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    Prologue & Chapter 1: I Knew That It Would Hit You Eventually



    From one sister to another, funky sister
    It’s all about transformation
    It’s all about change
    It’s one thing a woman knows about
    Change is the only constant
    We bleed and don’t die
    We sweat when it’s minus fifty outside
    We fight in the battles, side by side
    It’s a sister thing
    It’s a W-O-M-A-N thing
    And we’re coming together
    We’re pulling ourselves together
    It’s all about transformation
    Rust to dust, us to them
    Change your mind, change your skin
    Life to death, weak to strength
    Cash a check, change your sex
    Day to night, dark to light
    Hard to soft, on to off
    Push to shove, hate to love
    In and out, it’s all about
    They’re just transformations
    Variations, alternations, deviations
    You know, Mother Nature rules us all
    I move and I go
    In time, fast or slow
    I move, because
    Each time there’s some more
    Wet to dry, eye to eye
    Yin to Yang, pleasure or pain
    Good to bad, crazy or sane
    You make the rules, then you play the game
    (Oh you got to play the game)
    Fist to glove, lose or win
    You live a life of sin, then you’re born again
    Trash to art, heart to heart
    Big or small, we’re all about (we’re all about)
    They’re just transformations
    Variations, alternations, deviations
    You know, Mother Nature rules us all
    Rules us all
    Rules us all
    Rules us all
    Rules us all

    Lyrics: Nona Hendryx, Pam Grier, Betty, The L Word: Season 3 Soundtrack

    Chapter 1: I Knew That It Would Hit You Eventually

    Story Setting: Silver Lake, Los Angeles. Mid-July. 2019. Three months after the April special mayoral election. One week after the walk in the hills with Angie and meeting Maya. Angie has completed her sophomore year of high school and has been attending a summer astronomy conference at the University of Southern California in preparation for her junior year. The story begins at 11:00 pm on the night Bette and Maya finally meet for dinner. Bette is now home.

    Bette sat on the couch where she had been so totally immobilized a few weeks before. She took off her earrings and smiled as she looked down and began to fiddle with her bracelet. “That was a surprisingly nice evening. She’s really pretty great. And I think I’d definitely like to do that again. Maya and I could become good friends, I think.” Bette stopped turning the bracelet and suddenly thought about Angie. “I knew that it would hit you eventually,” Angie had said while trying to comfort her mother. Those words had stuck with Bette and she heard them over and over again. Bette did not want Angie to ever see her that…that… broken. Never. Ever. Again. That much Bette knew to be true. She was so sorry Angie had seen her that way. She was Angie’s parent and it was not her daughter’s role to look after her mother.

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    1. Hey Billy,

      I am so happy and proud of you that you decided to post this story! Asap i have time this week i will read it. I am busy and have to really sit for it to give it all my attention.

      • There was a glitz in posting Martha’s comment. She could not post and she sent it directly to me. I tried to help her and for a few minutes there was a problem. If you have any questions please DM me. Thanks for reading. Billy.

    2. Bette has to be an exceedingly strong woman to have survived the tragedy that has happened to her in the last two or so years. Tina leaves, sues for divorce, Kit’s accident and then her death and Bette does not take the time to mourn these events but plunges head on into a losing effort to become Mayor of Los Angeles. No wonder Bette breaks down. But she has the courage of a lion…she takes time to look at the mementos and the memories of her her life which she kept to remind her of the happy times and the love she shared with her wife and her sister. She sorts through each and everyone them and organizes them and stores them away so that someday she can go through them again or that they can be given to Angie when she has a home of her own. And with that, she hope to bring order to the chaos and move on as writer so eloquently puts it.

      I think that having Buddy with her during the process – someone just to listen to her memories, to hear her pain and joy and to be able to express her anguish at the situation knowing there would be no hurt feelings, no interrogation and no future ramifications is for Bette the best possible therapy she could have had. The wisdom of Shane to provide support and space and time for Bette just to morn and process is a gift which Bette will never be able to repay. We now see signs that the period of grief is drawing to an end. She is indulging in self-improvement activities such as hikes and meditation. She has now gone out to dinner with a new person in her life Maya and is thinking about the future and is fully acknowledging Tina is no longer going to be a part of that.

      I am looking forward to seeing where Bette plans to take her life for this third act… she does not want to be a gallerist again. She does not want to be the head of a museum as she does not particularly like the administrative duties of budgeting and fund raising. I do not see this Bette trying her hand in politics again as it seems too cut throat and too public an endeavor for Bette Potter… She has Angie for two more years until she leaves for college, so whatever she does, in the that time will be in the Los Angeles area.

      The author has made an excellent case which supported the Generation Q pronouncement that Jennifer Schecter committed suicide. And looking at the clues from the point of view as presented appears me to be a logical conclusion. And in Jenny’s history from TLW there were other incidents which could be submitted to support the suicide conclusion. The beach party given to honor Tasha Williams comes to mind where Jenny gets in a raft after dark alone, leaving Sounder II on the beach to go for a joy ride alone in the Pacific Ocean comes to mind. What possible purpose did Jenny do that?

      I like this chapter….. there were places where I was drawn to tears – Kit’s funeral, Bette’s dialogue with Buddy and Bette’s memories of her wedding. There were things which surprised me – Helena’s apology for they way she plotted to destroy Bette’s career and how she used Tina for that purpose.

      Thanks for writing this…. I look forward to finding out where this is going…. This is a huge challenge that you have taken on to take the givens we have from Gen Q and to make it all make sense and yet in the end get our Bette and Tina back together…. I’m in for the ride….

      • Thank you Martha. I appreciate the insight and support. Buddy is one of my favorite characters. I’m glad Bette has him. It was challenging to go back to events from the original series but I really wanted a clean slate. That meant dealing with Jenny and Kelly and in a sense even Helena. Feel free to hold my feet to the fire regarding this experiment. I want Bette and Tina’s reunion to be real and make sense. I hope that it’s possible. Glad you are along for the ride.

    3. I can NOT wait to sit and read this tonight with a glass of wine and uninterrupted time. Martha’s comment about Bette having the courage of a lion is so true and I have yet to read the chapter. I do know you, and other writers, who tackle this storyline are also brave. It is a tough storyline to tackle and make sense of. I will comment later…

        • I was able to read Martha’s comment with no problem but I know Stir Fry had issues on my story so hopefully it will get permanently fixed….

          . I loved this chapter. It explains so much about the thought process Bette went through when she launched into a mayoral campaign. Imagine what she went through – Tina leaving her without an explanation, Kit dying and then an emotional political battle that rehashed old wounds and revealed her poor decision making regarding Felicity. So much of this is the Bette of TLW, the growth always on the tip of the surface but never sinking far enough into her being to create real change. But now … now she has found a measure of peace. Through Shane (what a fantastic friend!!), through Buddy, and by going through the stages of grief in very meaningful and believable way. How many of us have looked at old pictures and tried to discern what the one person we loved beyond measure was thinking? I will raise my hand. Very poignant moment.

          I love how you write Shane and Bette together and their easy breezey old friends dialogue. The way Shane just goes with the flow and gives Bette space and time with no clock ticking during the process. I love the scene of them in the office debating Luther vs Dionne and how Angie brings up memories of the two of them dancing. Such a lovely way to look back with fondness – and humor – on a time when things were easier. Imagine a home where the big argument of the day is which version of song you love better. And no one wins or is put down for liking one over the other. It really is the simple things that resonate the most. As a kid is there anything better than watching your parents dance? Get their groove on? No and no.

          This chapter also gave us events to put in a box, marked closed, end of story, over with. Done and done. In this box is Kelly Wentworth (forever ever and ever amen) who is no longer a threat, Jenny and any idea that New York was not a happy time for the couple. I always thought Jenny killed herself – all the clinical signs were there – the giving away of items, the hiding of truths that hurt, the video saying good bye and remember me at the same time. She had orchestrated a web of such deceit and pain that she had nowhere to turn, one day she knew it would all come tumbling down. I loved to hate Jenny but how could you not feel sorry for at the same time.

          I really loved Tina’s reaction to seeing the “video” of Bette going down on Kelly that Jenny was trying to use as blackmail. Her expertise went immediately into high gear as she picked apart the lightning, the angle, the quality of the shot. No chance she would be swayed by that hot mess. Zero. Good talk, Jenny, move along. Throw that bad boy into the ocean and be done with it. I love this Tina, can we have her back please?

          Any author who tries to tackle the shitstorm story line of GQ is to be commended. Bravo for trying and cheers for succeeding in this compelling first chapter. I am guessing there is so much more to come. So much. There is a ton of pain and lack of understanding between them that will take time to unravel. And Billy? I am here for it.

          Please post chapter two soon. We are inching closer to the premiere date and I need something to occupy my brain. Proud of you, this is a glorious start…

          • BK,

            I am incredibly humbled by your comment. I seriously bow to the master. Music is essentially a character in this story as it takes on a lot of significance – conjuring memories. One of my favorite things was having Bette reorder her office and listen to Kit’s music. A part of Kit will always be with Bette. Like you I am a huge fan of Bette and Shane’s relationship. I love their easy banter and fierce loyalty. I definitely wanted to show a strong, loving, devoted, happy, very on top of her game Tina in the flashback scenes. The story is challenging because I love our couple so much and yet Tina has some definite explaining to do. Bette is so in love with Tina but has in fact accepted that she has to somehow move on. Heavy sigh! Still – You will find that I write a very chill, very zen Bette. I would never have posted this story if I could not bring them back together forever in an authentic manner. How successful I end of being will be up to the reader. You know you are my hero, right? Your writing inspires me and your comment gives me the confidence to continue. My plan is to post 5 chapters before the series airs and then take a little break. Normally I would not do this. The reason will become clear in chapter 4. Thank you so very much for your encouragement and support.

    4. B
      Wow!!! Wow!!!!

      So much thoughtful detail. So much research. Bette filled in full color, the layers exposed and explained.

      Such careful words to explain such a complicated and difficult time, that we as fans of Tibette so dearly wanted.

      Loving your start and can’t wait for more.


      • Hey SK,

        Thank you so much for the kind and supportive comment. Lots of research and lots and lots of layers to peel back be sure. This is one thick onion. I’m glad you are coming along on this journey and I look forward to your feedback. Thanks again!!

    5. WOW is the only expression!

      I would say Ditto to the superb comments of BK and Martha which, as I. Have remarked before, just add to a great Post.

      What a joy to have such a long opening Chapter and to have our old wonderful Bette back, love her new partner Buddy.

      I also loved the Tina who reacted to the ‘Kelly video’ and would like her back.

      So happy to have this Shane/Bette relationship too.

      Thank you for this opening Chapter I look forward to the next and the ride you are going to take us on!


    6. Billy.
      Such a marvelous treatise on what easily could have been Emmy-worthy story for Showtime (GenQ, season1) but instead ended up a trifling shytt-show.

      But from your writing I found the uncut diamond which set my ‘Lil Tibette heart a shouting!!

      Tina studied Bette . . . .

      They had been through so fucking much. Endured so much unfair verbal abuse. Been unfairly judged.


      All because they wanted to raise Angie, together.
      A L L B E C A U S E.

      These words are why we, the faithful, are so protective of Tibette

      • Amen my friend. Well said and thank you. I desperately wanted to begin with a clean slate. Done and dusted! I knew I was taking a risk with such a long first chapter but for me that backstory was crucial. And should give the readers hope. All is not lost.

        • I’m just trying to write just a “page” in my mind as to “how” to bring Tina to the place where she begins to cherish the friendship and “lovers world” that she had with Bette. I shake my head not understanding how easy it seems to be for Tina to walk away . . . . from just about everything . . . .

          I DON’T envy you at all

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