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    Forged in Fire: Chapter 13

    Forged in Fire: Chapter 13 

    Previously from Chapter 7

    Tina was beaming. She clapped her hands together. “Great! Hey, let’s take a walk. We’ll walk around the lots, grab some coffee. Maybe a bite to eat at one of the service tables. It’ll help me clear my head.”  

    The dark curls nodded eagerly. Tina grabbed her hand and led her out of her office and to the various studio lots that were adjacent to her building. Bette was in awe as Tina showed her around and off as she greeted coworkers and actors and put out little fires along the way. She could see the respect shown toward her girlfriend and it made her grin with pride.

    They were sipping espresso with the head of marketing at one of the craft tables when the studio chief dropped by. Tina smiled hollowly at him and introduced him as Davis Shah. Davis was about Bette’s height with jet black hair and skin that was just a tad darker than her own. Though he was nearing 60, daily workouts and a lean diet had him looking closer to 40. His bushy eyebrows gave him an added intensity he didn’t need and when he frowned, they looked like one big black caterpillar.


    Previously from Chapter 4

    Tina’s New York apartment felt lonelier than it ever had before. She hadn’t spoken to her girlfriend at all that day and as she formed her lips to tell Siri to call Bette, another call came through on her ear pods.

    The ringtone was that of her assistant/secretary, Pamela Caldwell. “What’s wrong, Pam?” she answered.

    Pam was short and petite with a raspy voice and short, curly hair. Her black eyes were sharp and she was often intense by nature. “Why do you assume something’s wrong?” asked Pam.

    “Because you’re calling me so late. You know better than to call me late. If you’re doing so, it’s because something is wrong.”  

    “Well, you win clairvoyant of the day. Yes, we have a minor hiccup.”

    Tina sighed; her eyes closed. Her head was resting against the arm of her couch, her feet on the other end, crossed at the ankles. “And that hiccup is?”

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    1. Tina needs to be there for Bette. Their relationship is already suffering as a result of Tina’s job. Bette would probably say she understands but as we know she is having trouble with her sobriety. Please Tina. Call his bluff.

    2. If Tina is as good as she appears to be, then she can get a job at another studio. This is emotional blackmail. Its just like her father and family, do as I say or I will cut you off and you will have no money. And to hell with your personal happiness and life. Either the studio supports its employees or it doesn’t. They should be enforcing the contract between the actress and the studio, not re-negotiating every month or so. She either gives in and she can expect to see this situation over and over and she will damage her relationship between her and Bette OR she walks and looks for employment elsewhere. I think this problem just went from an 8 to a 12. What will Tina do?

      What a problem – Stand your ground Tina….no renegotiation of the contract, no trip to New York and let’s see if David truly fires her. He will lose everything – the producer, the star and the project. Its a week from completion. For it he does, he will never finish the project. Everything he has spent will be down the drain. Call the agent and tell him, that Ms Actress honors her contract or she will never work in films again. She will be considered a leaper. Chris Anderson will make sure that the world knows that she does not honor her contracts.. Then go home to Bette.

      Great chapter….need more and soon. This is just too much of a cliff hanger not to see more.

    3. Tough decisions to make. I trust Tina to find the perfect solution. Without making threats to anyone but with the clear message to her boss to shove it!
      Well, actually I trust you, MTS, to have the perfect outcome already written. Something to make Tina shine and at the same time showing Bette her unconditional support. Chris should prove her worth for the business once more and then leave the studio being known as one of the best, hottest producers in town.

      Maybe she should get on the phone with the actress personally, not the jackass manager. Tell her the personal, family obligations Chris wants to and has to fulfil. Giving an insight to the life with her girlfriend/wife, the bereavement and some of the struggles they are going through might bring the actress to show some compassion.
      Tina could promise to fly to NYC a day later if in exchange the actress continues with her work.

      Oh well, you got me again, MTS, here I go again thinking about where your story will be going ;-)

      Looking forward to the next part, very much!


    4. There is only one right choice. First of all days of being blackmailed into doing things against her will need to end. Secondly she sacrificed her relationship and flew all over the world to secure her financial future, so she doesn’t need the job. Lastly her reputation will speak for itself so getting fired by an a-hole that allows a spoiled actress to run his business decisions will not ruin her career. It should bolster it. Chris needs to tell them all to get a life, and Tina needs to start taking charge of her own. Thanks for posting.

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