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    …..New Story…no title…….chapter 5

    Chapter 5

    The next morning: Bette’s POV
    Bette woke up with a happy feeling. She smiled, she had a very pleasant dream. She dreamed that she made love to Tina and it was incredible. Tina had this gorgeous sexy body that was made to be loved by her. Thinking back to her dream made her wet. So she went to the bathroom to take a cold shower. Hoping that that arousing feeling she felt when thinking of Tina would go.
    Walking on cloud nine, she left for work. The day didn’t go by fast enough for Bette.

    Big Bertha noticed the restlessness in Bette.

    “Yoh Pretty Face, what’s eating you. You’re walking on eggshells…….you want to share?”

    “Nah B, I’m alright. I am a little restless but nothing to worry about. I haven’t been to the gym in a view days and this is the result.” Bette said with a hazy look in her eyes.

    “Yeah right,……..whatever but I don’t buy it. You don’t need to tell me what’s bugging you but don’t lie to me. You’re a bad liar Bette.”

    Now Bette looked surprised……..”What’s wrong with you, you called me Bette? What happened to Pretty Face?”

    “Pretty Face is not so pretty when she lies. If you don’t want to share something, just say so. I may be a bitch sometimes but I’m good people. And lying to me, feels like an insult.” Bertha walked away when she finished that last sentence leaving a speechless Bette behind.

    That’s how James came across Bette when he entered the storage room.

    “What’s wrong, truce between you and Bertha is over?”

    “I don’t know but it didn’t happen on purpose.” Bette walked out of the storage room in search of Bertha. She found her outside smoking a sigarette.

    “Hey Bertha, can I talk to you?”

    “I’m listening…………”

    “I’m sorry if I offended you, that’s not my style. Nor is lying my style. You’re right, the reason I’m walking on cloud nine is because I’m happy. This day can’t pass by fast enough. My restlessness doesn’t have anything to do with me not have been to the gym. It has to do with me having feelings for someone and I can’t wait to see that person again after work.”

    Bertha looked at Bette and a smile crept upon her face. Then she laughed out loud.
    Bette looked surprised.

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    1. Wonder!
      After reading that my day will be great.
      I am enjoying the friendship of Bette
      Bertha because at first seemed
      which would be the enemy, fortunately not.
      Pretty much how you describe all the love
      and mutual care of both.
      Worshiping its history.
      The whole constellation of the universe.
      Now I have to go to the airport, has
      people who come to the city
      spend Christmas and New Year with their families, and
      the airport is crowded, a total uproar yet
      sends a video for you to see.
      Bear hug.

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