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    Scars and Secrets

    Bette woke with a groan, her hand on fire, her head feeling like someone was pounding stakes through it. She rolled away from Tina, hitting her fingers by mistake and cursed eloquently, waking the blonde who sat up in concern.

    “What? What happened?”

    “My hand. My head. My fucking life.” Bette said with a snarl, rolling out of bed to wash her face awkwardly with one hand before going into the washroom, the door slamming behind her.

    Tina sighed, washed her face and put her hair back in a loose ponytail before getting some things out of her bag. She changed clothes and then went to the door and spoke softly to Shane, who nodded and disappeared.

    Bette came out, her feet shuffling, and Tina called to her softly. “Come here…” She held a chair out for Bette, seeing how gingerly she was moving, how she cradled her injured hand in her other hand.

    Bette sat at the table where Tina stood, feeling dejected, flexing her hand painfully. She lay her head on the table on her good arm, her head down. Tina moved in front of her and gently began moving her fingers through the curly hair, massaging the back of Bette’s skull and neck with strong fingers.

    When Bette lifted her head, Tina guided it to rest on her lower stomach and continued working on the back of the brunette’s head and shoulders, Bette’s good hand coming around to hold Tina gently on the back of her knee under her sleepshirt. Tina could feel the tension in Bette’s neck, the stress knotted in the muscles.

    The pressure of being Captain and the pain in her body not allowing the brunette to sleep fully and get the rest she needed to heal, the alcohol not helping. Tina patiently worked through each area, while being acutely aware of the warmth Bette’s hand created on the back of her knee, Bette’s need to connect with her telling Tina there was more going on than just a hangover. She was really hurting.

    And God if Tina’s fingers weren’t working magic to knead the stress and tension away from Bette’s headache. The blonde smelled so fucking good, the lavender scent infusing Bette’s head to calm her nerves, further relaxing her. She let the fingers of her good hand trail up higher and higher on the back of Tina’s thigh, wondering how far she would be allowed to go. The skin was so soft there, on the back of Tina’s thigh, soft but toned and warm. It was a nice distraction. Tina did not stop her hand and Bette went as far up as she dared, in the end lowering her hand gently, not wanting to push anything.

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    1. Wonderful Chapter…. The intimacy between Bette and Tina is lovely. The openness Bette has with Tina is refreshing. They really are in love with each other. And with the prospect of finding a desired life together after this last visit to Bette’s home is certainly promising.

      Promising, except that they are headed for a trap in South Port if Alice’s information does not reach Bette in time. I sense a real danger in this visit to the home of Melvin Porter. And now that the Bates brothers are involved – double trouble…..

      I am loving this story – very romantic adventure for Bette and Tina to find there. Would love to see more…

    2. Another great chapter. 32 pages read like there were only 5 pages. Really enjoying the story. I am glad they admitted their love for one another, because I know there is some drama ahead. Love Alice as the whisperer. She really puts herself near danger to keep Bette safe.

      • Thank you Cathy! I was worried it was too long but I don’t like to break the flow of a story for the sake of how many pages. When there is a natural break it comes together easier. Glad you liked it!

    3. WOW 32 pages and it’s still not enough !!

      Where’s my boots and my Sword I’m joining this crew!

      Really great Bette and a lovely Tina couldn’t ask for more!

      Looking forward to your next post as usual

      Thanks for posting, stay safe

    4. Thanks for taking us back to the seas, BK. I thoroughly enjoy this unusual setting for our favourite characters. I even start to like this Alice – so far. It is very unsettling though what Alice found out. You already alluded that Bette’s visit to her father’s castle would be dangerous for her. Now with Melvin’s cruel character revealed I really fear for Bette. Nothing good can come out of a cooperation with Melvin and the Bates guys.
      Lara’s message by hawk mail will probably only reach Tina who will be left behind on the Black Beauty for her own saftey. I’m counting on Bette’s crew to come to her rescue.

      It’s great to see how Lady Christina finds her role among the crew and becomes a trusted member. Feels like an older version of a fitness coach combined with nutritionist. I can see how her gentle character and her caring nature together with competence and assertivness quickly made her the well respected doctor. Giving out oranges! Probably does a lot to the team spirit on board as well, which will be very important for the next fights and capture.

      Whenever you show us Bette and Tina in the privacy of Bette’s quarters it is so beautifully intimate. I love how they slowly get closer and open up to each other. The moment when Tina traces Bette’s scars is so very erotic and loving. Bette’s emotional reaction to her tender touch feels like her scars kept all the pain and rejection from her fahter, negative reactions to her scars from other lovers inside and that way it prevented a proper healing. Tina’s gentle care and loving soothed the skin and allowed all the negative memories and feeling to leave the scars, Bette’s body and soul.

      Bette’s plans to end her life at sea, settle down with Tina feel like a hidden desire that was finally released. I can see their future at some nice little estate, some of the crew working for her, building some sort of hospital for Tina to do something good for the community.

      But evil and danger is lurking and I’m anxious what will happen to the happy couple and their friends. At least I’m very sure that Bette’s crew is at its best when it comes to a fight. Very healthy, strong and trained. Take that, Melvin and Will Bates!

      BK, thanks for posting. I really love love love your adventure story.

      Have a great week, stay safe and happy St. Nick’s Day.


            • agree with everyone! KP you are a master at selecting each little part of the longer story and making a cohesive comment that highlights all the best parts. Interesting idea about the estate and hospital for Tina to run. And yes, Bette has longed to be out of the lifestyle but probably never had a reason before now to even dream about living another way. So we have ships coming from different ports, characters with different purposes, some dark some laced with hope… all converging to the same end point. There will be more sword play for sure!

    5. Hi BK,

      I am lost, KP made such a wonderful comment, i really don’t know what to add to that.

      I know that there has to be drama in a story but can you please not drag it out????? You had already written in another chapter that the training Bette gives to her crew is the reason they would save her, that means she did not receive the message in time and that she was captured by the brothers Bates and her fathers men. The only thing I ask of you, even beg is that you let Bette free quickly by her crew and that she will endure little or no pain. My and Tina’s hearts cannot handle that.

      Jodi has sold all her belongings and is back on the ship, how is it possible that she is there, Bette would leave her in the harbor, how did she come in unnoticed, did Bette forgot to give orders to her crew to deny Jodi to board the ship? What is Jodi’s plan, does she team up with the Bates brothers to trap Bette? And Jodi is also very jealous of Tina for taking Bette from her, she will probably try to get revenge on Tina.

      It may sound crazy but I’m already scared of what’s going to happen in your next chapter, weird because I know you don’t like drama yourself and will do anything for a happy Bette and Tina. So please don’t leave me in suspense for too long!

      Hmm, seems i was able to add some words :-)

      Stay save and healthy my friend!

      • Sweet Bibi, I love how much you worry about our favorite couple. I think Bette was too distracted by Tina and the movement of crates and supplies and lost sight of Jodi. But thank goodness for Shane or there would have been drama on the ship on the way to the Porters. I do not like drama, this is true. And I like Bette and Tina being apart even less. But one or two more sword fights and a daring rescue are in order if your heart can take it my friend. Buckle up, the drama is coming…. :)

    6. Thanks everyone for the comments. I did do a little humming. I’ve clocked out and can shift gears to BK’s fabulous story. What a great chapter. So much is happening. And there are so many different emotions. Bette’s sharing of the story behind the lashing scars is absolutely heartbreaking. We now know that this formidable sea captain was forced the learn some hard lessons about life and about her father: “That I could not count on him. That I was on my own and failure was not an option. It was years before I finally left my home but I never forgot what it felt like to be abandoned in a cell to die by my father.” Bad Melvin. Very bad. A major reckoning is sailing your way. What is it that Bette needs to retrieve so badly? The collision course countdown continues.

      That Bette is able to so fully share her most innermost thoughts and scarred body with Tina is a testament to Tina’s lovely, nurturing, authentic, and sensual self. Bette is so in love. All of the crew is in awe of Tina as well. Tina is the real deal. And Tina truly loves and wants Bette and intends to heal all of her physical and mental wounds: “Tina was comfortable touching her there only made her want her more… they each only had their bras and pants on and Tina’s fingers trailed and traced each scarred line on the brunette’s back, slowly, gently as if she wanted to memorize their path before moving on to other areas, as if she knew these outward signs of vulnerability masked the hurt beneath the surface and were important to attend to.”

      Meanwhile there is major trouble afoot on many levels. What is Jodi up to? An unholy alliance has been formed between the house of Porter and Bates. What an evil scourge is Melvin Porter. Lara, Dana and Alice are not on Bette’s ship. The key members of Bette’s group are split. Several crew members have succumbed to a virus. Chaos abounds. Hoping that the warnings make it through is not the best of plans. An intercept seems likely. Lots of hoping and unknowns. Payoffs and bribes perhaps. And Lord we all know Jodi is up to no good. Where is that plank? Granted, Alice is very good at her job but it is not good that she is so sidetracked by Tasha. And has now talked Lara and Dana into waiting. Is Bette headed into a trap? Perhaps an ambush? Does Bette have any spider sense? Me thinks not. Stay tuned.

      Meanwhile Bette and Tina have consummated their relationship and declared their love. So so beautiful. Bette has suffered a great deal and deserves this chance at happiness. Tina is just so sweet and tender and as it turns out – not shy in the least. She craves Bette as much as Bette craves her. I have to admit that I just adore this Bette. Truth be told – Because of the way you write her character. Bette wanting to become a better person for Tina is but one example: “Like I want to shed everything about me the world sees and become who I really am, for you. You make me want to be a better version of myself. I feel alive for the first time in a very long time.” The reader is really able to get a glimpse directly into Bette’s soul. The part with Bette and Tina standing on deck watching the majestic sea is another example. We are at once on their side and rooting for them and their love while also being worried about the dangers looming ahead. Major foreshadowing: “I’ve always loved this part. The sailing. The way the water can sparkle in the sunlight and churn in the storm. The mystery of it, the darkness of the depths. It hides everything but can reduce the strongest ship to a pile of scraps in minutes.”

      As has become custom I do have a favorite passage. And this one was is a real tear jerker. Bette is in need of some major TLC and darling Tina is just the woman for the job: “It took a long time, but it was not long enough for Bette, whose tears fell unabated, all the anger and shame dissolving with each kiss, each touch. She felt absolved somehow… freed from the chains of disappointment and disapproval… validated that she was worthy of the pureness of love.”

      The chains of disappointment and disapproval. Oh BK, these are some seriously beautiful words. It would be so great if Bette and Tina could just sail off into the sunset as Bette has proposed but we all know it will not be that easy. One thing I will say – Captain Bette had better not suffer one more scar. Not at the hands of a Porter or a Bates! And Lady Christina – no sir! Not a hair on that lovely head. Excellent chapter!!

      • Billy
        This is such a great comment. You highlighted all the moving parts of the story. Doesn’t it make you crazy when you are watching a horror movie and the characters (usually teenagers) all separate to look for something and you know…. you just KNOW… that they should stay together? And you watch as they get pulled away to where they can’t help each other and the trouble that everyone sees coming finally arrives…. such drama. It’s why I don’t watch horror movies.
        Glad you liked it, glad you are part of this merry band of readers who comment, such fun today!

    7. BK!
      What a HUGE GIFT OF A CHAPTER! in your summary where you say ‘the ships make landing’…I’ll say it did. one ‘ship in particular….Bette & Tina! loved this chapter. just being around Tina, Bette is better…emotionally, physically. Tina allows Bette to be free…free from the life she fell into, the violence, the pirating, the danger. Tina gives Bette so much comfort and Bette gives Tina comfort in other ways, safety, allowing her to be herself as well. Tina is a healer in every way and she does it for Bette and now the crew…I love reading that part where even the crew falls for Tina.
      Bette will give it all up for a life with Tina…she has found her person and her reason and I love how you brought us to this point.

      And Bette…so gentle and loving and tender…making sure that Tina is OK with her first time. Tina giving into what she feels for Bette, despite being nervous/scared. The TRUST that is between them is the fertile ground where the love grows.

      I said many ‘awwwww!’s in this chapter.

      I cannot wait to read more! Because of course, just as they decide to be together …trouble awaits! Bette’s dad and the Bates are teaming up? Is Melvin going to try to marry off Bette to a Bates??? or will it be Tina?? Do you have 32 more pages for us…now?

      BK, I love the way you write Bette and Tina…the fact that you have them in the period piece romantic adventure and still have them ring true to who they are (and how we know them to be) has made you my favorite writer in these parts. Sea’s the limit!

      • Stir fry my friend – thank you so much for your comments. I love writing this story. Putting this couple out in a different realm allows for creativity but the core of the characters remains the same and it is a blast to write! Trouble does await, you are correct about that!
        I do not have 32 pages ready to go now, I will need some time to pull that off but be warned the action will be fast and sure when the next chapter arrives. The sea IS the limit!

    8. Beautifully written BK!

      I have just caught up with this amazing story. There isn’t much else I can add to the comments above but your writing of Bette and Tina in this story and their desire for one another is breathtaking. Your words eloquently roll off the pages much like the Black Beauty rolls through the high seas. This has been a joy to read so far and can’t wait to read more.!


      • Hey JAM! Thanks for your comment! Glad you liked the chapter and stay tuned for the action to come. I have really enjoyed your story of poor paralyzed Tina! Her leg moved in the last chapter so can you get her up and going soon so she can go on that first date with Bette? Thanks

        • Of course BK!…You know with Bette on duty she will have our Tina on the right track!..Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy writing schedule to read it…More to come soon!….

          Thanks so much!


    9. Hey BK,

      As Kit would say – ‘Girrrrrlllll’ – you out did yourself this time around!! Just terrific & soooooo sensual.
      Home Run ‘Girrll!!!’

      There has been a LOT said already about this chapter by so many eloquent readers, I agree with all that they have pointed out. All the special little moments!

      Love that Bette is just over the moon in love with Tina & she the same. They have found each other & Tina has embraced a future with her captain in whatever path Bette chooses to take them.

      Your ability to see inside them & their feelings & thoughts is exceptional & so very welcoming.

      I thank you for your talent & writing such a memorable story.

      But gotta watch what lurks around the corner & in the home port!!!

      Double trouble ahead indeed!!!!

      But I have faith that Tibette no matter what century they are in with you will be just fine in the end. True love & all!!!!

      I definitely have my boots & sword ready to join the crew!!!!

      Stupendous Job!!!!!

      Thanks so much for sharing.

      You’re the BEST!!!!


      • Collins
        You are the most positive and encouraging commentator there is. I so appreciate the support and insight. We miss your story though, hope it will be coming our way soon.
        And you are right, no matter what century the ladies will be fine in the end. Have a great weekend

    10. Well, count me, I’ll join the crew too!

      BK, 32 chapters are not too long believe me.

      Did I ever say I love your story? so I repeat, I love it, I love the intimacy between Bette and Tina , I love Alice as a whisperer, I love your imagination, the way you write and I can’t wait to read more.

      So what the hell is Jodie doing ? and where is Kit? so many questions …

      • IZZIE
        What the hell IS Jodie doing? What could she possibly want money for at this stage of her journey? She has been quiet, stuck on another ship away from Bette and Tina but that gives her time to plot and stew in her rejection and anger. And I owe her a plank walking so I need her to come up with some sort of dastardly plan don’t I?
        Kit is home at castle Porter, unaware as far as we know that Bette is on her way home. Does Kit know what Bette is looking for at the castle? Is the item Bette seeks still there?
        SO many questions. Hang on, more to come…
        Also, thanks for saying that about the 32 pages. I couldn’t think of a good enough break to end the chapter so I kept going…
        Have a great weekend….

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