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    Not The End, Chapter 27

    Chapter Twenty-Seven

    I arrive home minutes later and throw myself into some comfy clothing and grab my laptop and head in the kitchen and place the laptop open on the table.

    I hear my cell ringing in my purse and i quickly rush to the sofa to answer it.


    “Hey baby sis.”

    “Kit, hey.” I say walking over towards my computer.

    “Look, i’m worried, do you really want to keep working?”

    “I do and I don’t, I can’t keep working with Kelly if she’s going to keep trying to control my life, blackmail…blackmail, she’s trying to blackmail me to keep me working with her, the worse thing is will Tina even believe me if i tell her?”

    “Kelly doesn’t even have nothing but words. She doesn’t eve—“

    “Hold on Kit, something just popped up on my computer.”

    I take a seat and see the three alert new mail messages from Kelly. “What the-“

    “What is it Bette?”

    “I don’t know yet-“ I click open and my eyes brighten with shock. “Oh my god..what the fuck..just why..”

    I sit here looking at three photos that are certainly cropped photos unless I have some twin out there my father has never told me about. The three photos show me and Kelly under the covers, the scene to be set up like i slept with her, pretty professional photos if i ask you, photos she had someone make to destroy my life more and more with that smirk of hers.

    “Bette, what is it??”

    “I can’t believe this.”

    “Are you going to say something?!”

    “It’s Kelly, she’s gone far this time.”

    “How far?”

    “Far..she’s cropped me into photos of us in bed..”

    “She’s what!?”

    I scroll further down to see a little message that I read out loud. “This is just to remind you that I have you in the palm of my hands, you don’t want Tina seeing these now do you?”

    I lean back and let the silence over take me.

    “She’s really gotten to you.”

    “She hold’s me in her palms.”

    “Not if Tina can believe you.”


    “Look I get off work in an hour or two, let me come over.”

    “No, I just want to be alone for now, I have to go.”

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    1. Poor girls, they must come to a point to love and trust each other again. Tina has to quit this behavior or shecwill lose Bette forever over something stupid. kelly needs her ASS whipped real good and Bette and Tina needs to be the ones to do it. Bette needs to show Tina the latest crap from bitch kelly at once with no delays. kelly really is showing some nerve to try doing all the things she is doing. Bette should whip her ass and then file a lawsuit and sue her into oblivion, take everything she has or will have in the future. I’m now mad as hell. Thanks for posting.

    2. Hello, Just wanted to come out of my silent reader status.

      You may have lost readers, but I wanted to let you know that you also gained one, me.

      I had my reservations about your story, but I am very intrigued how this will develop.

      I am happy that Bette is taking control, she needs to slap that bitch to hell.

      Tina needs to come out of her stupor really fast before she loses Bette, how in the hell can you say you love someone and trust her in your heart but not in your mind? !!!

      Allright, enough rambling, thank you for this story.

    3. Man, it’s best Bette open the game with Tina and talk
      this blackmail that Kelly is doing and show
      these pictures before Kelly send by email to
      Tina, and we’ll see what happens.
      10 stars.

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