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    If it is meant to be…Chapter 42

    Tina fell back against the mattress, gasping for air…every nerve ending quivering throughout her body. She tried to say something to Bette, but after screaming her name, the only sounds that made it to the surface were whimpers of satisfaction…her body, a whirlpool of pleasure, was now unresponsive to the commands seeking their way out of Tina’s brain. She tried to move her arms, but her ***** had somehow short-circuited her system, and nothing seemed to be working properly.

    Although Tina was physically sated, Bette’s hunger to please her had not been. She lay there, watching her lover desperately struggling to come back into her body…patiently waiting for the sign that would signal that she could begin again. Tina had asked Bette to take them there…well, that’s exactly what she was going to do this night, and she wasn’t even close to being ready to go back. Not now, not after all this time. She looked up at the moon and then back down to her lover, seeing the light reflecting off the thin layer of sweat covering Tina’s body. They had all night…she could wait.

    After a couple of minutes of silence, where the two women conveyed their thoughts only through their eyes, Tina licked her lips, feeling like she was finally able to form a couple of words. She took a deep breath, and choked out…”Holy *****…”

    Bette couldn’t help it, she burst out laughing. “Well, I haven’t heard that particular response to my lovemaking before. May I assume that it is a good thing?”

    Tina tried to reach up and touch Bette’s cheek, but half way up, her arm fell back onto her stomach. “Jesus Bette.”

    “Holy *****…Jesus. You don’t talk this way in front of your children, do you?”

    Tina looked at Bette with a pained expression. “Baby, I am laying naked on a mattress in a lake, with my juices all over your hands…all over your body…please do not bring up my children at a time like this!”

    Bette let a soft low chuckle, slowly roll out of her throat. “Ok, what would you like to talk about Ms Kennard?” She leaned down and nibbled Tina’s ear lobe. “Would you like to talk about how beautiful you are laying naked on this mattress?” She licked a delicious line up Tina’s jaw. “Or maybe you would like to talk about where exactly on my body your juices are.” Her fingers circled Tina’s already erect nipples, then allowed her open palm to circle them again. “We could always talk about how you still whimper after each breath you take, once your release has come.” She let her fingers play across Tina’s stomach, then slowly moved them down until they were nestled between her legs. “And after we talk about that, we can talk…”

    “Shut up Bette…I don’t want to talk anymore.” Tina’s breath was ragged again, and she was having trouble concentrating on what Bette was saying. “Baby…please, just…”

    “It’s Ok Baby…I’m already there…see.”

    “Oh God…yes…”

    ~ ~ ~

    “Baby…” Bette whispered into Tina’s ear.


    “Come on. It’s getting late. We should pull ourselves in now. Besides, it’s starting to get a little cold.”

    “Hmmm, right…Ok,” Tina mumbled.

    Bette smiled into Tina’s hair. They were laying in each others arms, having both dozed off after several hours of the most incredible ***** either had ever experienced. Before drifting off, they had agreed that this was even better than it was when they were together before. And with all the earth shattering ***** they had shared during their seven year relationship…that was saying a lot. Both women had experienced several orgasms, that had left their bodies limp for minutes afterwards. At one point, Tina had taken control and had reminded Bette, one ***** after another, that she also had a need to please. That her hunger to bring Bette complete physical fulfillment was just as strong as Bette’s need to please Tina.

    Tina wasn’t making any effort to move…she was totally worn out. Bette gave her shoulders a squeeze. “I know Baby. I’m tired too. But, let’s pull ourselves in and we can be in bed in ten minutes. Ok?”

    “Ok Baby.” Without opening her eyes, Tina slowly turned over, reaching out for the rope. She felt around for it and finding it, grabbed onto it. She gave it a tug and started to sit up at the same time. But, she hadn’t compensated for the slack in the rope, and ended up falling backwards onto her back. “Well, *****…that was smart.” She reached out again to give the rope a harder pull, this time looking at the rope in her hands. Once again, she got an arm full of rope, but they weren’t moving towards the dock. She looked out at the water, and felt all the blood drain from her face. “Oh *****!!” She looked over at Bette with trepidation, knowing the explosion that was about to erupt. “Ah…Baby?”

    Sensing something was wrong, Bette sat up and looked at Tina, then turned her head to look at the dock. Her head snapped back to Tina. “Tina…WHERE THE ***** IS THE DOCK??!!!”

    Tina was desperately pulling on the rope in her hands…why, she didn’t know, as she already knew it wasn’t going to get them anywhere. “***** Baby…I don’t know what happen. The line must have come loose from the dock when we were…you know…”

    Bette just sat there shaking her head, taking a look at their surroundings for the first time since they had left the dock. Somehow, during their active lovemaking…Ok, their sexual romp, the mattress had come untied from the dock, and they were now floating in the middle of the lake. Neither one had noticed before, they had been so engrossed in what they were doing, that when they had taken a moment to look at anything but each other, they had only been looking up.

    After giving herself a minute to calm down, and her initial shock was over, Bette’s mind switched to problem solving mode. She looked over at Tina, and seeing the absolutely pathetic look on her face, she just wanted to take her into her arms. Tina was obviously feeling terrible that they were stuck out here, and didn’t know what to do. What Tina didn’t realize was that Bette couldn’t be mad at her. Not after what they had just shared with each other…and once again, Bette was reminded that life was too short to spend it angry, especially over something that was no one’s fault. So…knowing that this was something that they would laugh about at some point, she decided right then to put her poor, beautiful Tina out of her misery, and laugh about it now.

    “Geez Tina…we have only been at this lake for one day, and I am having to come to the rescue of my favorite damsel in distress for a second time. It’s a good thing we are going back to the city tomorrow. At least there we will be safe among all that crime and destruction!”

    Tina’s eyes filled with tears, seeing the love and the laughter on Bette’s face. She dropped the rope and jumped into her partner’s arms, grateful once again for the woman that Bette had become.

    “I am so sorry Baby…”

    “Shh, it’s not your fault. Really, it’s Ok. Besides, like I said, this will give me a chance to rescue you again…to show off for you. I mean, I couldn’t show off by knowing how to cook those icky, squishy marshmallowy things over an open fire, so the least I can do is pull you and this pleasure palace of a mattress back to shore, right?”

    Tina giggled, knowing that with every moment that past, she was falling more and more in love with this women, even though she had thought it was impossible to love her any more than she all ready did. “I love you, Bette. With all my heart, I love you.”

    Bette gave Tina the sweetest of kisses. “I know, Baby…I love you too.” She gave Tina one last hug, and reached over, grabbing the rope. She tied it around her waist, and lowered herself off the mattress, into the water. “Ahhh…this actually feels warmer than the air. It feels nice. Ok, which direction am I going?” Tina pointed out the way, and Bette started doing what she had been doing four days a week for the last twenty years…swimming laps…only this time, rather than having to turn when she got to the end of pool, she just kept on going.

    Tina had been laying on the mattress, just watching the beautiful, smooth stroke of her life partner…amazed by her physical condition. Bette had been swimming for about fifteen minutes, when Tina decided to join her in the water. She rolled off the side and started to catch up with Bette. Noticing the difference in the weight she was pulling, Bette stopped to look back. Taking a moment to catch her breath, she just floated for a second, until Tina was beside her. “Hey there…what are you doing in the water…I’m saving you remember?”

    Tina smiled. “Yea, I know you are, but I wanted to be close to you. Do you mind if we swim the rest of the way together?
    Come on, it’s not that much farther…see…” They only had about a hundred yards to go. Tina pointed to the house, thankful that Milaine had left a couple of lights on. “Wait…what’s that? Is that a person standing down by the edge of the water?” They continued to swim towards shore, both trying to make out who, or what was by the water.

    As they got closer, they could make out what they had been staring at. They looked over at each other and at the same time, both said, “*****!” Milaine was standing at the waters edge with her arms folded across her chest. The two women swam as close to shore as they could without having to stand up…remembering that they were naked.

    Milaine just stood there with a stern look on her face. “So…where have you two been?”

    Bette looked at Tina with an expression that was crying out for help. Even though Milaine was the daughter…she wasn’t feeling very motherly at this particular moment. “Uhhh…we uhhh…we uhhh” Bette couldn’t get anything to come out. She knew that they had been caught red handed, and there was absolutely nothing she could say that wouldn’t sound totally lame.

    Had it been daytime, they would have seen Milaine struggling not to laugh. She was enjoying every second of watching MaBe trying to think of a good reason as to why they were out on the lake, with no clothes on, in the middle of the night. But, when she heard Tina’s teeth chattering, she decided to let them see her smile. “Well, would you like to come in and get dry?” She reached down and picked up the two towels she had brought down with her. Tina and Bette didn’t hesitate. They both stood up and ran for the warmth of the oversized beach towels.

    “Honey, thank you so much for bringing these down.” Bette was quickly drying herself off…then stopped and looked over at her daughter, who was just standing there with a mischievous grin on her face. “How did you know where we were?”

    Milaine snorted. “MaBe, there isn’t a person on this lake that couldn’t hear where you two were. Didn’t anyone ever tell you that sound travels farther across water…especially at night? The good news is that you are now on a first name basis with the rest of the lake dwellers around here.”

    Bette and Tina looked at each other, mortified.

    “Oh my God,” Bette moaned.

    Milaine just nodded. “Yep, heard you calling out for her too.”



    1. laughing with all the rest. This chapter showed us your sense of humor and range with this story. I hope you intend to put some more crimson red and mortified faces on these two. With their libido’s they are behaving like young lovers, and we know how careless they are. Excellent. Thanks for the Sunday Delight.

    2. From the beginning of this,I fell in love with Melaine.Bette and Tina all over again. This was funny,sexy and very heart warning also. The echo of Love making on the lake was beautiful. All the bright stars in the sky is for you and your wonderful chapter,Thanks so very much.

    3. lol…. i’m dying!!!! this is great…. oh geez! I love Milaine… sometimes she looks like alice… lol… really funny!!! very good! i love this story with all my heart!

    4. HAHAHAHAAHAHA…. Sorry, despite the really romantic part of this story, I couldn’t help my laughther that echoes throughout the house as I’m reading this story. This is tooo hillarious! Great Job.. thanks for integrating the humour there! Oh.. how are they going to face the neighbours in the morning?

    5. As usual this is great. They still attracted to each other, they still know how to have fun together, they are both more mature, and Bette doesn’t have that explosive temper she has mellowed out. This is simply great. I can’t wait until the next one!!!!

    6. What a Sunday morning treat….very very funny…you have a great touch ieth humor as well as the tender moments. most everyone can relate to that “busted for making too much noise” thing and you just have to get over it! Thanks again!

    7. I’d consider building you a shrine, but that might come across as too weird. :) If I loved this story any more, I’d marry it. Well, maybe have a nice commitment ceremony somewhere, but still. Better and better every time. 5 stars!!!!

    8. I am laughing my ass off!!!! I know something hilarious was going to happen with those two on the raft but was not prepared for this. Can you imagine the look of teror on their faces. Great Seahurst, just great. Will this little romp be the talk of the lake, it would be here.

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