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    Remember Who You Are 6

    “Baby, that’s fantastic. I am so proud of you! That’s the week I have to leave for Chicago though…remember?” Tina’s heart fell. Bette had forgotten, she just knew it. She had completely disregarded Tina’s plans and now it was almost impossible for her to be at the opening. Aaron would blow a gasket if she missed the Chicago trip, they had been planning it for months and it had been on their joint calendar just as long.

    Bette was silent. She had forgotten all about Tina’s trip and had reverted to her old ways, booking the artist before checking with her wife and now she was stuck. The artist was one she had carefully courted, months before she had unveiled the plans for the Gallery and one of the hottest new artists on the circuit. She had not even shown in New York or Paris. It was to be a huge unveiling of the Gallery and tremendous coup to have a major artist there as well. The buzz would be tremendous.

    “Bette? Are you there? You forgot didn’t you…and now you’ve booked the artist…” Tina put her hand up to her forehead and chewed her lip. Dammit. Her headache intensified. Anger rose in her throat, her eyes narrowed.

    “Tee…I…you’re right. I did. I forgot. About…about your trip, I mean. I forgot”. Bette swallowed, knowing Tina would see right through anything other than the truth. “I’m stuck Tee. I can’t. I mean, I’m locked in. It’s Charlotte LaVoie…You are going to have to make it work…” As soon as those words left her mouth, she put her head in her hand, closing her eyes. What a colossal mistake. She could hear and feel the disapproval through the phone. That was the wrong thing to say.

    Tina sighed into the phone. Her first thought had been amazement. Pride rose up her heart, she did it. She got LaVoie. Tina knew what this would mean for their Gallery, for Bette professionally. Charlotte LaVoie was a big deal…but she so was she. Anger then won out. Her trip, her plans mattered. She mattered. She was annoyed. Actually, she was more than annoyed, she was angry and hurt.


    1. Wow BK,

      That was a very emotional chapter. This chapter gave us a picture of Bette and her difficulties in communicating openly and honestly and why she had the affair.

      In her youth she learned to keep her feelings for herself and to be the strong girl her father was proud of. It is downright sad that at one point her mother’s abuse was the only way she felt she existed and received the attention she needed as a little girl. And I understand very well her feelings and fear of being abandoned, which is what her mother, Kit and also Tina, although understandable after her affair, did in the end. Her father was a man who thought only of herself and aloof and
      was cold, unable to give the love and attention she needed.

      I am so happy that Bette finally talks to Tina and that way Tina also shows what it did to her inside when she separated herself from Bette emotionally and physically after the miscarriage. Cheating is never good to talk about but I and Tina have now gained insight into why Bette did it.

      They are both aware of not falling into old mistakes and that they must continue to work on their relationship.

      I really love your story BK!!!

      Sorry in advantage for the long comment 😊

      • Thank you BiBi! What a nice recap, you really zeroed in on the essence of their journey. I know it was an emotional chapter but they are in a place where they are working through the remains of a past as well as building a new relationship. I just imagine this period to be painful and raw but so so necessary. I don’t mind your long comment at all, so glad you are enjoying the story.

        Also why did the story post three times?? UGH. I must have hit the button too many times trying to get it load.

        They will have more fun next chapter and we will move closer to the truth about Jodie’s work. Thank you for reading.


    2. WOW WOW WOW !

      What a chapter my god, so heartbreaking and what an amazing story.

      I hope Tina will find something good to humiliate that B… Jodie and to definitely kick her out of their lives.

    3. BK,
      This is an amazing chapter. In real life, many relationship problems have their roots in the parent/child relationship. For women, it is the mother/daughter relationship which has the most impact. Damaged relationships between mother and daughter can result in women who have difficulties in establishing and maintaining strong, health relationships as adults. This story is one of healing that damage by recognizing the effects of the hurt which occured in Bette’s childhood. I would suspect that Tina also has a damaged relationship with her mother even though it is not a part of this story. Bette and Tina have come a long way in their ability to trust one another and to communicate with one another. To see Bette so vulnerable is really refreshing.

      Tina needs to be careful with her desires for revenge. If she can do the old “give her enough rope and she’ll hang herself” would be fine. For me, true revenge never works out. Those who seek revenge usually end up hurting themselves more than their target. Case in point was Jenny’s revenge on the journalist she referred to as the vagina wig. (What a term!). What an awful sequence that was. Innocent people and a dog got hurt.

      • So true, You and I may have similar background in this area. I had not thought much about Tina’s need for revenge, but I appreciate you bringing it to my attention. Something to consider for sure as I develop the story. Sometimes it writes itself and other times I have to put it down and walk away…

        And “vagina” wig”, so funny…thanks for the reminder of that term. I will need to incorporate that into my regular verbiage when possible LOL

        thanks for reading..and commenting!

    4. A wonderful, heartbreaking, but simultaneously heartwarming chapter! I agree with Izzie…Tina is classy, and she will
      rid their lives of “she whose name shall not be spoken” (as I really don’t like the treacherous B****H!) and Tina will
      do so using J’s own words and actions to show everyone what a lying, arrogant,devious, lowlife she is! Go Tina!

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