agree that we have been very sorely let down by GQ in the way they’ve chosen to do Tibette endgame. We don’t know – may never know – the real reasons why it’s like this, but on some level I do believe it’s a choice, a deliberate decision to NOT give them a decent route back to one another. It’s just so very ‘will this do?’ And no, it won’t. So I and you and everyone else who writes pro-Tibette stories have to roll up our sleeves and do it ourselves (whilst having a lot of fun, I must add. I loved writing this chapter!)

        Thanks for following along with this family and this series. I am looking forward to seeing where it goes! Thanks, as ever, for all your support and encouragement, my friend

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