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    Holding the Cards

    Can I see you? Can I stop by? Bette asked, hesitantly, hopefully.


    Whenever is good for you. She imperceptibly held her breath. As much as she disdained the self-help guru, he was right. Tina held all the cards.


    I have something important I need to talk to you about. I dont think its right for the phone. Good”good. Dont push. Play it slow.

    You can stop by on your way home, Tina paused, knowing Bettes schedule was a glimmer of the familiarity, the intimacy they still shared.


    She paused before she knocked on Tinas door, offering up a plea for strength and help.

    Tinas face softened, slightly, the corners of her lips hinting at an upturn as she looked into the eyes that she loved for 7 years.

    Bette broke into a full smile when she said hello, her eyes beaming at the site of the only woman she wanted to look at at the end of the day.

    Come in.

    Tina led her to the kitchen table. Bette looked at the couch on the way past, wondering why they couldnt talk there.

    So whats up, Bette? All business. Bette again inhaled and held it.

    Somethings come up, and I needed to hear from you about what you want me to do. No reaction. Bettes hands trembled slightly as she found herself praying to a God she wasnt really sure existed. Someone asked if I were single.

    Tinas eyes flared, her spine straightened, her face tightened.

    Bette rushed on, I want to say no. Im not going to make any mistakes again, Tina, I swear to you. No reaction. She continued, picking up speed, So I came to you to ask. Please tell me to say no. Please tell me you need time. Ill do whatever you want. You hold all the cards. Holy *****”that stupid clich. ***** if it werent true.

    Tina looked at the ring on Bettes finger. She was spinning it, trying to occupy her hands, trying to still the trembling.

    Her eyes went from the ring to Bette’s eyes. Tell her, yes.


    1. Wayout says

      Yes, chloe, that’s exactly what Tina told Bette.
      Well, crap, that was unexpected. Honda, nice job for your first try. Rich descriptions, good dialogue, lovely insights into emotions. And very original story. Great start; I’ll be watching to see if you continue. Of course, if you don’t, you’re gonna have a bunch of malcontents seething for you!! Thanks so much for sharing this.

    2. Jacky says

      Recent news: I hadn’t seen a news report when this law was enacted, but Kentucky recently adopted a law that clubs in the public schools – like the chess club, the Future Farmers of America, the Future Teachers, etc. – could exclude (and were encouraged to exclude) GLBTQ students. No particular explanation for the new law, altho its existence suggests that meetings of Honoria must have gotten a LOT cozier since I went to school.
      Justice came quick, the California Attorney-General ruled that, under a California anti-discrimination law, no state funds could be used to send anyone to a meeting/convention/training/etc in Kentucky because of that new law. And two (at least) big industrial conventions cancelled plans already announced for Louisville and will be held in another state (this even though the conventions have nothing to do with school clubs). A very considerable loss to the city and the whole state.

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