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    Remember Who You Are 45


    It was pitch black, accentuated in random intervals by cracks of lightening that shook the sky angrily. The water was freezing cold, pushing against her body as she moved through it, rising and falling to obscure her vision. The rain beat down on her, pelting her head and face with stinging drops, adding to the chill.

    The boat in front of her was rocking, the waves high and the thunder deafening. Bette moved through the chest high water desperately, her hands moving frantically to find her way, the speed of her passage hampered by the wind, the rain, the storm. Flashes of light showed her the boat, the reeds, the bobbing of a colorful life jacket.

    There. There. Just out of her reach. She waded further, panic rising in her throat her breathing labored, her tears hot. The boat knocked her over, her head going under, knocking the wind out of her. She swallowed the river, her lungs filling, dread threatening to overtake her.

    She was under the water now, losing her footing, bubbles rising as she tried to stand, disoriented. The sound of thunder muffled by the water. She rose in a gasp, the jacket farther away now, moving towards shore. She gave one last push, her legs pumping to move her closer. Her shaking hand reached for the jacket, reaching, reaching to pull hard… only to come up empty as it dangled from her fingers, the straps blowing in the wind, no body attached, no life in the jacket.

    “No-no-no-no…” she moaned, sobbing, sinking to her knees, now on the bank as her legs and hands hit the sand, the water lapping at her feet. “Tina…”

    Faint, distant cries reached her ears and she tried to stand, searching wildly around for the source of the cry.

    “Bette… Bette…” Tina. Where? The sounds grew louder, more insistent. She started digging, digging in the sand. It was heavy, unmoving. Tina was here somewhere, if only she could be fast enough, strong enough, good enough….if only…

    “Bette, wake up. It’s a dream, only a dream…. Baby, I’m right here…”

    Bette sat up, her hands clenching the sheets, sweat pouring down her face, her shirt soaked. One hand reached to grasp Tina’s hand; her grip tight. “Tee. Tina. My God….you’re here…”

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    1. Hey BK,
      Thanks for another great chapter to soothe my soul. You keep all of us well fed with both of these stories.

      Man, I’m worried about Bette. The nightmares, and now Rosie. Yikes. I don’t think she’ll be able to let go of that little girl after she finds her. But, I’m thankful to Yaya for keeping her focused and busy in the clinic and not obsessing over Tina, the baby, the well being of Rosie, and of course, Turnup and Jena Beth. And I knew Bette was going to stock Yaya up. I could see that Amazon purchase from a mile away. Haha. And now James is coming, which is exciting.

      So sad to hear about Honey, but I think that Tina and Bette and the new baby will bring so much richness back into Boo’s life.

      Can’t wait for the next chapter. Thank you, BK!


      • Thank you Riskiest Risky
        That Amazon purchase surprised no one, huh? LOL Wait until Yaya sees the truck coming up to unload all those boxes. Bette don’t play. It will be cool to see James in the river environment, especially given his enthusiasm for all things river. I am so glad you are reading and invested in this story because I love yours as well. Appreciate the time you took to comment, now get writing…. need to make sure Tina is safe while Bette galivants off to Paris without her (can she take Tina with her? Please? Asking for a friend)

    2. Well, perhaps Tina has found the cure for nightmares…. but with Rosie missing? This may be a new set of nightmares. Hopefully she will be found and be okay…. But where could she be? Boo’s house maybe? Where the snacks and the school supplies are – in a shelter away from the river and the danger of being out at night in unknown territory? Hopefully Bette will be able to help find her.

      I wonder how Bette is going to be able to leave Rosie? There is a lot going on in this child’s life and it’s a long road for this child to be available for adoption even if Bette and Tina want to follow this route. There are some huge hurdles to get over – parental rights of the father, custody rights of Turnup and Jena Beth, other potential relatives on the river, state and local laws governing adoption and foster care. And there is always the problem of it Turnup and Jena Beth would be willing to give her up. Despite their poverty, hard life and addiction problems, they too love that little girl with all their hearts. Not an easy answer.

      Dr YaYa? I wonder how she came to the river? She seems to be a very effective physician and you know that setting up her practice has cost some money. An ultrasound machine would take a whole lot of chickens and eggs to pay for. And it is not like she has a few wealthy patients who pay for the rest. She is obviously an amazing woman. She has had this practice now for almost 30 years.

      So Honey is now dead. Poor Boo. Maybe she will think about moving to Los Angeles to be near Bette and Tina and this new baby girl?

      Great story….. Great story… Now let’s find Rosie…..


      • Hi Martha,
        Somehow I suspect nothing official has ever been done. I doubt someone serving a life sentence has any parental rights. Maybe. If so, taking away his rights and then adopting requires lawyers and money and investigations and Turnup has no resources. I doubt he ever went through any formal process. Tina is going to investigate. Rosie is not safe where she is. Maybe it is the mama bear in me but Bette will not leave her.

      • Martha, so many great questions. Makes the curious part of my brain wonder if you are a lawyer or social worker or advocate or something because you see the barriers and then try and figure out how to get around them. And in this case you are spot on, as always – Rosie has a biological dad, lives with a family and is only four. Would the state take over her care and put her in the system? What other relatives are on the river? They haven’t shown up yet…. who knows. I have some thinking to do. This story is beguiling, I write it then find myself having to write my way out of it. LOL.
        Thanks for commenting and your insight is muah!

    3. Hi BK,

      Wow, you left this chapter with a big boom, Rosie is missing since a whole night. And YaYa and Jena Beth are coming to Bette untill now!? The poor girl, i hope they find her soon, Bette couldn’t handle it if she went missing for long. She just started to recover from the nightmares, her fears of losing Tina and their baby.

      Ok back to the beginning of the chapter.

      The nightmares Bette has are so scary, i had my heart thumping in my chest, i literaly felt Bette’s angst and fears for not able to find Tina and rescue her. I loved how Tina soothed her and calmed her, the gentleness of her voices trying to sooth and relax Bette back from the nightmare. And this line stood out to me and says everything about Tina’s love for Bette and how gentle and nurturing she is and how Bette responds to that:

      “She felt Tina’s fingers play with her curls then go limp and the love she felt coming from the blonde almost overwhelmed her. Like a blanket on a cold day or a campfire surrounded by friends and laughter, Bette felt her chest loosen and she sighed, moving her nose deeper in to take a deep breath of her love.”

      Beautiful written!!!

      I also loved how Bette helped YaYa in the clinic and got the woman to feel so save so that they said more to her then YaYa and could pass that to her so that the woman got the right treatment. Bette is always saying that Tina is the one who is better emotionally with others, but she doesn’t realize that she has a aura around her that makes people feel save around her, she has a inner strenght that makes people and especially Tina feel protected and save and cared for. The same with Rosie, she immediately felt saved, protected and loved by Bette. YaYa and Tina did say it to her, they simply know and also how special she is, like the envelops with money that the people got in their mailbox, how she buys for thousends of dollars for supplies for the clinic and in the future how she she will make sure others will give money so that YaYa can help the woman and the river rats.

      She is one amazing woman and i love how you write about Bette like this, showing us her tender, loving, vulnerable side, inner strenght and willingness to help people. Yes, i am in love with your Bette ❤️

      I feel with Boo, losing her Honey, i understand why YaYa said that they couldn’t contact her if they don’t plan to have Boo in her life. I think it would be a good move if she is going to relocate to LA so she is close to Bette & Tina and the baby.

      YaYa kept the records from Tina when she was born and could also tell Tina about her mother Tom and Boo. That is from value for Tina, to hear about her past.

      Ok, before i pick apart everything i read, here are two other things that captured my attention.

      I loved this part:

      “What if Jodie captured your heart and you both ran away together to become metal artists after you delivered her that sign?”. That was so funny to read ????

      But this is also powerful said by Tina:

      “So we need to stop thinking about the what ifs of the boat accident, Bette. There are a million different ways that could have played out. But here’s the deal, you did it. You saved me, you saved me because you are a fucking badass, powerful, determined woman. Because you are my protector, my shield, my safe place. Tell that to your nightmares.”

      It is such a pleasure to read this story! There happens a lot of things but the most important part i love is the love you describe between Bette and Tina, their emotional and physical connection. Outstanding!!!

      Thank you so much for giving us this story to read!

      Stay save and healthy my friend ????

      • BiBi, what would I do without your comments? I love to see the story through your eyes. You notice the little details and see the bigger picture and I enjoy reading your thoughts so much. The nightmares were hard to write because there has to be an element of dream like-ness as well as realness that makes it hard to visualize in my head. If only Bette could see herself the way others do, she is more than capable of having tough conversations. And… I mean, really…. of course those women are going to talk to her! She’s Bette Porter! Can you imagine Bette coming to get you in her scrubs. I would want her to hold my hand lol.
        Thank YOU so much for giving me this comment to read! Be well, stay safe –

    4. Loving your story. Can’t wait to read about the reunion of Boo and Tina, and for Boo to meet Bette. I loved reading that Yaya figured it was Bette and Tina that arranged the delivery envelopes of money and extra food. People who don’t have much are sometimes the most generous people. Glad Bette is already thinking about what more her and Tina can do to help the river rats.

      • Cathy
        “People who don’t have much are sometimes the most generous people” I love that you wrote that, and I agree so much! Thanks for your comment and for reading the story!

    5. Wow, 31 pages of sheer enjoyment, well except for the anxious cliffhanger at the end!

      I absolutely love this Bette you are writing, Tina too but Bette especially is delightful.

      Thank you so much for sharing your talents and for this Chapter.

      I look forward to your next post so please make it soon.
      Stay safe and well

    6. Where to begin and how to keep my comments even remotely brief. I love this story so very much. When I saw that you had posted a new chapter the corners of my mouth formed a smile. The writing is just so exquisite. Your depiction of Bette and Tina’s love is one of the most powerful I have ever read. A true partnership in every way. I particularly love Bette kissing Tina on the hair line and Tina regarding it as their hidden secret. Tina is still healing yet doing her best to nurture and take care of Bette through her nightmares – they are just so connected. Bette stepping up to order more supplies and help in the clinic is so Bette Porter. Keep busy. Get it done. Brings James in on it. Bette Porter in scrubs is truly hot. But I digress. Someone is helping the families? Of course it is our girls.

      Life is not easy for anyone on the river but it is especially hard right now for Jena Beth and Rosie. Turnup is an alcoholic. Rosie is not sleeping. She is very quiet and gravitates even more towards Bette. Is Turnup violent? Jena Beth is clearly unhappy on the river and depicts this in her art. Especially the last image viewed by Bette: “There was an undercurrent of tremendous sadness and grief, like a waiting toxin was underneath the scene, preparing to strike.”

      The situation with Rosie and Jena Beth sounds like it is much more serious than the hard life that comes with living on the river. Bette senses this. She also loves Rosie and Tina knows it. Of this there is no doubt: “The little girl had settled deep in Bette’s heart and Tina knew separating the two was going to be difficult. Once Bette gave her heart, and she did so rarely… she gave with no reservations, she gave it fully. Only a few people knew the full impact of being loved by Bette. Alice, yes. Shane, for sure. Tina, definitely. And now Rosie.” Yes, now Rosie. And Rosie is missing. Why would Rosie run away? Why did it take so long for Jena Beth to alert Yaya and Bette and Tina? Is Jena Beth afraid of Turnup? Tina seems to think Turnup is not as bad as his father was. Less mean? Bette will move heaven and earth to find this little girl. But then what?

      I was wondering if I could play a little bit of what if?

      What if Bette and Tina WERE able to adopt Rosie? Or become foster parents? Or at a minimum move Jena Beth and Rosie off of the river away from Turnup? Maybe Charleston? Clearly something bad is happening, something unsafe for both Rosie and Jena Beth. Jena Beth is miserable and frightened. Tina already knows what Bette is thinking about Rosie because she is thinking it as well: “Tina decided it was time she got all the background information on Rosie. With her biological dad in prison for life, did he have any parental rights to the girl? For that matter, did Turnup and Jena Beth? Tina knew she would have to have a serious conversation with Bette, and soon, about Rosie.” I suspect Tina may feel some obligation to Rosie due to Donna introducing drugs into the river community. Tina is very highly regarded and for good reason. Now she might want to try to right Donna’s wrong? Tina is connected to Rosie as well. Don’t quite know if Jena Beth wants to be raising Rosie. Right now she is all Rosie has so whatever is decided Jena Beth should be part of Rosie’s life. Tina is able to communicate with Turnup. He is in no shape to be raising a little girl.

      Bottom line: There is no way Bette Porter is going to leave this little girl behind. She has saved Tina and is now on on another mission – save Rosie. So BK – what if?

      P.S. One more?

      I wonder how Boo would actually take to life in LA. Boo around Alice? Maybe a little too much change. Not sure fast moving LA is a good fit. Plus both Bette and Tina have jobs and a new baby on the way. I doubt Bette and Tina would move from LA but – what if Bette and Tina bought a second home in Charleston and Boo, Rosie, and Jena Beth lived there? Bette and Tina could visit a lot. Rosie could visit LA. And their unborn child could get the opportunity to know Boo and Yaya and Jerry and learn all about Tina’s rich heritage? Bette could open a small gallery and Jena Beth could manage it. Bette is already making plans to provide funding for Yaya. Maybe Turnup could get some help. No matter what – their connection to the river is forever. A girl can dream.

      • Billy
        Don’t keep your comments brief on my behalf. I love reading your thoughts and seeing how you viewed the story. What stuck out for you, what may lie ahead. So many twists and turns and possibilities. So many what ifs!
        Rosie’s disappearance brings up so many questions. We really don’t know much about her life with Turnup and Jena Beth do we? Bette and Tina were over there for a short afternoon before the storm hit and alot of that time was spent on the front porch. And like Bette says – there is so much gray to life on the river!
        I agree with your one sentence about there is no way Bette Porter is going to leave Rosie. TRUTH. We haven’t seen much of how Tina feels about the little girl other than she recognizes that Bette can’t stay out it. With the concussion, Tina has been sidelined but she will need to get more involved as the plot thickens with whatever course they take regarding Rosie.
        I had not thought about Boo living in LA around Alice. She (Boo) is quirky and chose the river life then New Orleans (both out of the way, eccentric places) so LA would be a tough sell. But her granddaughter and soon to be great granddaughter are there so who knows. I do think the baby needs to learn about the river life, however they pull that off. A writer can dream :))
        Lots for me to think about, I will be revisiting your comment when I start writing the next chapter. Thanks

        • Thank you for the kind reply. Bringing the biological and chosen families together is a challenge to be sure. Boo and Tina and the baby – three generations – I so look forward to that day. And Boo is going to adore Bette and vice versa. Although the conversations have not taken place Rosie is now a part of their family. Bette holding the vulnerable child and talking about safety and love sealed the deal for me. And we really do not know much about Jena Beth except through her art. Does she want to raise Rosie? Still, I am glad that Bette has befriended her. I have read this chapter three times and pick up something new each time. Enjoy reading the other comments as well. Although Tina did leave the river she still knows just about everyone there so the sad reality is that not many folks ever leave. Still, as Bette says: “That’s right. Safe. And loved. Very important, Rosie.“ Light bulb! In all likelihood Rosie is out there trying to get away from Turnup and make her way to Bette. To know safety and love. Important! There must be a way to make it work.

          • Boo plus Rosie plus Tina plus Bette. Goodness.
            I love that you like the layers. I love them too. Like peeling an onion. I worry that things get lost because this isn’t a continuous loop – it’s one chapter then ten days or two weeks and another- but it sounds like most of the threads are picked up. Thank you Billy, really appreciate it.

    7. As others have mentioned, your skill in developing a full-Bette persona is unmatched. She’s the Bette we know from TLW, but now being so fully fleshed out. Very sensitive emotions just under the skin that are revealed without much reserve when Tina is probing. the skill in appearing always in-control that the world experiences when dealing with Bette is no match for Tina’s softly spoken inquiries.

      I give Boo credit for giving the precocious little Tina a safe environment to express the tenderness that so often is the heart of a child. Somehow, Tina had that trait nurtured by Boo so much so that even the vindictive, vitriolic Donna couldn’t destroy Tina’s tender heart. We have been really treated to a Tina that has a past that reveals an authentic person.

      I 😍 at some of the sweet names Tina comes up with for Bette, like a “goddess vixen”, and “Baby Sweet”. These two are soooo connected in their intimatcies . Loved how special it was for Tina when Bette would kiss the back of her neck, and the back of ear leaving an “I love you” there. It was their little secret in their “lovers world”. 🥰🥰

      Bette doesn’t think of herself as having insight into people, but she is VERY insightful when seeing the person who expresses themselves artistically. She understands the significance of colors and the emotions of even brush strokes. Wouldn’t be surprised if after Jena Beths’ confidence begins to blossom as a result of her working with Bette. Feel like Jena loves Turn Up but may have to escape from living in the same house for her own sake and for Rosie.

      Little Ro.
      Think she’s hiding in a place where she feels safe from the fear that here Papa brings home when he changes into another person after drinking. Jena Beth had mentioned while talking with Bette that Rosie had not been sleeping at nights. I think baby girl has simply nodded off for much needed sleep. I do think however that even at 4 yrs old, she knows that if at all possible, Bette will find her and scoop her up into strong arms. But gosh there seems to be so many unknowns with this situation 😮.

      Other than Tina, YaYa really has an ability to stand up to Bette’s outbursts that come so often when Bette feels control is lacking whether on her part or at the hand of another. Ya had to gently hold Bette’s arm and tell her to “stop” as Bette was fixin’ to get into YaYa’s face because Bette found Tina flushed and feverish. But Ya was not holding out on Bette after having examined Tina’s wounds and refreshed her IV. Take a breath, calm down, collect yourself, then go to her. She already had a cold glass of water and Tylenol on the counter.

      And Boo.
      I feel so bad that her HoneyBabe passed away and did so after the wretchedness of fighting ovarian cancer.😩🥺😫. Glad Ya explained to Tina & Bette that they needed to make sure they were willing to share their lives with Boo if they wanted appear in Boo’s life.

      James has been playing such a vital role in this story. He and Bette really work well as a team and clearly he likes helping people just because he can. He knows how to go “all in”. I love him!😍

      • D to the T
        Boo does deserve a lot of credit for raising Tina to be so loving and thoughtful. Can you imagine? What a gift. Bette does see people though art, sees the colors and feelings and issues beneath the surface. Great insight.
        I know you love James. He will arrive in the next chapter, although he may not be prepared for the drama he steps into!
        Keep reading my friend, love your comments. Thanks

    8. BK, as I mentioned before you have subscribed to the title of Drama Queen!
      Thank you so much for this chapter. I couldn’t read last night (had to do my taxes) but I stalled going to work this morning to catch up.
      There are so many comments already to which I said “exactly!”. Bibi, Billy, DT, great thoughts.

      But I want to share my thoughts on little Rosie, she occupied my mind all day. I wondered what stopped her usual bubbling over and bright spirit. A silent Rosie seems worriesome. When Jena Beth told about Turnup’s drinking I could see how Rosie would lose the feeling of safety at home, withdraw back into herself, hide and keep quiet not to be noticed. Rosie is a sensitive child, she would pick up any bad vibes and would avoid being near her Papa.
      For any child it’s scaring when adults argue, fight and show their ugly side. I remember that I used to hide behind a closet or under my bed when my parents fought. Escaping the noise, holding on to my teddy bear and whishing it all to go away.

      It got me thinking when Rosie repeated Bette’s words how important it was for her to feel safe and loved. That little soul is so observant and empathic that she would take those words to heart. Therefore it didn’t surprise me that she went into hiding. The feeling of love and saftey gone with a drunk Turnup in the house, maybe arguing between Jena Beth and Peter, Rosie would think of Bette and what she told her about the importance of being safe.
      This quote says so much about her: “Rosie looked at Bette, her eyes wide and deep, like the whole river was contained in those green orbs.” Guess there is a part of a very old and knowing soul in Rosie.

      I really hope that Bette will be able to find her. I don’t think she’d be far away from the house. Maybe even hiding under the porch, some place where she hides her collection of stones. Or a nearby garden, she seems to love gardens.
      Bette will be surprised how well she can relate to Rosie. She will be able to get her out of hiding. Since arriving at the river Bette’s nurturing and caring side seems to get stronger. She’s becoming the other parent after all! No daddy blues but instinctively developping her inner caretaker. A little reassurance from Tina and some guidance from YaYa should strengthen her confidence.
      Like DumplinT I love this moment between YaYa and Bette: “Take a deep breath. She needs your calm, not your panic.” The same goes for the search for Rosie.

      In a previous chapter I commented that Rosie already adopted Bette. It would be great if Tina and Bette could adopt Rosie. Turnup might love her but he provides no safe home for her in the long run. And where he and Jena Beth won’t be considered as adoptive parents Tina and Bette might be. A loving, safe home in a safe neighbourhood, financially stable to provide a good care, stability and education for Rosie. Though not being legally married could be an obstacle. Turnup would be part of Rosie’s life, he saved her after all.

      There is so much more! Bette’s kiss on Tina’s neck: love it more than intimate kisses on the inside of the wrist. Tina taking over as Bette’s protector, coaxing her to talk about the nightmares, the what-if-game, her very creative therapie to help Bette sleep, Tina bringing James into the story, Bette’s work as a doctor’s assistent, her wonder about people opning up to her, YaYa knowing about Boo.

      You weave the many threads of your story so delicately, thoughtfully yet surprisingly with changing directions and depth. It looks like a new, rough blanket at first but when you touch it and wrap it around you, you feel its complexity, softness and warmth. You find new patterns and colours all over the blanket, some ugly, more of them beautiful, all telling the story of family and friends, of many lifes interwoven and of love.

      Sorry for the outpour but it still feels not enough to tell you how this chapter moved me – as does your story.

      Thanks a lot for sharing, BK.
      Enjoy your week, stay safe and healthy


      • KPie
        I think you captured the essence of what Rosie was going through with your comments. If I was to write about why she would have been scared, where she would go I would pull from exactly what you wrote. It is scary to hear your parents – or, in her case parent figures – argue and we really don’t know much about her first two years. We know she was found on the porch next to her dead mother but what may have happened in the time leading up to that event? I think children store these memories, the may not remember the exact details but the knowledge, the experience is there. Is this the case with Rosie?
        I think Bette is coming into her own, like you described. I think Tina being sidelined has almost forced her to take the lead in so many things that Tina may have been in charge of before. So no wonder she feels a little out of her comfort zone. I think by the end of this trip she will feel much better about her abilities to handle ANY life circumstance!

        But Kiwi my dear, this paragraph brought me to tears, honest. :
        “You weave the many threads of your story so delicately, thoughtfully yet surprisingly with changing directions and depth. It looks like a new, rough blanket at first but when you touch it and wrap it around you, you feel its complexity, softness and warmth. You find new patterns and colours all over the blanket, some ugly, more of them beautiful, all telling the story of family and friends, of many lifes interwoven and of love.”

        I mean, wow. Just wow. I cannot. I am… at a loss how to respond which isn’t often. LOL
        The amount of time i write and rewrite is probably borderline obsessive but it does get the job done.
        Thank you for your kind words, they were lovely to read and fuel for the next chapter. I am humbled.

    9. BK,

      So much tenderness & loving in this chapter.

      Some more little pieces of the puzzles coming together as we find out a little bit more about Boo & Honey. Sad that we won’t met Honey, but Boo is definitely in our future.

      Yaya’s strength, guidance & voice of reason when needed was just awesome for them. Her figuring out about the money envelops & the store was nice. Her respect for Bette was sweet. And then Bette ordering all those supplies was so B Porter!!!!!

      But the biggest challenge for them will be Rosie. Tina being logical & thinking of all that they would need to do to help her & get her out of that environment. I can see them welcoming her into their lives & home.

      Hope Bette or James can help Turnup too.

      Super chapter & nice way of moving the story ahead.

      But WHERE, oh WHERE is Rosie??????

      Get her found quick & back to Bette ASAP.

      Thanks pal.

      Stay well.


      • Collins
        I tried to match your drama with Tina possibly being injured in your latest chapter, lol. Nothing like ending the chapter with a punch to the ole gut. I wanted to meet Honey too but I don’t do well writing about a lot of characters and so far we have met Jerry and Yaya and Jena Beth and ROSIE. oh, Rosie. Where can she be?
        I hope you are writing your next chapter! Get busy woman!

        • Hey,

          You bet I noticed the drama kiddo!!!!!! Felt so bad for Bette & that nightmare!!!!!! Brutal for her but thankfully Tina was there to love her up & make the darkness light again.

          Agree that it is a huge challenge to write in several different characters & all their backstories, etc Fortunately with OG, quite a lot is known – makes it easier.

          You better find Rosie soon or Bette will come looking for you!!!!!!!!

          And yes, the follow up chapter of mine is getting it’s final run through. Will post soon.

          Take care.


    10. Such a fantastic writer and even better cliffhanger writer !

      Where is Rosie ? Did she search for Bette ? Did Turnup did something to her ? What what what ???

      Can’t wait to know and I’m so looking forward to the meeting with Boo …

      Post soon please.

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