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    Los Angeles, Bette Porter’s house, Monday morning.


    Bette: “Tina, can I ask you a question?”

    Tina: (sad) “yeah”

    Bette: “do you love Carrie?”

    Tina was looking down and closed her glassy eyes, yes, she loved Carrie, she cared about her, because when she was down after she and Bette broke, it was Carrie who gently consoled her, who took her out to dinners and meetings and rides to easier her pain; for that Tina was grateful; because of that she felt the peace of mind and stability when she was with Carrie, and because of that is that she accepted to be her girlfriend even though she wasn’t in love, she couldn’t because her heart already belonged to someone else, her ex-wife. Even though she knew she couldn’t love Carrie, she considered her a great friend and companion in her future life; but now the blonde felt overwhelmed with grief and bitterness, looking at the situation objectively, apparently, her fiancé has been lying and showing herself as the woman that she wasn’t. A person can’t change that much overnight, no…, Carrie has played with her feelings, her broken heart, her solitude, her needs for a friend.

    Tina: (with tears in her eyes) “I… I thought I did…, I thought she was, above all, a great friend, oh my God, Bette, how could I’ve been so blind; in this last week she has been lying constantly at the point that I don’t know who she is any more”

    Bette: “I’m sorry, T… and yes, she sounded demanding when we talked by phone yesterday”

    Tina: “well, not only demanding, she was a real bitch, I can’t believe it”

    Bette felt sorry for Tina; she knows that the reason why Tina left her was to fulfill her professional dreams, but again Bette reflected on how they reached that point… it’s not uncertain.  Bette remembers 8 years ago when they were in New York and Tina worked in a movie studio, while Bette was working half-time in the art gallery she and Kelly had in Los Angeles, how incomplete she felt, coming down from being a gallery owner, a museum director, to a part-time and long-distance art dealer, not to mention that she had to endure the sexual advances of her business partner every time she traveled to L.A. because of the gallery; of course she never told Tina about Kelly’s harassment, not even about that video recorded by Jenny when Kelly came to her house at night and Tina was in New York, ten years ago. It was hard, and due to all those reasons the brunette decided to look for another job then, which she found as commissioner of the Art Committee of Los Angeles city council; when she was selected, she decided to take it, making Tina resign to her job in New York to come with her to L.A. Bette never thought that one day Tina would do the same, but of course, Bette is not Tina, she’s not a quitter, she didn’t let Tina’s professional dreams to interfere with her own career, after all, sooner or later her beautiful wife would come back because she knew very well that Tina loved her…, until that miserable day after their divorce when the blonde told her that she was in love with another woman, that broke her, the brunette felt empty, and that emptiness was scarcely patched by a few lovers. Yes, she was hurt by her ex-wife behavior, she still is, but she understands her and she still loves her. Shyly Bette moved closer to her ex and moving her hand to the blonde’s shoulder she asked.

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    1. Love your story. Covid could be the saving grace for the show. It could keep Tina in LA, no one necessarily has to get the virus, they could just use the lockdown as a reason for Tina to have to stay in LA and Carrie in Toronto.. certainly they can have an imagination to work with that premise.

      • Hi dtthomas:

        Happy to hear you like the story, Yes I thought that quarantine could give a chance to reconcile to our favorite couple.

        And I don’t like Carrie close to Tina and Bette, too.

        Thanks for reading and commenting.


    2. Covid has brought much anguish to the Porter Kennard family. I think Angie is experiencing a very real-life event having to fight so hard to recover and having seen a friend die and another be in critical condition.

      I noticed the line where Tina is experiencing tasteless meals ( a symptom that we have come to look for as a possible hint that the Covid experience may be closer that one realizes). Hope not, we’ll see.

      My guess, either Carrie’s at the door or frickin’ Kelly showing up out the blue. Uuuugh ????

      • Hi DT:

        You’re right, the disease hit hard Tina and Bette’s family, and I hope it would be worthy and make them come together.

        Tina is stressed but it could be the disease too.

        Let’s see who’s at the door in the next chapter.

        Thanks for reading and commenting.


    3. Agree with Dumplin T post. The only two psychos crazy enough to be out and about during a pandemic and just show up at Bette’s house would be Carrie or Kelly. Anyone else would call. With the borders closed how would Carrie even get in the US.? I actually hope it is Kelly. She is a total airhead and is the type who would be out riding around in a tornado. So could very likely be her. If it is Kelly it brings up all of Bette’s anxiety about the harassment endured at the hands of that nut job and gives Bette and Tina a chance to finally talk about what she did to Bette. Could help get them talking about their latest break up. However, that Bette never shared what Kelly was doing to her and Kit told Tina some of it and they still never talked about it is pretty disheartening. In your story, Bette also never shared her police interrogation conversation. On and on it goes. Neither feels comfortable enough or trusts the other enough. So sad.

      I know it is totally your call but I wish Bette wasn’t being blamed so much for their latest breakup. Based upon the series, there is really no reason to think Bette would have forced Tina to move back to LA. In fact it seems she did it to take care of Kit. I just wish Bette was not the heavy in your story. For me, it does not fit where they were when the series ended. Bette wanted more children and was looking forward to being with Tina and Angelica. Given Tina’s attitude regarding Bette (per her talk with Helena) she has no interest whatsoever in reconciliation. And if Bette is as selfish and self centered as Tina makes her out to be then it is good that Tina divorced her. And as much as it pains me to say it I just don’t see any path to them getting back together as a couple. Even though quarantined and caring for Angie, Tina tells Helena she will try not to fight with Bette. Ouch! Tina seems to have far too many negative views of Bette to get back to forever. Major arrow through my TiBette heart.

      • Hi Billy:

        Nice to see your comment, and thanks for allowing me to explain.

        I won’t tell who is at the door, that is in the next chapter, but what I will tell you is that I agree with you, Bette doesn’t have to take most of the blame, and that is what I believed on January, I had my doubts when people started to speculate about why Tina and Bette divorced; there was no reason for that in the OG show, but we all know the truth (Marja and LH schedule). So, to find some clues I start reading the interviews to JB and LH; especially JB and there is this article where she was interviewed:

        “Q: What frustrates you the most about Bette as a character, and what do you love most about her?
        JB: Oh my God. I mean, sometimes she just doesn’t learn the lesson. It’s incredible. It’s like, she’s on this never-ending wheel, like a hamster. [Laughs.] She just keeps repeating the same mistakes over and over again. What I love about her is that she’s actually very big-hearted and unapologetic about her agency and her will.”

        Well, I couldn’t accept a broken TIBETTE, so I’m trying to follow the clues in those interviews. However I want to make a TIBETTE story, otherwise, I wouldn’t write this, I’m showing some of the things that were left unexplained in season 6 of the OG show, and I’m trying to weave the story as soft as I can, but trying to find an explanation to the divorce, I think that one possible reason why they divorced may be the lack of communication about something and as we saw in GQ Ep 6, Tina complained about the lack of space she felt with Bette before the divorce. Now, here. even when Bette looks the one with most of the blame for the divorce (the offender) sometimes is the other person who has more responsibility for the breakout and Tina knows that she is to blame for that, and she doesn’t want to talk with Helena yet about it perhaps because she feels that she screwed things in that way that she has deep guilt inside, and that is why she said to Bette (OG Ep 5) “anytime you need me I’ll be here” but she is respectful of Bette’s life, remember Tina doesn’t know that Maya hanged up the phone to Bette, in other words, Tina loves Bette but she is hopeless at this point in the story.

        Now, I thought to make a short story of this, but as I keep researching the interviews and the possible routes, it keeps growing, but I will need to cut this as soon as I see a possible good end (and I will try not to do more research).

        Well, I hope I have some answers to your concerns, which, by the way, are also mine respect to GQ season 2, I know that many of us have said we won’t see if there is not an end game, but overall I think we TIBETTErs deserve a happy TIBETTE 4-ever.

        Thanks for your very important comment.


        • Thank you for the kind reply and for taking the time to explain some of your thought process. Glad you want a happy ending which is our girls back together in a healthy partnership. In your story Tina has expressed some awfully negative views regarding Bette and to turn that all around and decide she does want to try to successfully reconcile as a healthy couple is going to be tricky. Will just have to keep reading.

    4. Thank you so much my friend for posting this chapter on my Birthday!

      So far i have a great day!

      My guess it is either Carrie or Kelly but Bette have not have contact with her the last few years.

      It seems they both fell in the same traps as before, hiding important things and taking the breadwinners role (Bette) and Tina not speaking up about what bothers her, blowing up after several years and to end up with divorcing Bette. Sad that they couldn’t avoid it, they were so much better and equal in their relationship, Bette giving Tina space and so proud and supportive of Tina, Tina strong and confident. Why oh why is it that they fail each other again and again, there is so much love and they should be the power couple that is in tune with each other and deeply in love and happy in their relationship with parenting Angie.

      Both are afraid to talk about their feelings and fears and why they ended as a divorced couple. Both are afraid to anger each other, so sad but they have to talk and work their problems out, otherwise they will never reconcile and only best Friends like Tina wants and told Helena will not work for me.

      Please let them hash their shit out and be a couple again!!!!

      Thanks for the update my friend ????

      Be careful and stay save and healthy ????❤️????

      • Hi, my friend, HAPPY BIRTHDAY again.

        You know what I think about GQ, I don’t like how they broke TIBETTE, but I have to write something to convince myself that we aren’t a bunch of crazy fans when we say TIBETTE 4-ever or TIBETTE end game.

        Look, in OG Season 6, Bette never told Tina about Jenny’s videotape on Kelly and her, she was afraid that Tina would break with her; season 6 ended with that cliffhanger (I should remind it to SG, right?) and then we have GQ with TIBETTE divorced. I want to blame neither Bette nor Tina, but if they divorced, there should be a reason. I’m looking inside season 6; when Tina and Bette were fine but not “certifiably” fine, there were still secrets even in the interrogation tapes you see it.

        I think Tina is hopeless, but she still loves Bette, and I’m pretty sure if she sees an opportunity, she will take it; she has too much love for Bette to end as best friends

        Thank you for your comments, and enjoy your day, my friend.


    5. Bette and Tina frustrates the hell out of me. Why are they so afraid to talk to each other? Relationships should about the ability to freely talk to eat other. Bright side they’re started to admit their faults. Now, it’s time to act of the solutions. Let the cards fall and deal with the reactions despite fears.

      Angie will continue to have a rollercoaster recovery. This is how COVID works. Bette and Tina will be stronger over this experience.

      Now, the nut case scenario at the door. Two schools of thoughts;
      1). Carrie is deeply possessive and will not give up. She is using Tina to further her career. If so, California has a requirement to quarantine for two weeks, and it’s been three weeks time Tina has been in LA. Carrie has been plotting this whole time and feels threatened more the long Tina has been quarantined with Bette. With Angie waxing and waning recovery, Tina and Bette have enough sense not to let anyone in the door. They both have been exposed and are fiercely protective over Angie. Angie has two fierce mother bears at her side.

      2) Kelly has been chasing Bette for years. She’s cocky enough to continue her stalking from a distance to pursue her target. Again, threatened by Tina’s quarantine with Bette for some time. Kelly is not mentally stable and Bette needs to confront Kelly and shut her down. Bette needs to find it within to tell Tina. At that point, Tina can share she known about the video for years. Perfect change to discuss Bette’s fears and move forward.

      Now, the opportunity will be forced upon one or the other.

      Thanks for this story. To say than I would absolutely love another edition soon is an understatement. No pressure. Lol.

      • Hi Deanna:

        Finaly we get your comment out of the spam folder.

        Well, sometimes happen that someone is afraid to tell certain things to the person they love the most, especially with the story that Bette and Tina have, fourteen years ago they started with a story of cheatng, revenge, cheating again, and many other painful things. Well apparently there still is too much fear to go to the same again.
        Who’s at the door? We’ll see in the next chapter.

        Thanks, my friend for reading and commenting.


    6. Bette and Tina frustrates the hell out of me. They have been together long enough to be able to share openly. “Quess Who’s Coming to Dinner?” Will force one or the other’s fears in real time. With Angie’s waxing and waning recovery, they have enough sense not to let whoever in the door. Their close friends know not to come around.
      Carrie is possessive and will not give up. She using Tina to further her career. Hopefully, Minuet will share details to Tina if she asks. This maybe happen with a confrontation at the door. Kelly has been pursing Bette for years. Bette may be forced to share wholly about Kelly. Tina knows half of the story. It’s been 3 wks long enough for California’s mandate for trans state 2 wks quarantine. Both bold and cocky enough to show up.

    7. P

      Love the story. Love how you told the history from each perspective. And the details about the COVID sprinkled are perfect. Such a difficult topic to put in front of a backdrop of the Pandemic, but in hard times often comes clarity,

      Looking forward to more.


      • Hi SK:

        I’m very glad that you like this story, yes it’s a little hard to write about this disease, sometimes you need to feel it.
        Thank you fo your encouragement I hope to make a good TIBETTE story of this.

        Thanks again.


    8. Hi P,
      Thanks again for another great chapter. I am so rooting for these two to just open up and be honest about their past hurts. They have such a wonderful opportunity to do that right now during quarantine. My only fear is that they will not get to say it all before Tina gets sick. I’m with Dumplin’ T that it was a small clue when you mentioned the inability to taste, and then another small clue to me was when you wrote Bette washing her hands after taking care of Angie. I haven’t read about Tina’s hand washing at all. Yikes! So I’m on the edge of my seat about that and then you had to throw in a mysterious visitor at the door during Covid! Who’s crazy enough for that! Can’t wait to read the next chapter and find out about both!


      • Hi RK:

        Nice to see your comment and to be back here.

        Yes, I believe they need to open to each other, and this quarantine will help them up,
        Oh, you have also seen the same than Dumplin’T, well, we’ll see, But sick or healthy, Tina or Bette, the truth has to come up.

        Okay, I didn’t say that Tina didn’t wash her hands, but I remember that Angie vomited on her cloths and arm and Tina couldn’t change clothes until Bette came to the hospital.

        About the visitor, you can’t imagin how many crazy people come to our doors during the pandemic, I’m tired about them. (lol)

        Thanks for reading and commenting, my friend.


    9. I am glad to see another chapter of this story… I see that the fears and stress of this “new disease” is bringing to the Kennard-Porter family. It is probably the most stressful period of time Bette or Tina have experience in their entire lives in that their child is very sick and with a disease which no one knows anything about. They are on a day by day – hour by hour watch and giving care to their child with no reference as to how long it will last nor what the final outcome will be. And they are doing this in the confines of house with someone they each care deeply about and have a long history with. Both have been living with their emotional baggage of unresolved issues between them, the guilt of their own choices of their past. and the wonder if some of those issues can be resolved and forgiven. And yet they are both dedicated to being supportive and a source of strength to determine their own path no matter what that path may be. Bette seems to have some hope that maybe there is a future together. Tina on the other hand believes the die has been cast and their paths will not converge again. However, it has only been days since she broke her engagement with Carrie and she has not had much time to think about what her life looks like post-Carrie. All she or Bette can think about at the moment is Angie and fulfilling the job obligations in the confines of limited space with an ex-spouse.

      As to the comment that JB made about Bette could not seem to learn from her mistakes? I think that could be just what JB thought at the moment of Bette particularly the way the script was written. But what if that was a false analysis of who Bette Porter is? What if that is how Tina looks at Bette and not the truth of who Bette is? My impression is that Tina left without explanation as to why she left and she gave a promise that when she resolved her issues would return to Angie and Bette. Instead, some months later she insisted on a divorce which Bette reluctantly agreed to. She then announces that she’s in love with someone new and still later announced her intent to be married to Carrie. Only then does she talk about the lack of space, Bette’s self-centeredness, etc. And Bette throws-up her defenses – “look around. I’ve been wrong plenty.” Tina’s speech was to justify her actions – her leaving, her request for a divorce and her moving on with a new lover. And it was coming, two years after her leaving Bette and a year after their divorce. And my impression is that this was the first time Tina had even broached the subject of why she left and divorced. This was not a discussion!. This was an angry outburst with the intent to hurt and blame Bette for her own decisions. Are these accusations true or even close to what really happened? Or was this something that Tina built-up in her mind based upon some historical characteristics Bette displayed years ago to justify her own actions. Bette seems to have been taken completely by surprise from Tina’s actions. Why is that? Was Bette oblivious to what was going on in her own home or did Tina just purposely hide her own discontent and unhappiness until she just had to leave to preserve her own identity? Did they both get to the point they shared nothing with each other?

      The author presents the reason for the divorce to be some incident or failure to correct certain behaviors in one or both of them may have resulted in their separation and divorce. I have read almost every comment written on the stories relating to the Gen Q stories. I have surmised that the consensus is that this separation and divorce by Bette and Tina the most unexplainable canon of Gen Q. The writers had no intention of explaining it as they had no reason to believe that Laurel Holloman would ever be available to revise her role as Tina Kennard. It was late in the season that she did become available and when she did they wrote her in just two episodes emphasising her relationship with Angie and her co-parenting arrangement with Bette. I congratulate the authors this website for venturing into this world of unknown and trying to shed some light and insight. For me, it’s almost an impossible task since the Gen Q Bette and Tina are so unlike The L Word Bette and Tina which we saw and knew in season 6. I just cannot see Bette being like a hamster on a wheel – running and never going anywhere. She is far to intelligent for that. I cannot see Tina tolerating Bette to not allowing her to be a fully involved and equal partner in their relationship. I cannot see that they would not hold each other accountable for their part in not putting the work to keep their partnership and family a high priority in their life. The greatest hurt these two experience in their lives was the time they spent apart. I do not see how either of them would ever let that happen again. But that is not what the canon is. So, getting Bette and Tina back together is like metal to a magnet. Just get them close and in the same vicinity and they are drawn to each other.

      My hopes is that Tina and Bette will open their minds to the possibilities of a future together and open their hearts to magnificence they both are and who they can be if they just put forth the effort.

      Thank you for this chapter….love to see more..

      • Martha,

        Well said. Agree with your post. Reading too much into any JB or LuH interviews regarding their characters always needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Both actresses have been and are always going to be pummeled for information. This was true in the original series – will they or won’t they get back together – and in GQ – how could they be divorced and will they reconcile. Both actresses also know there is a loyal TiBette fan base and as long as a show exists are most assuredly prohibited from sharing too much detail. Sadly, the GQ character scenario regarding their relationship was a total disaster. That Tina divorced Bette, did not attend Kit’s funeral, had a new lover she intended to marry, had a snarky attitude towards Bette, and gave a quasi explanation to Angie regarding her reasons for leaving is all we know. As true blue fans of the couple none of this was believable or acceptable. Hence the brave writers and fanfiction trying to right the wrongs. But as long as GQ exists thinking we can get any absolute clues from JB or LuH is not going to happen. So we read.

      • Hi Martha:

        I always appreciate your input in my stories, and I’m grateful for that

        I agree with you that the way JB talks about Bette, is so low, but I think is the way she works the character (of course, I have my own “conspiracy theory” lol). Reading another interview, LH and JB said that the writers were going to make it worse than what we saw in GQ, but they both opposed and came with the divorce and the co-parenting as an alternative. Even with all the possibly inaccurate information they may have given us, I will use it partially in this story, because I need a link between the past (10 years ago) and the present (GQ) and I am using season 6 to fill in some gaps; I really don’t know what other stories say about TIBETTE after 10 years or about GQ, but I don’t want a culprit I want a reconciliation; I don’t think JB talked about what Tina thought about Bette, but I think she was talking according what the initially story-line for GQ was, then she and LH asked for a change.
        In this story it is a little hard to write everything from my head, because there is an initial point (TLW-OG), a middle point (what we saw in GQ) and what we want to happen to them in the future, most the writers here want to make TIBETTE right, as I want, and I want to use their past and the interviews of JB and LH to do it; for some reason I believe in LH interviews more than JB, and as she said she wants TIBETTE together again, as we all want.
        Now, I don’t think Tina left without explanations; she did because she had a good job to take and she decided to do it even if Bette couldn’t follow her. I think things got a little bad and they divorced and I think… well you’ll see what else I think in the next chapters, I don’t think Tina is mentally ill and don’t blame Tina only, as someone else said, when a couple breaks there are two parts involved, and here there are 2 persons that love each other very much and they broke, I still believe in TIBETTE.
        What is posted in this story is as possible cause of the breaking of the marriage, the lack of communication, not the incompatibility, neither the lack of love. And if we follow TLW OG season 6, you can see that Bette didn’t tell Tina about Jenny’s video, she was still supporting Shane’s betrayal with Nikki on Jenny; and Tina didn’t tell Bette about her incestuous childhood (well, that was after season 6 in the interrogation tapes) but you could see that they still have some issues to fix.
        But I agree with you, there was too much wrong done in GQ about TIBETTE, and it is hard to fix for the future, even when JB said that she will take most of LH free time to work in the show, and even when LH said that she will like to have a hybrid job between painting and acting. But, Martha, we are here in LesFan, and we can write even “impossible things”, and we will.
        As you said Tina and Bette are like a metal to a magnet, put them together and the filigree of love will begin to grow and intertwine to form an indestructible bond. All you need is a spark, a little bit of fuel and love will ignite.

        Thanks for your comments they are a good feedback to me

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