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    Official Rosie Rant

    I am dead.
    Rosie O’Donnell has been announced to play Carrie in the season two of GQ. If you needed proof that 2021 will be worse than 2020 then here it is. This is the worst casting in the history of bad casting. I thought the writers were lazy, I thought Marja was the bane of my existence but this eclipses all of that. Someone walk me off the ledge so I can return to writing The Beginning and RWYA and Bette on the high seas. Someone make sense of this or at least join me in my rant so I know there is solidarity in my utter distain. And honestly, nothing against Rosie as a person – she was hilarious in A League of Their Own. But to marry her when Bette is alive and breathing? INSANITY.


    1. Totally agree. I would prefer that Tina return to Eric than this. Main question – how Laurel agree to play love relationship with her????

      But Marja doing a good job to continue joking on Laurel, Tina and Tibette’s fans (along with Tina don’t attend Kit’s funeral and leaving her daughter for new job and fiancee like this).

    2. OMFG!!! Can you imagine our Tina fucking that? My eyes. My eyes. This proves once and ever living all that Marja hates Tina. I am so done. I refuse to watch this crap. What a fucking slap in the face to Tina and frankly to Tina!! Can you imagine that interaction? Supposedly she is thrust in Bette’s face. Bette better be with someone so incredibly hot! Rosie is even older and well…. good God almighty. Maybe they wanted someone they knew the fans would never get behind or ship so they could get Bette and Tina back together. Has to short term. But speaking of which has Tina lost her brain cells? Bette is truly going to vomit. I just keep thinking of the Simpson’s episode where Homer says “Oh no! Not Rosie O,Donnell!” This is exactly that. This would be like Tina with the contractor from the season six remodel. I’m sorry but there is nothing to say other than YUCK!!!! X 1000. To paraphrase from Home Alone and Kevin’s comment about Buzzes girlfriend: Tina – your girlfriend – woof!!
      Watch if it opens:

      • LOL, Tina with the contractor! Thanks for this image ;-)
        I agree, Marja hates Tina and does have zero idea about her character. I am officially devastated as I can’t see anything good coming out of this casting decision. Why on earth would Tina get together with a person who would rile up Bette? Okay, she did date Helena.
        I only accept it if RoD was casted to portrait someone unsympathic who drugged Tina to get her to agree to the marriage proposal. Carrie will be awful to Angie and Bette, this will make Tina see the truth about Carrie (Helena all over), she will come to her senses and end this ridiculous relationship, return to LA and start dating Bette again. This is were Marja should read some of this year’s fanfics as references for a script. We know some wonderful stories on this site that handled the Carrie situation perfectly.

        I was disappointed when I was listening to Laurel yesterday saying it was all about Tina and Bette co-parenting. This is dashing my hope for any happy, romantic ending for our favourite couple.
        Leisha said Laurel was the number one requested guest for PANTS, Kate said the fans gone crazy when Tina made her appearance. Did Marja seriously ignore all of that?

        I understand that it can be difficult to give Tina a big part on screen due to Laurel’s schedule. But I said it before: you don’t need a lot of screen time to portrait Bette and Tina as a happy, reunited couple!
        My heart is breaking all over again and it feels worse right now than the news last year that Tina and Bette were divorced.

        Gotta go to work now even if I’d rather wallow in my anger and bitch some more with all of you.

    3. Can you imagine in 2008 and someone says to you…, Tina will leave Bette and meet Rosie and then accept her marriage proposal. And meanwhile Bette gives her googly eyes in the distance? It’s a crime. Is Rosie the Tina version of Jodie? Are the writers so bereft of an original thought that they will basically redo the same plot lines but with Tina and Carrie. LuH and Rosie. There are some things that can’t be unseen. If you need me, I will be in a fetal position in the corner of my room…..

      • I think that is the plan. And as I have said in past comments I like to skip to the ending. Thus ladies- is not a story I care to watch unfold. Yes I am picturing Rosie in A League of their Own and Sleepless in Seattle. Fine comedic sidekick. But a serious romance for our lovely LuH. Do you think anyone – anyone – associated with the show can talk about this with a straight (pardon the pun) face? If they wanted the Un Bette they certainly got her. To be a guy on the wall in JB’s trailer. This is truly the bad dream you can’t wake up from. My jaw is on the floor. Really – close your eyes and visualize them together! Don’t eat first.

    4. Wait. Are you serious?….Rosie O’Donnell ???? I can’t even..I need to get my vampiress Bette to take care of the entire Gen Q casting and writing department

      I need a drink now…

    5. What horrible casting as Carrie. I am also pissed off! If they end up getting married, that will be the end of the L-word for me. In JB’s podcast she talked about Bette dating plenty of beautiful, sensual women. Laurel’s character gets Rosie. As an Executive Producer, I can’t believe that JB is on-board with this piss-poor casting choice. They don’t care about Tibette fans or characters having any chemistry. Leisha and Kate talked about how Laurel is loved and she was the most requested person for their podcast. Not by the L-word writers or Marja.

      • PREACH!
        They have NO show without Laurel. None. It must be some kind of cosmic joke.
        so we will be subjected to JB sleeping around with beautiful, sensual woman and Tina/LuH has to pretend to love …. Rosie.

      • I agree. Marja wants nothing to do with Bette and Tina. But this is salting and jumping up and down on their grave!!! Laurel Is loved. In an above comment I made a comment about Rosie being political. Marja is very political. Are they making a statement? Moving away from the fem glamour? Anyone Bette dates will be beautiful and sensuous by comparison. I don’t mean to dump on Rosie. But my God the casting is just atrocious. So off the mark. Do they think fans have had collective lobotomies and know nothing of Tina’s past? Bette, Helena, Kate…. Rosie???? How will Angie act around that gruff personality?

    6. From another forum. No author: “LuH takes a lot of pride and ownership over the TiBette legacy and impact – like she discusses on the podcast and has in other interviews – so I cannot be convinced that she’d come back to acting – come back to this show – to tear apart her and JB’s legacy. TiBette is likely going to be the most enduring thing they are both known for; there’s no way either of them are like, “yeah, just throw it away so we can do co-parenting.”

      • This is where I jump into the fray.

        Totally AGREE with your words Billy. Both Laurel & Jennifer have spoken about the “IMPACT” of Tibette in so many ways to our culure.

        At this point I have not been able to comprehend the sordid plot of the Producers, Writers, Casting, etc to obliterate the Tibette legacy.

        • Jumping in here also and agree about how JB and LH know, understand and protect the legacy of Tibette.

          I have been trying to wrap my head around this casting as well. The only thing I am coming up with is a strategic move to up the drama with Bette and provide her with a very talented actress to interact with. Cringing as I say this, if they give it a good storyline and writing sparks are going to fly with their fencing with over Tina. There is no one on the cast with acting chops like JB and putting her with Rosie will make it very interesting. But, when we see Tina kiss Carrie I think the TiBette fandom is going to lose their shit. I for one will take a pic with a sign and post it on Twitter everyday with my complaining about this abuse of our beloved characters and the fandom.

          And I most definitely think Marja is trying to make a name for herself and is ruining Tibette to make room for her characters. IC didn’t like Tibette either until the Fandom pushed. It is such a complex situation with the legacy of Tibette and the loyal fans and a desire to move TLW into todays world. We live in a different world than the OG times, but SMH why are they sacrificing Tibette. For the matter why are they hitting Tina so hard.

    7. Here is another one just for discussion:

      “The thing is people tend to forget that Tina didn’t leave Bette for Carrie. Tina and Bette broke up and only after that Tina met Carrie. I guess they want to demonstrate that Carrie is absolute opposite of Bette. Not controlling type, kind, caring, sweet, etc.”

      Others are speculating that JB had a hand in this casting as she could not handle Tina being with anyone too hot. Ouch!

      My take: Spin it anyway you want. That dog don’t hunt,

      • I think JB had a hand in this too. I am standing by my speculation that JB and LH are at odds with each other. I am sure JB is not happy that LH is getting so much attention, but they did it to themselves. People would not be running to advocate and support the Tina character if they had just left the relationship alone. Tibette is LWord whether they like it or not.

        • Hmmmmm I’m marinating in your words. . . . I wonder what reaction Angie will have in all this. Does she know that Tina has moved on, fallen love, and plans on marrying Carrie? Seems to Tina she just told Bette so far rt?

    8. Gotta say that when I first heard that their would be a reboot, I was super excited like we all were. We would get to see our BEST Lesbiam couple in TV history on the scene again & see what happened to them all these years later.

      And then GQ happened & we all got our hearts broken.

      Then JB & LH did those interviews & gave us a slice of hope that it would all work out in the process & Tibette would be endgame somehow/someway.

      Now today, I want to vomit!!!!!!!!!

      Rosie was kinda cool back in the day, but that was like 30 years ago. Has anyone seen pictures of her today?????


      I no longer drink, but feel the need for a full bottle of whiskey tonight!!!!!!!!!!!

      I feel so bad for LH. But did she agree to this????

      Where the F is JB as co exec producer???? Someone seriously needs to tell her what that job description is, cause obviously she doesn’t know.

      If any of you are old enough to remember the original Dallas Tv show – it ended with Bobby Ewing waking up and the entire series having been a dream.
      I certainly hope that is JB’s plan here.

      And we thought IC was bad as a producer.

      This hiring takes the prize – horrendous

    9. Hey ladies- I’m sure none of us have anything against Rosie. She is a fine actress. But the casting is just absurd. Right? Not with our Tina. Unless this really is part of the master plan to move away from gorgeous lesbians of the original series. Here is but one more anonymous comment floating around out there. Not responding to me:

      “I find your comment very offensive. JB is 56, is she a granny too ??? Whats the difference between dating a 56 or 58 years old ??? I dont think its funny to make jokes about other people appearance (and you are joking about Rosie looks, no one even know how Carrie looks) and im sure LH isnt shallow like you and dont choose who she works with based on who is hotter.”

      I suspect there will be more of this. Maybe part of the shift to GQ. But it won’t work. Not now not ever. Praying for lesbian bed death to set in fast and big time. Sorry if that makes me shallow. But yeah.

      • There are plenty of middle aged actresses who could act circles around Rosie – Gillian Anderson, Sara Paulson, Nicole Kidman, and my personal favorite Libby Tanner. Give us some sizzle then have reality set in and return Tina to Bette. It’s not rocket science. This is a perpetual cash cow for Showtime and they are allowing Marja and IC to put a giant raspberry on screen. I won’t watch.

        • Exactly! We need that sizzle. This is more about Marja’s vision. Or maybe even IC has a part. Is this why KM said Bette and Tina are over? LuH has a mighty task in trying to sell this. Most likely a hot middle aged actress will be cast as Bette’s love interest. Twitter tends to think this is a guarantee that Bette and Tina will reconcile. Then there are those who consider this wonderful. Perfect casting for the show. This would be like Jane Lynch being Bette’s love interest. And I love Jane Lynch!! If Tina is looking for the un Bette she found her. Casting just does not work. Not with what we all know. Not with the original show. It is a cosmic joke. Cannot wait to hear JB spin this.

        • You think they put Rosie and LuH in a room together? Just to get acquainted? Let your mind think about that one. Get back to me. Plus they have a minimal budget. Rosie won’t work for free. Hope it’s very few episodes.

    10. I strongly agree. I smoked a joint after reading that bullshit.I would rather have Tina fucking Candace than the Rosie/Carrie character. Showtime, Marja, IC and JB have a death wish for the show. I won’t be watching Rosie on TLW. Send her back to The View.

    11. Wow…. Rosie O’Donnell as Carrie????? The write up I saw was that she will play a lawyer. “O’Donnell is set to guest star as Carrie, a brash yet kindhearted public defender thrust into Bette’s life.” What the hell does that mean? When the show ended Tina was engaged to Carrie. Is it possible that there are two different Carries in the show?

      I know I have written this before. But it bears repeating….Executive Producers come in two types – those who have the control because they have a financial investment in the project. And those who are carrying the title in order to attract investors, other professionals in the film industry, and fans to the project. This group has no power but are window dressing to the project. In my opinion, that is who Jennifer Beals, Kate Moening and Liesha Hailey are to Gen Q. They signed on to make Gen Q more attractive. That position is separate and apart from their acting contract. If you have read very many interviews, Illene Chaiken, was an unusual show runner in that she consulted with her actors and was influenced by their input. I emphasize unusual! Most show-runners and writers and directors do not get very much input from the actors. They have a contract to use their best efforts to portray the character as written or as directed to do. They may be able to talk the director into a different point of view, but rarely can they influence the story direction or character personality or anything else. We know this is true because, had it been up to the actors in TLW, Dana would never have died, nor would Jenny. All the characters did not want that to happen…but it did. Marja-Lewis Ryan wants her mark on the industry, knew there is a loyal following to Chaiken’s The L Word, wanted the fans but not the story. So that is why she signed on Beals, Moening and Hailey as Executive producers. The amount of time in Season one to these three character’s stories is roughly one third of each episode, the balance is for the new characters and stories.

      It is my opinion that Beals, Moening and Hailey have absolutely no influence as to who gets cast to play whom and what the story line is. Maybe they had some influence before the filming started in the first season, but after filming commenced, they were relegated to acting their parts and doing interviews with studio approved comments and responses for the show. All of which was a part of their contract as actors and producers of Gen Q.

      All I can say is that Tina’s personality in TLW is not one which would be attracted to a brash, but kind hearted public defender. In real life Rosie is a year older that Jen. Laurel is 7 years younger than Jen and 8 years younger than Rosie. Supposedly Tina left because Bette was too domineering, took all the oxygen out of the room, cast as large shadow. At least that is what she said. How does someone who is brash but kind hearted compare to that? But we know Bette has always been loving and caring for Tina – generous as well. So generous that she granted Tina a her divorce even though she did not want it. Sounds to me like you could describe Bette as a brash but kind hearted person as well. Seems to me that if they wanted Rosie O’Donnell on the show, it would be foolish to simply cast her as Tina’s fiancé’. That is such a non-starter that is seems suicidal for the show.

      Perhaps the purpose is to cause a revolt by the ole guard and their fans completely. So far, that appears to what they have accomplished. The highest viewership for season 1 was episodes 6 & 7 where Tina makes an appearance. When the Tibette fans see that Tina is paired with Rosie O’Donnell in a romantic relationship? Well, I do not see there being a season 3. I’m not sure why they got a renewal for season 2 as all the other new shows who were at their viewership or lower were canceled by Showtime. The addition of Rosie O’Donnell will not carry the day. If the objective is to piss people off…. all I can say is well done. You have accomplished your goal Gen Q. Get your resumes’ ready and you auditioning skills honed because you will all be looking for work by season’s end if not before.

      This is really stomach churning…I love Tina and I love Bette and they are the most iconic couple in the lesbian world. They are both lovely women who’s love and devotion to each other is the envy of all who know them… then came Gen Q season 1. Now we have Carrie played by Rosie O’Donnell, the woman who is keeping them apart. WTF?????

    12. Hey girls, Even though I agree with all of your, I am trying to see it on the bright side, I’m happy for Bette!!!

      Laurel said something in the podcast kind of ‘lest see who is Carrie’ and she also said Tina is going to co-parent with Bette during this season (they co-patented also in OG seasons 3, 4, and 5), but she also has her hopes that things get fixed between Bette and Tina (she didn’t say that exactly, but gave many clues)

      Maybe Rosie O’Donnell will bring some funny parts to the show. But now I’m very sure that it won’t be chemistry between Tina and Carrie, which gives me more hopes for TIBETTE’s happy ending.

      Again Marja, very messy.


        • I don’t think Marja cares even a little bit about chemistry – not in any way shape or form. Look at the GQ cast. They don’t mesh at all. She is a hack with an agenda! Nothing good can come from Rosie in GQ. But she is a very big get and probably does not come cheap. They must realize this series is short lived. Just as nothing good ever came from Jodi in the original. From the get go it was definitely not fun. Rosie will not bring laughs. That same announcement says she is thrust into Bette’s life. A nemesis perhaps. Hopefully she will not be in many episodes. And no kissing or hints at sex. Just don’t need it. Or want it. Nonsensical. Really makes me very sad. This is such a huge gamble. If Rosie is in for one season then they are risking her addition will be enough to bring about a season 3. Do they not see the revolt they have already started? LuH should have said thanks but no thanks. There may be an endgame plan but no time to get there. And we may be stuck with Tina and Carrie.

        • Hi, my friend.

          They will make the reconciliation long like 2 or 3 seasons (if there are more seasons) and they need Carrie someone who doesn’t have chemistry with Tina, as it says in the article Carrie (O’Donnell) ‘a brash yet kindhearted public defender thrust into Bette’s life’.
          So, I have the feeling that it will be for good that is she who’ll do Carrie and that it’s good for TIBETTE too

            • I don’t think is going to be much kissing and sex because of the social distancing and the masks, I bet they won’t wear masks but still, the editors will need to do miracles to show some hot scenes.
              I hope they could change Marja for good.
              You know what is funny early today when someone posted the news of O’Donnell on FB many of us thought it was a jock, Well, but it wasn’t, I decided to see it on the bright side or cry my rage,

              • I laughed when I first saw & read BK’s post here.

                I mean, could they be THAT stupid???????

                I guess they are.

                There are so many things in OG & GQ that we overlooked & rolled our eyes at concerning Tibette, but this takes the whole cake!!!!

                Just like with our current President – every day you think it can’t get any more ridiculous or outrageous & everyday he proves us wrong.
                I feel the same way about IC & Marja. every time we hear from them we shake our heads & say WTF!!!!!!!

            • Back when L Word was a hot property in the first few seasons, lots of actresses wanted to guess star on the show.

              If I recall correctly, Rosie was one of them. But it never happened.
              Guess she has her chance now.

              God, I feel for LH. She put her art career on hold for this??????????

    13. Oh my god, what a way to start my new day!!!

      Rosie O’Donnell as Carrie, that’s insane!!!

      Where is the bottle with whisky, just up and already i need the liqour to overcome this horrible news and get rid of the picture of Laurel with Rosie.

      Marja has lost her mind completely!!!

      The only thing what cheers me up is reading all of your comments!!!

      Dear writers on this site, my never ending gratuite for your wonderful Tibette stories!!!

    14. My guess, and ONLY MY GUESS, is that Rosie might have strong armed her way into the role. She is one tough big mouthed person who might have claimed age discrimination if she didn’t get the part. Her career has nosedived and was going down the toilet and most likely demanded the role. What hold does she have on Marja? Is Marja a huge Rosie fan? Two hotheaded New York women with one possibly going for the jugular.. Lots of thoughts.

      • Carina – good one. Why would she. Right? Bored waiting for her next exhibition? My only remaining hope is that they promised Tibette would be end game. Jennifer has a new and Im sure interesting storyline, Griffin Dunne will be good. Who knows.

        • LuH already agreed on two humiliation Tina character – leaving her daughter and not attending Kit’s funeral. So yeah, third humiliation to pairing Tina with this, this person not changing too much.
          And yeah, Bette’s storyline seems a better than in s1 GQ, but only if in Marja head didn’t come idea to pairing her with this Griffin. I wouldn’t be surprised if she do

    15. Sorry I’m late to this but just want to add my tuppence….

      I think this is more of the same from MLR. She wants the reaction she’s getting. She hated how elitist TLW was and diversity is the hill she is prepared to have GenQ die on. She thinks it’s worth it and she is sincere about it too, which I kind of admire, although I think it’s high stakes to alienate the Tibette fan base so aggressively. I suspect at the end of the day GenQ is a rung on her career ladder so if she figured if she ruins it, gets it cancelled, so what? At least all those people who enjoyed watching conventionally gorgeous women were annoyed – job done.

      I agree that JB, KM and LH don’t have much/any say in these matters. They should say so more clearly, tho?

      On a personal note, I think it’s funny that Carrie is a lawyer bc my Carrie was a lawyer. And there won’t be much sex as we know it, I don’t think, with the Covid regs on set. Maybe there’s a workaround or two but expect a lot of phone, online, voyeurism etc. Might be fun!

      I’m working on a story I hope to post by Christmas, btw. And on the bright side, we all enjoyed the surge in fanfic that bad canon produces! So all good wishes to the REAL guardians of Tibette – the LesFan writers! x

      • Good comment. Sadly I agree about Marja and her agenda. She will try to take the memory of Tibette down with her. Plus IC is showrunner for a new Law and Order. So Marja is free to play. Huge fan of your writing, Viva la Tibette!

            • I watched a few scenes here & there with Empire. I wasn’t impressed, too connived, too much, too over the top. Typical IC production. All over the place.

              I know it was a big hit, but not for me. I saw too many of IC’s off the wall touches.

              I feel for Chris – I loved him as Elliot but he should fear for his character in the hands of IC.

      • I have to admit I am a bit confused about the Carrie character. How did Tina do this relationship. I mean, she left Bette what maybe two years ago, divorce a year ago and spends most of her time in Toronto. How is it this relationship happened if Carrie lives in LA? Just another inconstancy for sure.

    16. I was thinking – in the artical never been said about Rosie as Carrie – Tina’s fiancee. Can we have two different Carrie in the show – i know the chances very small, but still???

    17. Slept on it and sadly discovered this is NOT a dream. Trying to make sense of this. Have been imagining our Tina in the clutches of Betty Rubble. Think I had night terrors, Rereading some recent chapters. Self soothing.

      • Here’s the thing. If Marja wants to show a middle aged unglamorous lesbian to offset the beautiful well dressed lesbians then DO THAT. But have Betty Rubble in a separate role as a donor or a lawyer with someone else. Show that contrast that way. This just flies in the face of credible plot lines. What? Was Boo from Orange is the new Black not available? NOTHING against these women personally but if I wanted to watch overweight middle aged women navigate life and drama I would look in the mirror. OY.

        • Agree x infinity. Rosie IS NOT TINA’S TYPE. I just….. I’m trying to imagine Tina giving Rosie ANY kind of a swoony look and it’s just not right.

          I love Griffin Dunne and the idea of Bette getting art world storylines is good.

          I have a slim hope that it’s basically a Jodie re-tread, namely Tina thinks she can live without Bette as long as Bette clearly cannot live without her, but as soon as it looks like her shoes are being filled permanently she wakes the hell up.

          Ach, it’s just bollocks tho. :-(

            • I worry because IC has signed on as Showrunner for a new Law and Order. GQ is an afterthought to her. She is producing a film with JB that is on hold. So Marja is out there with no one to reign her in. I find it next to impossible to believe that LuH would want to come back for this. But she has. At least when Bette and Jodi broke up it was plausible for Bette to want back with Tina as the reason. A lot of viewers recognized MM’s talent and many thought her very good looking. People could conceive of Bette being intrigued and seduced by Jodi. Flip side – when Tina and Carrie break up what reason will be given? JB and Rosie have worked together. So there is that. That being said they really can’t have Bette Porter looking down on Carrie for her looks. Her brash personality is another issue. But how do they handle this? Does Tina hit it head on and declare that looks aren’t everything? Can you imagine the first Bette and Carrie meeting? Side by side? Sounds so superficial. There is an elephant in the room that the fans will all see and it’s going to be very awkward. Right?

              • So true. The conversations between Bette and Shane with a joint would be hilarious to listen to as they talk about Carrie. Our Bette would have a few fucks to say about this in I am sure a very creative way.,

                Not realistic. I mean, BK said it, this is not what we want to look at. Give me fantasy for sure.

    18. Well if Kate & JB were actually referring to Tibette really being over in the Pants podcast a while back, then there’ S no hope.

      Also we don’t know the time frame of when season 2 will be started at. How far from the end of season 1 will we be? How much time has elapsed?

      If Bette is going to be in a relationship, she’ll have to have been dating for a bit.

      He’ll, Tina could even be married to Carrie when the season starts.

      That is a REALLY SCARY thought!!!!!!

        • Well it’s not like either of them has never cheated before – either on each other or with each other.

          Just seems hard to believe that before OG season 1 started, JB didn’t want the storyline to be that Bette cheated on Tina & yet cheating quickly became a major story plot for the rest of the series.

          IC had such a limited vision of the power of Tibette.

          Honestly think we should have written our own screen play & sent it to Showtime!!!!!
          Clearly these idiots don’t have a clue!

          • I have posted more than once that some of the recent stories needed to make their way to the powers that be. They are that good and so superior. In my perfect world JB garners creative control from Marja and ownership of the show from Show Time and raises the funds for a Bette and Tina film or OG mini series. JB helps raise funds for her ex husbands Indie films. She is producer on another film in the works. It could be an Indie film. Total creative control. GQ is never going to focus on Bette and Tina. Ever.

            • Interesting to say that. If I recall, Showtime saw the chemistry between JB and LH and okayed the show because of it.

              I think there was a preset contract on two seasons for the show. That is the only thing I can think of, based on the ratings. Even Tina showing up didn’t sustain the show for ep 8.

      • “Well if Kate & JB were actually referring to Tibette really being over in the Pants podcast a while back, then there’ S no hope.” – where did you listen that crap?

        JB in her podcast said so many beautiful words about Tibette that even talk like that must be shame

      • Kate said it on Pants yesterday. Leisha kind of spoke over her. Laurel mentioned co-parenting. Talked about her own divorce. Why Tina left Bette. Kate didn’t back off but she let it go. Laurel said she was a romantic. But nothing about any hope for Tibette. They kind of acknowledged fans. Said Laurel most requested guest. They totally moved on from Kate’s comment. It was odd. Kate did not seem like a happy camper on Pants. They all laughed about the ludicrous writing.

      • Agree. And as far as we know they are not addressing the pandemic but looking for creative ways to safely film intimate scenes. This is like removing the stitches or getting that painful shot – if it’s coming just do it. Begin with them married. Then falling apart. Or begin with Tina second guessing. Please not an entire season of ping ponging bullshit. It won’t fly and they sure cannot lose even more viewers. The show will be cancelled by the time they figure out that they blew it. If Marja has no one telling her this is a bad move or acting as the voice of reason – season 2 is a done deal – her done deal. And we have to remember that we will get snipits – badly edited little scenes that we will have to analyze and ponder what is meant. It was like that in the OG. Cutting at practically mid sentence. And lots of other stories to cover. Hard to advance the ball at all. And then the show will be canceled.

    19. What were they thinking ?

      Like I said in a previous post, I’m all pissed off by the news and don’t think I will watch this tv show. It makes no sense and please BK continue with your BEAUTIFUL and TERRIFIC stories.
      That’s all we need !

      What a disappointment once again …

    20. After missing a lot of this “chat” during my day at work I just catched up with all comments. So great everyone! This is what I needed after reading the news from the casting couch. The thought of RoD as Carrie didn’t leave me during my day. Still feeling like in a parallel universe (Tibette-wise) and I’m convinced that I have to wake up from this bad dream very soon.

      Thank you, BK, for the inital post! None of my friends really know the show or is a fan. Therefore I couldn’t let off steam or talk about Gen Q today. That’s why I cherish the communication on this site and chats like this one so much.

      As a method to ignore the reality of bad casting – or to sugarcoat that we have to see RoD as Carrie together with Tina – I decided that Carrie will only have some kind of cameo. Long enough to let Tina question her decision to accept the proposal and to break up with Carrie. This will happen – again – in the last 3 episodes of s2 to give us hope once again for a happy ever after with Tibette. Just enough to appease us but maybe not enough for a third season of the show.
      After that we all will live happily without the frustrations of GenQ but with all these beautiful, amazing, entertaining, funny, heart-wrenching, heart-warming stories our talented writers on this site.

      Yes, I think this vision will let me sleep this night ;-)

      Again, thanks to all of you for so much fun today!

      cheers, stay safe and healthy everyone

      • It was actually Billy’s idea to post the rant so we could all process together. Glad you weighed in KP, I like your vision and hope that it plays out that way. But RoD has a way of taking up SPACE (sound familiar?) and dominating. It will be hard to watch. I agree with you, lets hope Tina comes to her senses FAST.

        • Oh God does she take up space. Even toned down. Brash is an apt description, And Laurel is pretty mild mannered. Just listened to an interview she did in 2017 conducted by Rachel Shelly, Very literate. Very good. And she is so soft spoken and smart. Rosie will try to push her around. JB knows Rosie. Maybe she can reign her in. IC is off on her new show. Who will protect our girl? Remember when Sandra Bernhard was on the OG with Jenny? It’s like that. She was really pushy. She also had terrible things to say. But Kate and Leisha liked her.

    21. Billy and BK thank you both for providing an outlet to process this news. I’m hoping since nothing I’ve read refers to Rosie’s Carrie as Tina’s girlfriend or fiancee, we can only hope this is a storyline they will drop from season 1 and everyone including Tina will act like it never happened. They have said the actress that plays Angie will be a regular so maybe any issues Bette has with Carrie will involve Angie. If Bette and Tina are cast as just co-parenting then Angie is likely to provide a lot of conflicts they will need to work out. She’s already 17 years old and going off to college, and she was introduced as being strong-headed, rebellious and influenced by a manipulative girlfriend so see her challenging her parents to keep her under control. Anyway, I won’t be spending my money on a Showtime subscription to watch GenQ so likely they are just building controversy to get viewership. They did the same thing for season 1, then capitalized on Laurel’s appearance to get renewed for another season. Thank goodness for Fanfic. The worse the show the more great writers and stories emerge on this site. Billy can’t wait for you to start publishing. Be safe all.

    22. To ALL you wonderful writers here. I have a plot and maybe you can run with it. Here it is. Tina is in Toronto working on her show. She needs stage sets built. Who does she unknowingly hire? A beautiful and wealthy woman who owns a successful international construction business.. The name is Candace Jewell who also builds stage sets. They end up having an affair and fall in love and Bette is the common link. I love Ion Overman. She is beautiful and a good actor. You can google Ion Overman’s pictures because this site will not permit me to post links. Just an idea that hatched out of my head. What do you think? No Carrie and no Rosie.

    23. I read a bit of SM this morning & came across an interesting post – it basically speculated that since Jordon Hall will be a regular now this season, the thought was that she & LH will have more scenes together. Thinking that Angie may help push Tina back to Bette or be the reason Tibette is together about or with or discussing Angie. That JB & LH will have scenes together & maybe some looks pass their way.


      Or it could all be just wishful thinking, but I’ll take it as HOPE!!!

      Anything to get the thought of Carrie & Tina out of my head!!!!

      Or another idea was –
      Since Showtime announced that Carrie is ‘thrust into Bette’s life’ she & Bette get into it over Tina & the rivalry is on. Who will Tina choice?


    24. I would like to make one final comment: I would like to quote Tina Kennard when she was assisting in the casting the lead in Lez Girls….. I think it appropriate for this casting decision: “She’s not fuckable!!!!”

    25. I think we need kit back from the dead to slap some sense into Tina. I am still processing the news though, it’s not believable! I mean Rosie? Above Bette? Come on?? And no I do not buy the whole they are not coming back together, I still have some hope left in me. They are getting us riled up, Tina is not choosing Carrie above Bette.

      And please no Bette and Dani, please. Mother of Jesus no. I’ve seen some discussion, but no please. It’s sickening.

      • Hahahahah! Baby girl!!!!!!! I think there are laws about Bette and Dani. Plus I just ate. Although there should be a law about Rosie and Tina. Maybe Bette can date Peggy and they double! Sickening to be sure.

    26. This is my final I swear. Close your eyes. Picture the table read. Laurel, Jennifer and ROSIE!!!!!!!!!!! Marja happy as can be. Now keep your eyes closed and imagine the publicity stills. Can you picture it? Jesus God just shoot me.

      • I was just looking on line at recent photos of Rosie. Is CRINGE a strong enough word???????????

        How about GAG or VOMIT??????

        This could be an episode from the Twilight Zone !!!!!!!

        I don’t want to imagine.

        How is LH going to keep a straight face & not laugh in Rosie’s face????? Thank GOD for social distancing & health protocols. I won’t want to be anywhere near her or have her touch me.

        Did I say GAG already???

        I’m gonna be sick!!!!!!!!!!!!

    27. Be honest. Can any one of us imagine getting deep throat kisses and having intimate sex with this Carrie? I can only imagine how nauseous I would feel. I hope Marja keeps a few cases of pepto bismol on the set.

      • Just impossible. Marja can imagine it. This is her dream come true. It’s a big fuck you to all Tibette fans. We all hated Helena at the beginning but RS is gorgeous. I think IC must hate Tina. She had her go back to men and still JB and LuH found a way to work their magic. And now this. The same will happen again. At least that’s my hope. Rosie could have been cast as the incompetent contractor who left the bedroom deck railing off. She’s the comic relief. The loyal friend. Not THE and I mean THE person who takes Bette Porters place in Tina Kennards bed!!!!! Oh Tina.

        • This is one of the few outcome of this casting decision that I might accept. I won’t try to imagine LuH and RoD in ANY situation that might be intimate to some extend. I totally respect RoD as an artist but – pls don’t thinkI’m a shallow person but it’s about chemistry – it comes back to Martha’s quote from Tina during shooting Lez Girls: “…not!”
          I try to hold onto my vision of s2 so please don’t wake me up and out of my dream where Tina already gave back her engagement ring to Carrie and sent her home to Toronto. T + B already getting used to each other again, working on their issues (/me waving to Collins and Largo…) and meanwhile have their hands full with teenage Angie but enjoy parenting together and spending time as friends becoming more.

          Okay, back to dreaming now…. ;)

          • We can certainly wish very hard for this to happen. Have you read my Tibette Collection If Only yet????

            I can NOT image Tina & Rosie together. Yes I said Rosie not Carrie Because no matter what role or character O’Donnell plays, her Rosie personality always comes through.

            I feel so bad for LH.

            Thanks Kiwipit

    28. Collins. I can just see ROD on the set running with her loud nasty mouth if she doesn’t like the way things are going or how they want her to play a scene. She can be quite disruptive. She would be perfectly played with Madonna, someone as rude and nasty as herself. But with Laurel? No way. Marja must be so enamored with ROD she will take abuse any day of the week. There will be no chemistry in front of or behind the camera between ROD and LH or JB. They had better buy earplugs as well. If there’ are problems no one in the cast or crew will ever reveal a thing cuz they are all silenced by non disclosure agreements

      • I totally agree with you. ROD plays herself in whatever role she has – her personality is so overpowering that it is offensive & demeaning.

        LH will be nice to her, but there will be no chemistry.

        ROD & JB may have worked together on another project, but JB is so possessive of LH, this will be new ground to walk, Especially that LH is to have a romance with ROD’s character. Sparks will FLY!!!!!!

        You’re right, we won’t know all the details, but you also know that some peeps will talk.

    29. I feel like we are in bizarro world. Laurel Holloman, Jennifer Beals and Leisha Hailey are all following Rosie on Instagram. And Laurel is liking Rosie’s posts. Now Laurel is off on a quick jaunt to Arizona. Hopefully on a vision quest. And the background for Jennifer’s post looks like Laurel’s painting. But it’s not. My head just hurts!!!!!

    30. Heya BK,
      So, you may have noticed that I became a ghost. Killed by my own crushing insecurity, and the overwhelming feeling that I didn’t have anything to say, let alone write about and post.
      In fact, I haven’t read anything either. Not for months. I comment occasionally in a Tibette FB group though, as I don’t feel the intense pressure of needing to say something that matters there, but that’s about it.
      Well anyway, here I am. After agonizing over the announcement of Rosie O’Donnell as Carrie I felt compelled to log in and just check and see if my long lost fanfic fam had anything to say about this. It was almost as if I already knew you would be the one to address this travesty in casting when I came upon your rant.
      And as I knew would be the case, all of the others have already said everything that’s in my heart. That it’s such a sick betrayal to the whole Tibette fandom.
      But, what I really wanted to say here is that I began writing again last week. I picked up on my almost finished chapter 12 and have been able to nearly complete it. Fingers crossed that I don’t edit it to all hell. But hey, it’s a start. So, do I thank the terrible GenQ writers for the fact that they shook me to my core with this casting choice? I don’t know. But, it made me want to write again, to right the wrong done to my soul when they stabbed us Tibetters in the back like that.
      So anyway, just a little comment to say I’m with you all. And I haven’t given up on THoA. There will be no more punishing myself for my lack of confidence and depression. And now I get to read everything that I’ve missed. And that will be truly awesome.

      P.S. – I met Rosie O’ when I worked in New York almost 20 years ago. Her sidekick from her talk show and hair stylist, David Evangelista worked out of the salon that I was working in at the time. And let me tell you, she was a horrible person. Dismissive, crass, and not really that funny. I hate that she’s been put into a show that I really really want to love.

      All the best,

    31. RISKY
      This post made my day. I too have similar doubts and crushing depression at times. We are more alike that we realize. Message me if you need support. You writing again makes me so freaking unbelievably happy and if took the crass, gross, horrible Rosie to make that happen then so be it. Looking forward to your next chapter. Be well RK, you have been missed.

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