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    I Will Not Let You Fall

    The next month had passed quickly. Bette had found herself a job as a bartender at one of the restaurants in Silver Lake and had been busy working there daily, every so often staying for two shifts in one workday. She also had been attending parole meetings weekly and, despite Franklin’s prejudiced and sometimes even unkind disposition, the meetings had gone relatively well, for Bette had learned to appease the officer when necessary and above all had been abiding by each parole condition so far.

    Her connection with Ayola had been flourishing by the day. Thanks to Ayola’s selfless and generally positive nature and Bette’s gradual willingness to open up more, they had created a very special relationship, and even though they hadn’t had an opportunity to spend much time with each other anymore due to their frantic working schedules, the bond uniting them had developed and their friendship had become stronger.

    They had become accustomed to go for an early morning jog together, which Bette tended to call her therapy session since their jogs were always more than just jogs. It would begin typically with an inconsequential chat before transforming into something more intimate, something that involved deep reflection and soul-searching as well as leaving a trail of emotional baggage behind.

    On one of the jogs Ayola finally broached the subject they both had been avoiding, purposefully as it seemed.

    ”Bette, have you ever been in love?”

    Looking at Ayola over her shoulder, Bette stared for a moment before turning her gaze straight ahead. She took her usual pensive pause and then answered plainly, ”Yeah, I have.”

    ”What did it feel like?”

    ”Feel like?”

    ”I mean, what did you feel loving someone?”

    Once again Bette fell deep in thought. She began slowing down until she stopped altogether. Ayola followed suit. She studied Bette curiously as the brunette gazed elsewhere, her dark eyes far away and distant.

    ”It felt like madness.”

    Not expecting such extraordinary reply to a simple question, Ayola found herself lost in thought, too. ”But madness is not a good thing,”she pointed out.

    ”Love is not always about good things,” Bette said matter-of-factly.

    ”So, you’re saying it didn’t feel good?”

    ”I wasn’t saying that,” Bette answered and took up jogging, leaving Ayola behind.

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    1. Hi Valerie,

      Just had a break when i saw that you posted a new update.

      It is fantastic that Bette is finding her way back in life and has such a wonderfull friend in Ayola.

      So they finally met again, wonder what Tina has to tell Bette. You are such a naughty girl to not disclose it in this chapter.

      Why do i have a feeling that Tina moved on with Helena?! That would be the ultimal betrayal that she could inflict on Bette.

      Can i pursue you to answer that question via a pm to me?! I would go crazy till you update again, so please, please tell me🙏

      Thanks for the update!

    2. Hi! Thanks, you wrote are really great chapter!

      So, they met eventually, and i must say you described this meeting perfect. I believe we’ll know what Tina want to say Bette.

      P. S. I hope in Tina’s bed not Helena

    3. Hi Valerie:

      What a wonderful surprise, (not only for us but for Bette and Tina too), an excellent story, as Bibi I want to know what is coming; but I’ll wait, I know you’ll never let us fall in TIBETTE’s matter.????

      I think it’s going to be hard, but they have to find their way back to each other, that type of love can’t be downgraded to friendship, it’s a whole thing or its nothing, I don’t think they have more choices.❤

      Valerie, I appeal to your kindness, PLEASE UPDATE SOON !!!????

      Thanks for the wonderful chapter.????


    4. Thanks for the Update!!!
      this is my fav fanfiction so far..
      it breaks my heart seeing how hard for Bette to get her life much that she has lost..
      couldn’t imagine if ayola wasn’t there to help her.
      but i hope they stay their relationship as friend..cos i’m still hoping somehow, somewhere Bette and Tina could find their way back together..and this time Tina could proof her love to Bette by staying by her side as her promised.
      it’s suprised me that Tina has moved on with her life and has lived together with someone else…
      i really thought after Tina read Bette’s handwriting in her apartment, Tina would tried with all her power to proof her love to Bette by keeping her promise to stay by waiting for Bette…

      now that Tina and Bette has met again, please..please…please…. don’t let us waiting too long..
      couldn’t wait to read for the next Chapter..

      great Job Valerie…!!!

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