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    Leave the Memories Alone: Chapter 17

    Chapter 17


    For the first time since the accident, Tina made her way down Brick Lane, Whitechapel, London. She had gone out, after Bette had taken Johnny to Helena's, Angie had gone to school, and Bette had come to the gallery for the day. It was rare for her to come in, but there was something only Bette could deal with. Tina had come down on the tube to try and remember a few things. Somehow she had worked her way to the gallery. She stopped and grinned when she saw the sign. The BKP Gallery, hanging over the large space that Bette owned. Tina walked in and opened the door, she smiled as she looked around. The walls were bare at the moment, however there were cases all over the place which carried the paintings which were to be hung. Tina ran her finger over the cases, she closed her eyes.

                "How is the show coming along?" Tina asked, as she walked around the gallery looking at the photos on the walls. Her hand running over her eight month pregnant belly, she ran her hand along the cases.

                "Nicely, these photos are good, but not as good as yours." Bette smiled as she walked up behind  her and placed her arms around her, her hands resting on her stomach. her head on her shoulder.

                "You are biased," Tina remarked grinning looking at the black and white nudes.

                "I have to be, you're my wife." Bette smiled, kissing her neck. "and the mother of my baby."

                "I can't believe she will be here soon, I love her so much."

                "She will love you too." Bette grinned. "As do I!"

                "Are they all nudes?" Tina asked, looking around.

                "Yes, and they are selling well."

                "Already?" Tina asked, looking at one of the photos of a naked woman on a bed.

                "Yes," Bette grinned.  "We should do another show of yours."

                "What my pregnancy photos?" Tina said slowly looking into her wife's eyes.

                "They are personal."

                "Why because it's me naked?" Tina said slowly. Bette kissed her

                "Completely. You're naked body is for me, and me only." Bette said slowly.

                "She will see me topless."

                "When she is feeding?" Bette smiled. "Our daughter will use your breasts in a different way to how I use them," Bette whispered.

                "Leave my boobs out of it." Tina smiled. Her baby kicked her.

                "She's kicking." Bette laughed. She loved that feeling.

                "Yes she is." Tina grinned,



    Bette walked out of her office and saw Tina standing with her eyes closed her hand resting on one of the paintings cases.

                "Ti." She walked up to her.

                "Bette, I remember being here and expecting Angie," Tina whispered.

                "What show was on?"  Bette asked taking Tina into her arms.

                "The photos nudes, in color. You said they weren't as good as mine."

                "I'm biased," Bette smiled.

                "I took photos of myself pregnant."

                "They are black and white. You took the first after you peed on the test."


                "From the moment you found out you were expecting you were so happy, as was I." Bette grinned. "We'd get our baby, and every week you took a topless photo of yourself. They are in the basement at home."

                "Is the album labeled?" Tina asked, trying to remember where they were.

                "Yes. It's on the shelf near our wedding photos, when we go home I'll find it for you." Tina looked around for a few moments. "I'm sorry you remembered Jodi." Bette said. They hadn't spoke about it at home.

                "That was a bad day for me." Tina said. "I didn't want to remember my mother and father disowning me." Tina looked at Bette. "I gave up so much to be with you. It was so worth it." Bette kissed Tina's lips.

                Bette sighed, "you suffered a lot because of that but once Angie was born they came running back."

    "I'm glad," Tina said.

    Bette took Tina's hand and kissed it, "I love you Tina, you are totally my life."

                "I love you too." Tina rested her head against Bette's shoulder. "I shocked myself today, I got the tube found my way here, without even thinking about it."

                "Well that's a good thing." Bette said.

                "What time do I have to pick Johnny up?"

                "About half four. We can go together if you want. I've dealt with the dealer here. James and Melanie are going to start hanging the show and I can come back for opening night, with you on my arm."

                "When is that?" Tina said trying to remember.

                "Friday night baby. It's okay you've got a lot going on." Bette replied. She gripped her purse and they walked out hand in hand.

                "I want more to come to me," Tina said as they walked towards the tube station.

                "It will you need to give it more time," Bette said, smiling at her wife.

                Tina looked at her watch and said, "oh we're early."

    "The Tube takes quite a while to get to Helena's house," Bette said, "she lives in a giant house, almost a mansion."

    "I haven't remembered anything about her at all," Tina sighed, "I feel so bad."

    Bette pulled Tina to sit next to her in the train and said, "it's okay T, you just haven't been around Helena as much, it'll come to you."

    "She's been our friend for 20 years," Tina said.

    "I know," Bette said.

    Tina looked around the train as people filed in and saw that they were all the way in the back. "Do we always sit in the back?" Tina said.

    "Ever since we had that issue with Faye Buckley which luckily you don't remember..."

    "Yet," Tina interjected.

    "Well," Bette continued, "since the discrimination was so bad this was the most calm place to sit."

    "It feels safe," Tina said.

    "That's because we would snuggle back here and no one would ever notice us," Bette said.

    "We would hide under your big jacket cause the air conditioning would always be on too high," Tina said scrunching her eyes.

    Bette took off her jacket and covered them with it, "don't try to force it it'll happen naturally."

    Tina snuggled close to Bette and said, "what kind of things did we do under the jacket?"

    Bette snorted, "what?"

    Tina smirked and slowly moved her hand over Bette's thigh. The jacket covered them so she wasn't scared. She boldly moved her hand to Bette's center and started unbuttoning her jeans. Bette's breath picked up, "what are you doing?"

    "Shh, just stay quiet," Tina breathed moving her hand into Bette's jeans and panties.

    "Fuck," Bette breathed.

    Tina slowly moved in circles around her clit making sure to not look obvious lest anyone glance back at them.

    Bette bit her lips and gripping the hand rests. "T..."

    "Mm I haven't felt you in a long while," Tina whispered, "you're wet already."

    "I'm always wet around you," Bette breathed closing her eyes.

    "Ohh I've missed you," Tina said.

    "Ahh too," Bette panted her body starting to shake.

    "Tonight I want us to really be together, not a quickie in a train or a fast fuck after a passionate memory," Tina said, "I want us to make love."

    "Yesss, annyyy thing just ppplease...let me cummm," Bette moaned softly.

    "I never said you couldn't."

    "Ahhhh!" Bette breathed. She covered her mouth quickly and bit down on her hand as the orgasm ripped through her. Her body shook and Tina moaned softly.

    "Ohh yeah baby," Tina whispered.

    Bette let out a long breath then rested back on her chair, "babe you're a daredevil."

    "Maybe it's a natural thing, I don't need to remember it," Tina said.

    "Maybe," Bette said, "but either way, tonight you and I are making love like we always have."


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