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    is this love chp 71+72


    CHAPTER 71

    Tina closed the door and went back through to the sitting room. Bette was sitting back nursing a glass of scotch and looking like she was very much at ease with the world. Tina went across and poured herself another drink before joining Bette on the sofa
    “Well that’s my mom off on her date “
    “And Peggy and my mother off for whatever night of mischief they have planned – you okay?”
    “Yeah – she was very nervous “
    “She looked it – I felt so sorry for her but she did look lovely when she left “
    “I think that might have been relief that Peggy hadn’t drunk her best 15 year old scotch “
    “That would be this ?”
    “Yes “
    “Its only my second “
    “It was a joke but the next time she invites up round we better show up with a good bottle of scotch “
    “Leave that to me – I know the very place “
    “Thought you might “
    Tina lent across and kissed Bette on the lips “This is nice “
    “We have a date “
    “We do – but this is really nice “
    Bette put her glass down carefully making sure the glass rested on the coaster and put her arm around her lover.
    “It must be odd for you to see her going out with another woman “
    “Its odd I have to admit – I walked into that bedroom and there are so many mementos of my other mom – I don’t know how she sleeps in there and not be haunted by the past “
    “Maybe she finds it comforting “ Bette said kissing Tina’s hair
    “She told me something that I never thought she would do “
    Bette raised an eyebrow
    “Yeah ?”
    “She goes to the cemetery every month to see her – to leave flowers and talk to her “
    Bette didn’t speak
    “She’s so unsentimental that its out of character but she says that it makes her feel better”
    “Well at the end of the day that’s all that matters – that’s all that whole funeral service is about is isn’t it ? – to give some sort of comfort to the people left. If it works its nothing to do with anyone else Tina “
    “I know and I am glad that she does find that it helps “
    “Do you go to the cemetery ?”
    “Sometimes – maybe next time she goes I should go with her “
    Bette pulled Tina closer and kissed her brow “You should talk to your mom “
    “Which one ?”
    Bette chuckled and started playing with Tina’s hair – she pushed some strands out of the way and placed a soft kiss onto her neck. Tina squirmed as Bette started to lick her neck – it was driving her crazy
    “Bette ! “
    “I love you “
    “I love you – but we are supposed to be going out remember “
    “Mm “
    Bette didn’t reply other than to continue her slow devouring of Tina’s neck.
    “Bette “
    There was no way they were going to get out of the apartment if Bette kept doing that to her. Bette’s hand moved upwards and cupped Tina’s breast in her hand and squeezed
    “BETTE “
    Bette eased away and looked at her lover
    “Have you ever made out in this apartment ?”
    “Would you like to ?”
    Tina was torn – of course she wanted to fuck and be fucked by Bette but there was a natural hesitation about their location
    “I don’t know “
    Bette smiled as she started to open the buttons on her shirt – Tina knew that she should be telling Bette to stop but how could she – it was the most natural thing in the world to want to make out with her partner. Tina swallowed
    “Just tell me to stop and I will “
    “Is this pay back for me showing up at your office ?”
    “If I had wanted pay back for what happened at my office I would be showing up at Peabody Towers and making things very hot for you – no – its just that we have a lovely apartment at our disposal and no one to interrupt us for a few hours “
    “You didn’t want to come here tonight “
    “Well I was wrong – I want to COME very much – ideally I would like to come by you being inside of me but it would be just as good if your clit was rubbing against mine – that would be really NICE “
    Tina was desperately trying not to give in – of course she wanted Bette but there was something weird about making out here
    “Bette “
    “Very good – you know my name – that deserves a reward “
    Bette rested her hand against Tina’s crotch and pressed her palm against the material of her trousers. Tina could feel her resistance ebbing away
    “Bette “
    “I love you and I want you – and I intend to have you “
    “Bette – anywhere but here “
    “Why ?” Bette casually slipped open her blouse so Tina got a good view of her bra.
    “What ?”
    “Why anywhere but here – its warm and we are safe and your mom is not going to be back for several hours”
    “it’s a good thing we didn’t know each other when we were growing up or we would have corrupted the hell out of each other “
    “I was a model child and pupil “
    “Yeah and that would have gone out of the window if we had known each other “
    “You think ?” Bette smiled “I think it would have been nice – think of the sex we would have had while out folks were out – brilliant “
    Tina smiled and touched Bette’s face “We met when we did at the right time – I don’t think either of us would have got the grades to go to such prestigious universities if we had been having sex the whole time “
    “It would have been fun though “ Bette grinned “So what do you think – a quickie in your room or here on the sofa ?”
    “NOT here on the sofa “
    Bette chuckled and looked at Tina who looked at her after a few seconds of day dreaming looked at her
    “I just want you – there is nothing wrong in the two of us expressing the love we share for each other “
    “I know – I just “
    “Have never made out here ?”
    “Yeah “
    “I have never even seen your room “
    Tina smiled “Lets go and see it – maybe we could have a lie down and see what happened”
    “Suits me “ Bette said getting up.
    Tina lead her to her room. She opened the door and put the light on. Bette rested her hands on Tina’s hips as she looked over her shoulder
    “Nice “
    The room was just as Tina had left it when she had stayed with her parents during the final stages of her mother’s illness. Tina wandered in and Bette stood watching Tina
    “The last time I was in here was the day of mom’s funeral “

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    1. You are kidding me, Emma and Helena 😱 No way! How will Bette and Tina react to that and it was some time coming???!!! Oh my god 😱, i can’t believe it!

      Great chapter but you have to update asap!

    2. LOL, now that is something! Too funny. But I’m not so sure it will sit well with Bette, maybe a little better with Tina.
      Thanks for the laugh, it really cheered me up :-D

      Please continue, I just love to read your story.

    3. OK, wow. Never saw that one coming. Masterful writing, what a great cliffhanger. This is going to test B&T relationship for sure! Helena has some explaining to do! The fact that it was some time coming means she cant use being drunk as an excuse and Bette will want to know why she didn’t say something sooner. Looking forward to the fallout from this for sure… PSS

    4. What???? Really???? Helena, what does that mean “long time coming?” So all that effort to get Helena to date Tina by Emma was just projecting her own desires? Well, this might work!. Helena is picky picky about her dates and Emma loves the status of money. I’m with BK – never saw this coming…. just took my breath away… I can’t even imagine how Bette or Tina will respond. I can imagine how Peggy, Rosemary and Melvin will respond – after all they are now like their BFFs now. Are you sure it wasn’t the alcohol which landed them in bed?

      Well, If I were Bette, I would insist that either Helena or Emma or both tell Tina and ASAP. I still cannot imagine what their reaction will be…. Stunned absolutely stunned..

      Great chapter… great cliff hanger!!!! Thanks can’t wait for more…

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