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    Los Angeles, Bette Porter’s house, Tuesday, noon.


    The ring at the door has disconcerted the two moms who were talking in the kitchen, none of them is expecting anybody today, neither the grocery van nor the mail delivery.

    Tina: “who do you think it could be?”

    Bette: “no idea…, do you think someone is looking for you?”

    Tina: “I don’t think so…, perhaps someone from the university wants to see you”

    Bette: “no…, they would call first, besides they know I’m quarantining”

    Tina: “hmm, it maybe somebody from the hospital”

    Another ring at the door stirred the women who looked at the entrance with apprehension. For Bette it was uncertainty and a little fear, could it be Carrie? How could she dare to come to her house? No…, she couldn’t…, but if she was, this couldn’t be a worse moment; now that she and Tina are starting to talk and work things together…, like a family… However, for all Bette has heard that Carrie must be a viper hard to rid of.

    For Tina, there is this fear that someone from the hospital may bring bad news, perhaps Jordi is very bad or worse, or perhaps it is the new test for her and her ex…, or maybe it could be someone looking for Bette… one of her many dates…, well she has no right to complain, after all, it was her, Tina, who was going to marry Carrie two or three weeks ago.

    Another ring at the door called the attention of the two paralyzed women.

    Bette: “we better ask, whoever is there, what they want”

    Tina: “yeah…”

    But nobody moved until finally Bette held Tina’s hand and softly pulled her to the door.

    Bette: “we look like two little girls home alone at night scared by strange noises”

    Tina: (smiling nervously) “you may be right; I hope it won’t be bad news”

    Holding hands the two moms went to the door, it was Bette who asked.

    Bette: “who is it?”

    Maya: “it’s me, Bette, I called to your office and James told me you were working from home, I know Angie is sick and you may need some help, I brought lunch”

    Tina lowered the head and her face changed, she released Bette’s hand, which made the brunette look at her with surprise.

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    1. Okay folks – I will see that nasty viper and raise you one dangerous psychopath!!! Yikes!!!! What is Carrie’s end game? Who is she going to get to be the bride? A make believe Tina? Is it a game to humiliate Tina? Early days of the pandemic but travel may be restricted and none of the LA crew able to go to Canada. If not then Carrie can get back into the US. How could Helena have believed for one second that Tina was going forward with the wedding? Sound the alarm Joyce! How embarrassing and dangerous for Tina. Maya reminds me of one of those storm chasers. What is she doing out and about? Maybe Maya should marry Carrie. Both Bette and Tina seem to be getting sicker every day. Neither has the energy to tackle much of anything besides taking care of Angie and each other. Will they confess their eternal love and then collapse in each other’s arms? Maybe it’s just lack of sleep? Stress? Why no word from Shane? Oh dear. This is all so troubling.

      • Hi Billy:

        Yes, a total freaking bitch that Carrie.
        Some of you were right commenting that we didn’t hear the last of her mischiefs in former chapters, it wa right; but this is the last proof of Bette caring and love for Tina.
        Well, you see they are apparently sick, but no fever so far; could those be the benign form of the disease?
        We don’t know, maybe they will get worse, maybe not.
        But let’s them do what they have to do, to talk about all those hidden things, all those problems that they didn’t want to touch months ago; and later we’ll see what could happen,
        May they collapse terrible sick in each other arms?
        May they die (may someone die)?
        Would they survive?
        What will happen with Angie?
        Where is Shane?
        Anyway, I don’t wanna tell another word, let’s wait what the next chapter brings us.
        BTW, you know, for some reason when I write about Carrie I think on Marja (lol), maybe because Marja broke TIBETTE and Carrie is her instrument (I’m crazy, I know ????????????)
        Well, Thank you for reading and commenting in this story.

        Take care.


      • Billy,
        U are too darn 🤣🤣!!! How’d U come up with “SEE that nasty viper and RAISE you one dangerous psychopath”??? Sounds like she is definitely out to humiliate Tina bc she’s inviting as many personal friends & family as possible to a wedding that has been called off. Or is it?

        Is there some way she can claim Tina as her “common law wife” because they shared in the household expenses 🤔?? Or is she trying to take Tina’s house for same reason🤔??

        Maya is definitely a storm-chasing outfit. WhoooHoooo for Bette!!! Finally learned how to firmly say NO!!! No, you many not come in. She’s always been afraid to cut ties. So afraid that the other person will “hate” her or show disappointment. Brava!! To ya Bette.

        Agree. Both Tina & Bette have symptoms of Covid-19 and need to take of business and find out the scoop on the previous tests.

        • Crap! The common law route!!! For sure Carrie will take whatever she can. Early on there was that friend in Canada who raised the red flag about Carrie. Maybe she will head her off. But word has to get out that it is all a sham. If Carrie would do this – for sure she is never going to go peacefully. It’s like freaking Fatal Attraction. Good thing Tina doesn’t have any pet rabbits!

    2. I agree with Billy. Carrie is a psychopath and a sly one at that. I wish there was someone Tina trusted that could spread the news that the wedding is off. Isn’t there a friend in Toronto that works at Carries’s law firm who Tina trusts? Maybe that is the apace in the hole. Neither Tina nor Bette are doing well however, Tina is worse of the 3 of them and typical Tina fashion she doesn’t advocate for her own. Great stuff. Please post soon.

      • Hi Deanna:

        Exactly, someone who is obsessed about Tina, that is Carrie, but it is not a nice and innocent obsession (as many of Tina’s loyal fans in Twitter, FB etc, even I’m a fan of Tina), but a sick one, a person who only thinks in herself, egoistic and cruel. Anyway, you’re right, there is someone in Toronto who is Carrie’s Nemesis and works with her, someone who is a lawyer and was before involved with Carrie, a friend of Tina, that is the person Tina was thinking after Joyce adviced her.
        Oh my God, I shouldn’t say another word or the next chapter wouldn’t be a surprise.
        Yes, tipical Tina, doesn’t advocate for herself, there is one of the problems in this relationship, but she is fighting it (again, I shouldn’t say another word).

        Thank you Deanna for your comment, I’m glad you liked the chapter.

        Take care.


    3. I’m with the Comments above and Tina needs to sort Carrie out ASAP!
      Disappointed with Helena I think she could be a little more proactive dealing with Carrie.
      Enjoying this Story and look forward to more soon please

      Stay safe

      • Hi SG.

        How are you doing, my friend, I know it was a long time.
        Okay, yes, I “ran out of ink” (lol, there is no ink just a tablet that have to be uses for other purposes) but you’re right, Tina has to clarify publicly what Carrie is doing to her, and we haven’t heard about Alice and Shane, maybe they also received the same misinformation from Carrie, but we’ll see it later.
        Don’t be so disappointed from Helena, she was surprised by the emails and she was waiting to talk to Tina, certainly now that she knows she’ll try something, you know, that’s what friends are for.
        So many things in these hard days, some of us have to work double or more to keep the flock calm and working fine.
        I’ll try to post soon.

        Thanks for your comment and please stay safe.

    4. Hi proteonomics,

      Like SassyGran, i am with the comments above!

      Carrie is one crazy bitch! How could she let others think that the wedding is still happening and how dare she call Maya and Helena and Helena believing her?!
      Tina needs to get a laywer asap and stop Carrie. I really don’t understand what Tina saw in Carrie, was she so blind or Carrie that good in hiding her true nature? Settle for someone else just to put a barrier between her and Bette.

      You know, i still don’t understand Tina and her motives, she claims to be still in love with Bette but is still avoiding to talk with Bette, afraid that she will lose her space, her professional vocation if she is honest about her feelings? Does she really think that Bette will stop her to have a career? In my opinion Tina is easy to blame Bette for everything just because Bette knows what she wants and go for it. Yes, Bette can be blind and egoistic sometimes but she has always supported Tina. I personally think that Tina puts herself too much as the one who always ignores herself in their relationship in favor of Bette’s needs while she herself plays a big part in that. It’s easy to always blame Bette because she knows what she wants and is a strong personality. Sorry, I’m just not much of a fan of this Tina, but I hope you manage to change my view of her in the next few chapters.

      I am worried about Tina and Bette’s health, especially Tina. Why is she not honest about her lost of taste, that she feels so sick? Please, let her be honest and seek medical attention before she ends up in the hospital.

      Great chapter my friend!!! Please take care of yourself ????????????

      • I agree about Tina not taking responsibility for her own actions or inactions. If she truly fears having the love conversation with Bette and is worried that Bette will make demands then she should let it go and try to maintain a friendship. Tina’s conversation with Helena is troubling. Bette should not be punished for knowing what she wants. She is also not a mind reader. Tina needs to have more faith in Bette and communicate honestly. Same for Bette. Tina’s reason for ever having been with Carrie at all is kind of insulting to Bette – to make a barrier? I’m not sure this Tina has the I can’t live without you kind of love for Bette. She is so guarded. If her heart is not doing flip flops then when the quarantine is over she should move out and move on. And they both need to fess up about their health. Neither are helping by trying to hide their symptoms. Love this story.

        • I know Billy, Tina made a mistake, as many others by looking for a rebound in order to suppress feelings and needs, far away of the love of her life and her daughter, no very clever, but sometimes happens; the Bette from whom she wanted to erect a barrier, was less mature than the one that it is in front of her, and she, Tina is a little more different than the one she was a few months ago. What we learn here is that we all grow up living, suffering and facing challenges and we do that all the time, Tina and Bette are doing the same here.
          Yes, they may be sick and even not talking much about that, it shows and can’t be denied.

          Thanks again for the new imput.

          Take care.

          • I’m surprised either of them can focus on much at all. Angie has been so very ill and they both feel poorly. If they come out the other side of this then both will have an appreciation for life and what matters. Such a great and topical story.

      • Hi, my friend.

        I’m glad to come back with this chapter, as I said, “I had to post or die” (lol), just a joke.
        Respect of Carrie, believe it or not, there are lesbians with whom you have to break up two or more times; we know Carrie is a bitch, and also she’s humiliated; how Tina could get involved with her? Let’s read in next chapter about her conversation with Bette.
        We will read also about that “barrier” and how the divorced and why, as well as, why Tina looked for a rebound (yes, Carrie was a rebound); why Tina acts like she’s avoiding talking to Bette; we need to hear (read) from they both what really happened when Tina was offered a job far away; and we will have some answers to their separation.
        But you’re right, Tina is guilty of ignoring herself to favor Bette’s needs; I know about that, but as I said she’s fighting that. Now, so far Tina is not blaming Bette directly for being sure about what she wants, I think she would like to do the same; but let’s read what they have to say about that in next chapters.
        About their health, who is sicker (besides Angie) Bette or Tina? Are both sick or it is only stress?
        Let’s see what the next chapter bring us.

        This was a very interesting comment, Bibi,

        Thank you and please, take care, I know how bad is again over there these last weeks.


    5. Okay…. Maya is a bit over the top. The world is under siege by this new disease and she has to get permission from her office to take a leave of absence. Why doesn’t she call Bette first? Find out if Bette is sick or how Angie is doing? Just to show up and think that you are going to enter a home where there is a sick individual is a bit ludicrous. Phone, email, text? That is what you do…. And then to question why Tina was in the house is like way out of line. Does she think Bette is lying to her? Bette say goodbye to Maya forever… she’s really not very considerate of Bette’s situation.

      Carrie….well, what can I say. If it were me, I would call the newspaper in Toronto and in Los Angeles and take out a Quarter page ad and announce that Tina Kennard has terminated her engagement to Carrie Whatever her Last name is. And furthermore, Tina Kennard has terminated all relationships with Carrie Whatever her Last Name is. And anyone hearing or receiving any information to the contrary which is not directly out of the mouth of Tina Kennard should be treated as false and untrue. Signed Tina Kennard. And make sure it appears on the online versions as well as the hard copy versions. Run this for about 3 days and include a Sunday edition. That might be expensive, but it will be a public notice.

      Now, why is Tina hiding her illness from Bette? If Tina takes a turn for the worse, they all are going to need assistance to get through this. Therefore, the time to make those preparations just in case in now. She is putting all of their lives on the line by withholding this information. Same for Bette….they need to talk about getting a support team in the event they all are incapacitated at the same time. Angie is still too sick to be of any assistance.

      Its good that Bette wants to talk and its good that Tina is edging that way. But Tina needs to be ready to come clean with all her fears and reasons for being hesitant to talk. She needs to prepare Bette and herself that sometimes people cause hurt by the simple fact they do not disclose what is on their mind. Fear that the other one will be hurt is something that most people who care for one another can get through if they love each other and want only the best for each other. Withholding those fears usually causes more damage than admitting they exist.

      This is a great story…. would love to see more. I was beginning to worry that your life had just gotten in the way. Please keep writing….

      • Hi Martha:

        Glad to come back and read your comment.
        Yes, Maya is over the top, she thought she could surprise her ex girlfriend, after receiving the blessing from Carrie (it looks like Carrie is looking for allies), but she got all wrong and did all wrong too.
        As Bette said this pandemic is taking the best and the worse of everyone, maybe she didn’t thing n Carrie only but perhaps Maya was also in that list of the worse, trying to use the oportunity to slide under Bette’s bedsheets in a pandemic, hoping it could end in a pseudo permanent relationship, a good match for Carrie, who wants all of them to be like a big family (I have to stop or I’m going to vomit).
        About the ad, Joyce has something less expensive that a post in a newspaper, remember Tina is a well know entertainment producer, a kind of celebrity, I guess in ET (entertainment tonight) they sometimes talk about her and there is also Twitter, FB and other social media. Don’t worry, Joyce will take care of that and let’s see who will do the legal things in Toronto.
        Now, let’s them talk openly, to bare their souls and fears show and share their hearts with each other.

        Thank you for your concern about my life, these are very hard times and as I said before, sometimes you need to work 24/7 to certain things running well.

        Thanks for the always valuable comment, I really appreciate it very much.

        Take care.


      • Maya.
        Think she just knows she can get some inside info on folks and has done that in effort to get close to Bette. Far as she’s concerned, Bette shouldn’t have a reason to NOT pursue her.

        She fully expected Bette to let her in AND stay after the meal !!

        Shane is suppose to be getting info on Jordi’s status, but NOT being a family member, getting such info is protected by privacy laws. Still, I’m nervous that it may be bad news . . . the kind that would be especially hard for 16yr old Angie to process. She’s already terrified that she’s infected her Moms ????

        • Hi Dumplin T:

          Glad to see your comment, As you see about Bette, never is too late to grow or learn something new, finally she got rid of Maya in a clean way.
          For Tina we’ll see in next chapters is she has learn something else, specially the last days with her disenchartment about Carrie.
          Shane is a resourceful person, that’s why Bette asked her to find out something about Jordi, but I hope Shane is doing well, who knows.
          Tina and her lawyers have to move fast, or Carrie will keep invading her space (funny, Tina thought her ‘space’ was safe with Carrie).

          Great comments.

          Thanks and take care.


        • I’m worried about Jordi as well. And her family. Poor Angie. These are the early days and people are learning more every day. I doubt Tina will be able to get back to Canada even if she was able and wanted to. The borders if not already closed may be soon. Now that is one big border to protect Tina from Carrie but somehow she also needs to protect her home and possessions and reputation in Canada. So much going on.

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